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By her last year of high school, Jessa had realised she had two very clear talents – spotting a repressed lesbian from a mile away, and seducing stupid girls.

Which was why Jessa wasn’t overly worried when her gorgeous queen-bee classmate Kimberly began to bully her. Kimberly may have got some initial laughs by calling Jessa a slut and a whore in front of the whole school, but when Jessa cornered Kimberly in the girls’ bathroom after school, and pressed her up against the wall, and asked her in a low, sultry whisper what she *really* wanted, it was clear that Kimberly couldn’t deny the forbidden lesbian lust she felt.

Kimberly’s town was a religious one, and her parents more religious still, and so at first their relationship was a secret. They met in out of the way places to kiss, and fondle each other. At school, Kimberly kept teasing Jessa – “so no one will guess what we’re doing” – and Jessa let it happen. 

Eventually, Jessa talked Kimberly into sleeping over at her house. “My father won’t know what we’re up to,” she claimed, and soon enough Jessa had Kimberly in her bedroom, and was talking the pretty teen into stripping naked, and then rubbing her naked body against Jessa’s, and then scissoring, until finally Kimberly was nervously tasting Jessa’s cunt with her tongue, while Jessa eagerly pushed her tongue into Kimberly’s own fuckhole.

After that, the power dynamic shifted between the two. Kimberly did what Jessa wanted. This was for three reasons. The first was that Kimberly had talked herself into the idea that she *loved* Jessa. Jessa told her she was pretty, and made her feel good about herself and her body. (And, of course, Jessa was so *pretty*…)

The second reason was that Jessa was a tease. She spent every moment with Kimberly making her wet with desire, fondling her, stimulating her, whispering slutty ideas into her ear. But she only let Kimberly orgasm when Kimberly let her boundaries be pushed. If the two were simply lying in bed, 69ing, she would lick Kimberly’s clit all night long, but deny her the release of cumming.

But if she were fingering Kimberly in a public park, where someone might potentially see them, and Kimberly was trying to push her away, and whispering, “No, Jessa, no,” then she would keep going until she felt her girlfriend shake with the pleasure and humiliation of an orgasm.

Or if she was filming the two of them fucking on her phone, as Kimberly struggled, and whispered, “Turn it off, Jessa, I don’t want to be filmed,” then, again, Kimberly would be allowed to cum.

Kimberly began to confusingly associate her sexual pleasure with allowing Jessa to ignore her consent, and her objections to Jessa continually pushing her boundaries became progressively weaker and more confused.

That was how Kimberly ended up letting Jessa fuck her with Jessa’s bedroom door wide open – and that was how Jessa’s dad ended up catching the two girls buck-naked and fucking. He didn’t stop them – he just watched. And although Kimberly wept with shame afterwards, and begged Jessa to close the door in future, she let it happen again the next night, and this time Jessa’s father got out his cock and masturbated as he watched the two girls, and it became normal for Jessa’s father to watch the girls and jerk off whenever they fucked at Jessa’s house.

Kimberly never came to like it – but she *did* like orgasming, and as long as she put on a good show for Jessa’s father, Jessa would let her cum.

She got so used to fucking with the door open that she didn’t even think about it when Jessa came back to Kimberly’s house, and they started 69ing on Kimberly’s own bed.

They got caught there, too – but Kimberly’s father didn’t stop to watch. Instead, he pulled the two girls apart by their hair, and called them disgusting sluts. And then he kicked Kimberly out of the house, and disowned her.

After that, Kimberly lived at Jessa’s house.

The word got out that Kimberly was a lesbian, and her friends stopped talking to her. The girls graduated school, and at Jessa’s assistance, Kimberly used her graduation speech to publicly acknowledge that she “licked her girlfriend’s cunt”, crying with humiliation as she confessed her sin to the entire school.

Jessa used *her* graduation speech to propose to her girlfriend. “Kimberly, you stupid slut – will you marry me?” she asked, her voice echoing from the stage microphone, and Kimberly, insecure and isolated, immediately said “yes” in a burst of gratitude and vulnerability.

They were married in a town hall, in front of those few people who would come to give their blessing to the lesbian couple – mostly boys from their school who wanted to perv on the cunt-licking couple. Jessa picked out Kimberly’s wedding dress, and by now Kimberly found it so difficult to say no to Jessa that she didn’t even object, despite the “dress” being little more than some lacy white lingerie so see-through that you could clearly see her nipples and cunt lips through the fabric.

