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There was nothing Jessa liked more than turning innocent Christian girls into degraded sluts, and to that end she had set herself up offering pastoral care to the young women of the First Hazelwood Trinity Church.

(The local priest had initially been resistant to the idea, Jessa being a newcomer to the church community, but a blowjob had shaken his objections, and around the time that he had been ready to cum all over Jessa’s face and tits he had ended up very receptive to the idea.)

So it was that trusting young Rosa came to Jessa for advice.

The beautiful brunette was in quite a state, nervously twisting her crucifix necklace in a way that she clearly had no idea called attention to her tits, her legs pressed together so tightly that it just made Jessa want to pry them open.

“It’s my older sister, Alina,” said Rosa. “I found contraceptive pills in her underwear drawer. I think she’s planning to have pre-marital sex. What do I do?”

Jessa smiled. “Well, first,” she said, “replace the pills with these.” She handed Rosa a packet of pills. “She won’t notice the difference.”

“What are they?” asked Rosa.

“Good girl pills,” said Jessa, and smiled benevolently. As she had suspected, Rosa – embarrassed to admit she didn’t understand – didn’t ask any further. The pills were an aphrodisiac of Jessa’s design, and quite powerful.

“Secondly,” said Jessa, “you should arrange to share a bed with your sister, so you can make sure she isn’t sneaking out at night.”

“Alina will hate it, though!” said Rosa. “And my father would never agree. He’d want to know why.”

“Tell him that sisters should share sisterly love,” said Jessa. “But also, start dressing pretty around the house. Ask him when you’re only wearing your underwear, and kiss him on the lips first.”

Rosa frowned. “But he’s my father!” she protested. “And… isn’t that kind of slutty?”

Jessa frowned back. “There’s nothing sinful or slutty about being attractive for your father or showing him affection. Should he have to look at ugly daughters all day, and regret fathering you? Or should he be rewarded for his parenting by seeing you in your full beauty?”

“I suppose that makes sense,” said Rosa, doubtfully.

“Good,” said Jessa. “Then go do it. Your sister’s immortal soul hangs in the balance, after all.”


It was three days later that Rosa returned.

“Okay, I’ve done what you said,” she reported. “I sleep in the same bed as my sister now. She’s having a lot of difficulty sleeping, though. Sometimes she makes these little moans. A lot of times, when she thinks I’m asleep, she gets up in the middle of the night and she’s gone for a long time, and when she comes back she’s flushed and smells like pussy.”

“Well,” said Jessa. “She might be masturbating – pleasuring herself – like a whore. Or maybe she’s creeping off to have carnal knowledge of a boy. You have to investigate, Rosa.”

“How?” asked Rosa.

“First of all, you should make sure both of you are sleeping naked, so you can check her body for signs of intercourse when she returns,” said Jessa. “I bet your father will make that the rule, if you ask him nicely while he’s in the shower.”

“While he’s in the shower?” asked Rosa.

“Yes,” said Jessa. “Men are most relaxed when showering. When he’s in the shower, just undress and get in with him, and ask him if he can make it a rule that you and Alina sleep naked. If he seems reluctant, help him wash his cock.”

“Surely that’s sinful and slutty?” squealed Rosa.

“How?” asked Jessa. “The Old Testament is full of stories of daughters helping to bathe their fathers.” She hoped Rosa didn’t ask her to name examples.

“Well… okay,” said Rosa doubtfully. “Well, what do I do once me and Alina are sleeping naked?”

“Well, when she comes back to bed after being away, you need to check if she’s had sex,” said Jessa. “Reach around her and grope her butt, to see if it has a man’s seed on it. Then use your other hand to spread her pussy and see if there’s semen in there. And finally kiss her on the lips, and use your tongue, to see if you can taste cum in her mouth.”

Rosa wrinkled her nose. “That’s gross. And isn’t it… like being a lesbian? Or like incest?”

Jessa shrugged. “Are you sexually attracted to your sister?” she asked.

“No!” said Rosa vehemently.

“Then it’s just a medical procedure, to check her,” said Jessa.

“What if she won’t let me do it?” asked Rosa.

“She will,” said Jessa, thinking of the aphrodisiacs. “But tell her if she doesn’t, you’ll ask your daddy to *make* her, and then she’ll still have to do it, but your dad will be watching.”

Rosa shivered slightly at that thought. “Is this really necessary?” she asked.

“Do you want your sister to go to hell?” asked Jessa.

“No,” said Rosa. She bit her lip. “Thank you, Jessa. I would never have thought of this.”

“You’re welcome. Oh, and two more things, Rosa,” said Jessa. She was thinking about the rest of Rosa’s family. “First, you have a brother, don’t you?”

“Yes, AJ,” said Rosa. “Why?”

“Well, you need to be balanced in your affection. You can’t just shower all your affection on your father and ignore your brother.” Jessa paused, as if thinking. “Why don’t you make sure your brother sees you in your underwear too? And be sure to kiss him on the lips, and help him wash his cock in the shower.”

