In terms of writing, there is literally nothing more self-indulgent than drawing a map of one’s self-created fantasy world – so here you go. You’re welcome.

This is a crude map of the world of Arth-Keros, created using Inkarnate. I’m not 100% sure it’s accurate to every last geographical detail I’ve mentioned in an Arth-Keros story to date, but it’ll help me keep them straight in future.

You can read about Arth-Keros in Aylee the Alchemist-Slave (link) and The Convent of Lesba (link).

I’ve also added the map to the Arth-Keros folder for paid Stories Members.

Readers are always welcome to create fanfics or fan artwork based on Arth-Keros, provided that I’m clearly identified as the creator of the world and concepts, and that it’s clear I’m not the author of your fan work. If you’re posting such fan works anywhere, it’s nice to include a link back to my website.

– All These Roadworks

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    1. Not explicitly! I had never intended it to be part of Arth-Keros – but on the other hand, this map represents the “Inner Kingdoms”. Anything at all could be across those seas…

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