It left little to the imagination – but the guests didn’t need to use their imagination, because when it came time to cut the wedding cake, Jessa playfully used the knife to quickly slice through the straps on her new wife’s dress, letting it fall to the floor and exposing her naked body to everyone. Then, as Kimberly blushed bright red, she smeared a slice of cake over her wife’s tits and cunt, and began to lick it off in public as the guests laughed and cheered.

But after the wedding, the problems set in. Jessa’s household wasn’t wealthy, and Kimberly was another mouth to feed. Jessa made Kimberly sell her clothes for money – she could just go naked around the house, after all. Then she convinced Kimberly to bring in a little extra money by selling nudes on the internet. Kimberly hated the idea of exposing herself to random strangers, but she couldn’t say no to her wife, and she posed as she was told. Jessa made her read all the fanmail she received out loud, while masturbating – even though it was mostly men telling her she was a slut and a whore who they’d like to rape.

Finally, Jessa sprang her surprise on Kimberly. “I want a baby,” she said.

“You want to get pregnant?” asked Kimberly. 

“No,” said Jessa. “I want *you* to get pregnant.”

Kimberly actually didn’t hate the idea. She’d always wanted to be a mother – even though she didn’t like boys – and had been worried that being a lesbian might mean she never made this dream come true.

“Why me?” she asked.

“Because I want our child to come from our DNA,” said Jessa. “And the men of your family are hardly willing to donate sperm – but my father will.”

The idea of being impregnated by Jessa’s father’s semen felt weird to Kimberly, and at first she demurred – but Jessa didn’t let her cum for a week, until finally, desperate to have an orgasm, Kimberly agreed.

And then Jessa told her how it would happen.

“No!” protested Kimberly. “I’m not having sex with your father!”

“Honey, we can’t afford artificial insemination,” said Jessa. “Do you know how much it costs? Come on, it’s not hard, you just have to spread your legs.”

But Kimberly resisted, and resisted, even after Jessa kept her in a state of sexual torment without release for two full weeks.

Finally, Jessa had to be firm. “Fine,” she said. “If you don’t love me, I’ll get a divorce, and you can move out.”

“But… I have nowhere to go,” said Kimberly, wide-eyed.

“That’s not my problem,” said Jessa. “If you don’t want to show me you love me by letting my father impregnate you, then you can just be a whore on the streets.”

And so, finally, teary-eyed, Kimberly agreed to what Jessa wanted. She went to Jessa’s father that night, and kissed him, and teased his cock, until he pushed her down on the bed and began to fuck her. Jessa came in to watch – and to film it on her phone – and after her father had ejaculated into her wife, she used a large bulldog clip to painfully clamp Kimberly’s pussy lips closed “to keep the cum in”.

But once wasn’t enough, and it became the pattern that Jessa’s father would fuck Kimberly once or twice every day. Sometimes Kimberly would have to seduce him into raping her. Other times he would just grab the naked girl, push her down, and fuck her. Often, when Kimberly and Jessa were having sex, he would join them, just kneeling and pushing his cock into Kimberly’s pussy while the girls were 69ing.

Kimberly hated being fucked by a man, so Jessa made it her mission to get Kimberly to orgasm from being raped. She would passionately kiss Kimberly as she was fucked by Jessa’s father, or lick her clitoris, or whisper lewd thoughts into her ear, and when Kimberly finally achieved her first orgasm with a cock inside – which caused her burst into deep, choking, sobs of misery – she congratulated her wife on being a good breeder, and presented her with a congratulatory cake with the word “COCKSLEEVE” traced out on top in icing.

On the day that Kimberly finally returned a positive pregnancy test, she was overjoyed. Now she could stop fucking Jessa’s father. The girls would have a baby, and it would fix everything in their relationship.

“Wow!” said Jessa. “That’s so wonderful! And you don’t believe in abortions, right?”

“No,” said Kimberly. “They’re a sin. But why does that matter? We wanted this baby.”

“Well, I have a present for you,” said Jessa. She passed a bundle of documents to Kimberly.

“What are these?” asked Kimberly, confused.

“Divorce papers,” said Jessa, smiling. 

Kimberly felt her heart stop. She didn’t understand. “What… why…”

“As of tomorrow, you’re no longer my wife,” said Jessa. “You won’t be sleeping with me, or under this roof, although dad says you can use the kennel in the backyard if you let him keep fucking you. If you don’t like that idea, I guess you can find your own house, although I think the only work you’ll be able to get in this town is as a whore.”

Tears streamed down Kimberly’s cheeks. “Why are you doing this? You can’t mean this. Why? Why?”

Jessa just smiled, and reached out and stroked Kimberly’s cheek – before moving down to rub the belly that would soon grow big and round with her bastard child.

“Well,” said Jessa. “You really shouldn’t have made fun of me in school, Kimberly…”


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