The yearbook at St Aveline’s gave a good impression of exactly what kind of education it offered for the girls who were sent to attend the school alongside its more important male students.

For starters, no girl in the yearbook was represented by their face. Instead, above each girl’s name was a photograph of her spread pussy, with fresh cum leaking from it, taken at their pre-graduation raping.

Alisa’s entry read:



Confirmed rapings: 22

Most degrading thing that made me cum: Being made to fuck my own pussy with a toilet brush on stage in front of the whole school.

Most degrading thing I did to another girl: Held Joanne “Cuntwhore” Green down while her brother and sister simultaneously raped her.

My goal in life is to: Be impregnated by my own father.


When girls at St Aveline’s were raped, they were required to give a “confirmation card” to their rapist. These collectable cards showed an image of the girl naked and masturbating. Boys at the school enjoyed collecting and swapping them. The boy with the most cards at the end of the year won a special prize at graduation.

The boys also voted on which girls had cum from the most, and least, degrading things in the year; which girl had degraded another girl the worst; and which girls had the most, and least, appropriate life goals.

Getting voted the “least” in anything meant going to a corrective rape and torture class over summer school, and then repeating the grade, so girls competed and studied hard to be able to orgasm from degradation, and to rape and degrade each other, and come up with fucked-up life goals for after they left school.

All girls acquired a nickname during their education – Alisa’s was “Rapehole” – and their eventual graduation certificates were issued in this name. Upon graduation, Alisa would be forced to either change her name legally to “Rapehole” to match the certificate, or accept that she couldn’t claim to have been to school and had an education. The graduation certificate also included a legal consent to rape to Alisa, which Alisa had signed on stage at graduation, and a row of nude photos of her at the bottom, so as to give the right message to employers who wanted to see her qualifications.

Alumni who sent sons to the school played a special game after graduation. Once the graduating girls had all signed their rape consents, the fathers would compete to “complete the yearbook”, tracking down and raping the graduating girls, and ticking them off in the yearbook once they’d ejaculated inside them. The first alumni to “complete the yearbook” for a year won a sizeable prize pool, which they’d usually use to make the payments necessary to abduct and enslave whichever girl had been the most fun to rape….


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