Rosa blushed. “I’m not sure my mother would approve of all this…” she said.

“That’s the second thing,” said Jessa. “Send your mother to see me.”


Rosa’s mother, Lucy, turned out to be an exceptionally attractive-looking blonde with fake tits. Jessa smiled happily.

“What’s this about?” asked Lucy.

“So I was fucking the priest yesterday…” started Jessa, enjoying Lucy’s blush and gasp.

“How dare you?” spat Lucy. “He’s a man of the cloth.”

“He didn’t need a cloth,” said Jessa. “I swallowed. But you should probably be quiet now. You see, when he was about to cum, I asked him what he knew about you, and he was very eager to cum, so he told me that in confession you’ve admitted to three separate affairs with men who aren’t your husband. In fact, I think one of them coincided with when you got pregnant with your son…”

Lucy paled.

“And,” continued Jessa, “I *could* tell your husband about that – and the whole town – and your son…. OR you could do four simple things I ask of you, and we’ll keep it all quiet.”

“What do you want?” asked Lucy, quietly.

“Number one. You may see your daughters acting like sluts around the house. You may see your husband taking an interest. You are to do absolutely nothing to stop this from happening, and in fact, you should probably encourage it. I don’t want to hear about anything except you telling everyone involved that it’s perfectly okay.”

“My husband isn’t sexually interested in our daughters!” objected Lucy.

“If he’s not, he will be,” said Jessa. “Because every night you’re going to masturbate him, and as you do you’re going to ask him questions that encourage him to sexualise his daughters. Ask him which one he thinks has the tighter cunt. Ask him which one would look prettier with sperm on their face. Ask him which one makes nicer sounds when she cums. Keep going like this until he’s about to cum, then stop.”

“That’s disgusting!” cried Lucy.

“It’s your choice,” said Jessa. “Shall I share your secret with the town?”

Lucy was silent, then said, “I’ll do it.”

“Good,” said Jessa. “Number three, you’re going to do the same for your son.”

“I can’t masturbate my son!” said Lucy. “He’s my *son*!”

“Better he learn from you than from some slut at his school, right?” said Jessa. “Except you’re going to let him cum… inside you. Your mouth, pussy or anus – your choice.”

Lucy had gone very pale. “What’s condition four?” she asked, very quietly.

Jessa sighed happily. “I thought you’d never ask,” she said, lifting her skirt to reveal her naked, shaved pussy. “Get over here, start licking, and get used to it, because you’re doing this every Thursday from here on .…”


When Rosa returned, she was clearly anxious.

“How did it go?” asked Jessa. “Is your sister being sinful with men?”

“No,” said Rosa. “At least, I don’t think so. But – I think she’s a lesbian…”

“Why do you think that?” asked Jessa.

“Because whenever I check her anus and her vagina and her mouth like I told you, she gets *really* enthusiastic, and kind of presses up against me, and kisses me back. And then afterwards she’s wiggly all night and won’t sleep and she pushes her tits up against me, and sometimes she kisses my neck, or puts her hand between my legs.”

“And how does that make you feel?” asked Jessa.

“Kind of hot and bothered, and confused,” said Rosa honestly. “And things are weird with my dad, too.”

“How so?” asked Jessa.

“Well, after I asked him about us sleeping naked when he was in the shower, he said it was really nice showering with me, and I should *always* shower with him now. My mother says it’s a good idea now, and I should be extra careful to wash dad’s cock – except when I do, it always gets really hard and then he cums, all over my face and tits. He says I look pretty with cum on me, and mum agrees.”

“I bet you *do* look good with cum on you,” said Jessa. “You’d be much prettier. And it sounds like you’re taking good care of your father. What a good daughter!”

“You really think so?” asked Rosa, confused.

“I know so,” said Jessa.

“And then dad said it’s a rule now that us girls have to go around the house in only our panties,” said Rosa. “And mum agreed with him! Alina got so mad and embarrassed. It’s so humiliating to go around with our breasts bare. And my brother AJ just *looks* at us all the time, and he’s started trying to *touch* me sometimes.”

“Well, look,” said Jessa. “It sounds like you’ve got a few problems. The first is that you’re a *very* attractive girl, and it sounds like you’re cockteasing your father and brother terribly. You have to be prepared for the possibility that they’re going to rape you, and if they do, it will be your fault for being such a cocktease.”

Rosa gasped with horror. “But I’m just doing what you told me!” she cried.

“You’re being a terrible whore, Rosa,” said Jessa. “And you’ve chosen to be a whore to save your sister’s soul. I really appreciate your sacrifice, it’s very saintly.”

“But I don’t want my father or brother to rape me!” said Rosa.

“Well, no,” said Jessa. “But if they do, it would be very ungrateful to struggle or complain. Here, take these.” She passed Rosa a packet of pills.

“What are they?” asked Rosa.

