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Getting permission for Tilly to orgasm from her breast pain turned out to be easier than Aylee had thought.

All she had to do was wiggle pleasingly during her morning raping, and beg General Dhalg for permission for Tilly to cum from the agony she would soon feel in her tits, and encourage Dhalg to beat Aylee’s *own* tits with the belt from his uniform, and Dhalg agreed.

“Let the little bitch learn to cum from tit pain,” laughed Dhalg. “Once you expand her breasts into fuckmelons like you promised, I’ll be having fun with them every day.” And then he called Tilly into his bedroom, and repeated the permission to her directly.

After that it was just a matter of brewing and administering the potion that would make Tilly’s modest breasts swell into giant sex-balloons.

Aylee was nervous as she mixed the potion. She had orgasmed when harvesting the semen of the black bull, releasing powerful gynaetic energy that may have corrupted the bull’s seed. Her Master had warned her not to do such a thing, but had never explained to her what the consequences might be. She had to hope for the best.

To hedge her bets, she brewed a second, different potion – a medical fluid which her Master had taught her. She injected this second potion directly into her own tits, and gasped as she felt it take effect. For the next week, her breast milk would take on anaesthetic qualities, rendering it useless for further alchemy – but helpful in dulling the pain Tilly would soon experience.

For the procedure itself, and its aftermath, the girls had been given one of the guest rooms in the Embassy – wildly opulent by the standards Aylee was used to, but of course the dog cage would be unsuitable for properly caring for Tilly during the three days that her tits would be growing. They would not be disturbed during that time, except to have meals delivered.

Tilly lay nervously on the guest room bed, naked, while Aylee knelt between her legs and began to lick her pussy. The endorphins of arousal would help Tilly bear the pain, she knew. Once Tilly was moaning and bucking against Aylee’s face, Aylee rose, took up the syringe of potion, and injected it into Tilly’s breasts.

Tilly screamed as the fluid went in, and clutched at her boobs.

“Sssh,” said Aylee. She sat beside Tilly, and moved Tilly’s head into her lap. Then she leaned forward, and offered her left nipple to Tilly’s mouth. Tilly took it eagerly, and began to suck violently, making Aylee gasp – but she felt her milk squirting onto Tilly’s tongue, and saw the effect immediately take hold. Tilly was still in enormous pain – but she was able to focus her eyes now, and was looking up at Aylee with a look of genuine gratitude as she suckled at Aylee’s udder.

“Good girl,” said Aylee. “Soon you’ll have big cow-teats like these too.” And she used her free hand to reach between Tilly’s legs and masturbate her.

Tilly orgasmed almost immediately – her first orgasm since she had entered General Dhalg’s service – and when she recovered from it, and gazed up at Aylee, the expression on her face was pure love. Aylee liked it so much that she eagerly made Tilly orgasm again.

And for the next three days, Aylee’s life was Tilly. She had no duties other than to feed Tilly food and milk and play with Tilly’s body.

At first she focused on Tilly’s pleasure, kissing and stroking the pretty Orhanian girl, fingering her pussy or just licking it, and encouraging Tilly to suck on Aylee’s milk-filled tits on a regular schedule. Tilly was in so much pain she could barely speak, and Aylee knew from her own experience that Tilly wasn’t thinking clearly, and wouldn’t remember much of what happened during this period – but still, the looks of adoration that Tilly gave her after each orgasm felt special to Aylee.

But soon Aylee could no longer ignore the pulsing of her own cunt, and so she mounted Tilly’s face so that Tilly could lick Aylee in return. Tilly did – desperate for Aylee to keep her aroused, and keep giving her orgasms and milk to stave off the agony in her slowly-expanding tits. In return, Aylee kept her attention on Tilly’s pussy – first by 69ing her, licking her fuckhole as Tilly licked Aylee’s. But then she began to just experiment with Tilly’s cunt – pulling on her pussy lips, teasing her vagina, pinching and pulling on her clitoris with increasing levels of force, and finally just punching Tilly in the cunt, hard.

It didn’t seem to matter what she did to Tilly, or how degrading or painful it was – it still made Tilly cum. By now Tilly’s breasts were large enough that she would never fit into her old uniforms, and the concepts of pleasure and pain were getting mixed up in her brain. 

Seeing this, Aylee stopped trying to specifically please Tilly, and just used the girl as her sextoy, rubbing her cunt and tits against any part of Tilly that took her fancy, and doing anything with Tilly’s body she liked. She forced her toes into Tilly’s mouth and made Tilly suck on them. She made Tilly lick at her anus. She slapped and punched Tilly’s growing boobs, for fun – which seemed to increase the girl’s already substantial agony tenfold. It didn’t matter what she did to Tilly, or how painful or degrading it was – as soon as Tilly orgasmed, she would thank Aylee for every act of abuse.

“I love you, mistress,” Tilly said once, lying in a haze of pain and pleasure after Aylee had experimented with kicking Tilly in the pussy until she orgasmed. Aylee was doubly stunned by the statement – surprised to be loved as much as she was surprised to be called “mistress”. She decided she liked it, she realised immediately – but despite some prompting, Tilly didn’t use either of those words again for the rest of her recovery.

Despite the pleasure and the orgasms, Tilly spent much of the three days of her breast expansion crying. Aylee, lost in her own haze of sexual gratification, came to associate Tilly’s crying face with arousal and pleasure, and by the third day, hearing Tilly start to sob made Aylee’s cunt pulse hungrily.

She wondered if these feelings were wrong. Was it bad to be aroused by a woman’s abuse? Surely it was – and yet, the entirety of Vass was magically powered by the abuse of women. Every citizen benefited from the tears of sluts. And Tilly may be crying – but she was orgasming too.

And besides, Aylee realised, of course it couldn’t be wrong. “Because I love her,” she whispered to herself.

Was that true? Did she love Tilly? What was love, anyway? Was it thinking a girl was pretty when her face was covered in your cunt juices? Was it finding the sound of her misery arousing? Was it wanting to hold her as she wept and shook, and wanting to masturbate her pussy to orgasm so that she would cum from her pain while you held her in your arms?

She loved Tilly. She was certain of it.

By the end of the three days, when the pain had faded, Tilly had giant round sex-balloons. They were the same size as Aylee’s, really, but they looked even larger on Tilly’s smaller body. Tilly would probably need some time to adjust her balance as she walked, to avoid the weight of her tits making her fall over. 

They lay in bed on their last night together, Aylee running her hands over Tilly’s giant new fuckbags, making Tilly shiver with pleasure and arousal.

Aylee knew she shouldn’t say what she was about to say, but she couldn’t help herself.

“I’m going to escape, you know,” she said. “From the Guild, from the Embassy, from Vass – from all of it.” She looked Tilly in the eyes. “And I want you to come with me.”

Tilly’s mouth opened in an O of horror, and Aylee immediately knew she had made a mistake. Tilly was loyal to her General, to her country. She would turn Aylee in – to Dhalg, to Klax – and Aylee would be killed, or punished so severely she couldn’t even imagine it.

But instead, Tilly said, “I will go with you.”

Then her eyes bugged out of her head. “Why am I saying that? I don’t want to go with you. We’ll never escape! They’ll catch us! They’ll kill us! My place is with my General.” She paused, and then said, “But I will go with you.” And then, immediately, she gasped, and clapped a hand over her mouth.

Aylee didn’t understand what was happening. “It’s okay,” she said. “I have a plan. And I know alchemy, we can…”

Tilly interrupted her. “No, Aylee, you don’t understand. I don’t want to say that I’ll go with you – but I can’t help myself. It’s like it’s not my choice. What’s happening?” She looked desperate.

A suspicion began to form in Aylee’s mind – a terrible, wonderful suspicion. “Tilly, reach down between your legs and pinch your clit as hard as you can,” she said.

Tilly did as Aylee said – but her face was still panicked. “I’m not doing this!” she said. “I don’t want to – but I can’t stop myself!” And then she squealed, as her fingers pinched her clitoris.

“Tell me a secret that would betray the general,” said Aylee, smiling.

“He’s using military money to buy himself premium alcohol, and he’s not authorised for that spending,” said Tilly – and then she stuffed her free hand into her mouth, to stop herself saying more, even as she kept pinching her clit.

“It’s the potion,” said Aylee, in wonder. “I knew something was different. It didn’t just enlarge your breasts – it’s put you under my control.” She paused. “At least, I hope it’s just my control. Maybe it’s *anyone’s* control.”

“No,” moaned Tilly. “It’s just you. I can feel it. It’s your voice – I want to obey. I’m thinking of the General, and I don’t even feel that way about him. What have you done to me, Aylee? I can’t betray my country.”

“Sssh,” said Aylee, stroking Tilly’s hair, and Tilly immediately fell silent.

She thought, as she stroked Tilly. This was wonderful – for so many reasons. She looked down at the pretty officer, and said, “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you,” said Tilly immediately – and she sounded as she had the day before. It sounded real. 

“Call me mistress,” said Aylee. “No, wait – any time that we’re definitely alone, with no one listening, call me mistress.”

“Yes, mistress,” said Tilly. And then, “I love you, mistress.”

There it was. The words Aylee wanted. They felt good.

“I love you too, Tilly,” said Aylee. “You will never tell anyone that you are secretly my slave, no matter what. Do you understand?”

‘Yes, mistress,” said Tilly.

“Good girl,” said Aylee. “Now you can stop pinching your clit, and instead rub your pussy until you cum. And then we’re going to start planning to escape together…”


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