“Contraception,” said Jessa. “I know good Christian girls shouldn’t use it, but it’s better than getting pregnant to your daddy, isn’t it?”

“Will they protect me?” Rosa asked.

“Unless you’re such an enormously sinful slut that deep down you *want* your daddy’s baby,” said Jessa. “In which case your body might overpower the pills. Take two every day, to be sure.”

“Of course!” said Rosa. “Thank you.”

Jessa smiled. The pills weren’t contraceptives – they were aphrodisiacs, exactly like the ones Rosa was feeding her sister.

“As far as your sister goes, if she’s a lesbian, then she really needs to be punished,” said Jessa. “It’s terribly sinful to feel sexual attraction to girls. The only chance for her soul to avoid being punished forever in hell is to receive a really terrible, degrading punishment here on Earth.”

“Like what?” asked Rosa.

“Well, we’ll get to that in time,” said Jessa. “But for now, you have to see if she really *is* a lesbian. I’d advise you to respond to her advances – kiss her back, squeeze her tits, let her finger your pussy – and see whether she cums, and how quickly. If she is a lesbian, you need to make her *absolutely* addicted to your body, so that you can have influence over her and lead her back to the light.”

“Okay…” said Rosa, slowly. Her face looked a little flushed, and Jessa noticed her nipples were hard…


Two weeks had passed.

On her third “Cuntlicking Thursday”, Rosa’s mother Lucy confessed that she had been raped by her son.

“I got him to cum in my mouth at first,” she said. “He makes such a lot of cum! But after five days, he wouldn’t accept my mouth anymore. He said I wasn’t his mother, I was just a dumb slut, and he pushed me down on his bed and ripped off my clothes and fucked my pussy. And then he’s been fucking me every day when my husband is out.”

She sniffled, the hint of tears blurring her makeup. “And then yesterday – I took a test and found I was pregnant….”

Jessa laughed, and pushed the bitch’s face down into Jessa’s cunt. She sighed as Lucy started to lick.

“That’s excellent news,” said Jessa. “I was hoping your son would take the hint. And now that you’re all knocked up, I have a new use for your husband and son’s cum. You can try and get them to cum into a condom or a cup if you like, but if they use your pussy, just scoop it out afterwards.”

“What?” asked Lucy. “Why?” Or at least, she tried to, but it was hard with her face pressed into Jessa’s fuckhole.

“Because from now on, you’re going to feed all of their cum to your daughters. Just mix it right into their food. They won’t even notice…”

“Mmf…” said Lucy in distress.

“Good slut,” said Jessa. “Oh, and I think you should inspect their pussies every day. It can happen right in the middle of your house, in front of your husband and their brother. They should be naked, and you should finger-fuck them and rub their clit until they get very wet, in the name of “checking their health”. And when you’re done, you should kiss their pussies – and by “kiss”, I mean suck on their clits until they squeal…”


It was a very distracted and flushed Rosa who returned to Jessa.

“I just can’t think straight,” she wailed. “I don’t know anymore. I’m wet *all* the time. I’m a whore, Jessa. I think I might be a lesbian, even.”

“Calm down,” said Jessa. “And take your clothes off.”

“What?” asked Rosa.

“So I can see if you’re a lesbian,” said Jessa.

Nervously, Rosa undressed, exposing her cute tits and bare pussy. Jessa noted with approval it was shaved – Lucy had been teaching her girls well.

Slowly, Jessa knelt between Rosa’s legs, and kissed her cunt.

Rosa jumped. “What are you doing?”

“Just calming you down,” said Jessa. “And testing if you’re a lesbian. Why don’t you just tell me everything that’s been happening, while I kiss your pussy?”

Rosa gasped as Jessa’s tongue dived into her fuckhole. She tried to pull her legs together, but Jessa stopped her. 

“Well…” said Rosa. “I started kissing my sister back when she was interested, like you said. And I was taking my contraceptives. But after we’d been kissing for a while, I’d always feel so hot, and it would be so hard to think. My sister would put her fingers into my pussy, and it would feel so good – and then after a while she taught me how to kiss her pussy, like you’re doing right now, and since then we just spend all night kissing each other’s pussies. And it makes me feel so good – I think I orgasmed, Jessa.”

Jessa smiled, and flicked Rosa’s clit with her tongue.

“Ooh….” Rosa moaned, then continued. “And now we have to do these pussy inspections every day in front of dad and AJ, and it’s so *embarrassing*. And I’ve become such a slut from my sister that when my mother gave me an innocent kiss on my pussy after it was over, I *orgasmed*, Jessa. I orgasmed against my own mother’s face! I squirted on her – it was gross! AJ laughed, and dad said I was a slut and turned me over his lap and spanked me, except I could feel his cock was hard in his pants, and then I came *again* from being spanked. Mum wanted to wash my squirt off her face, but dad said to leave it because she looked prettier like that, and mum didn’t say anything, and then the rest of the day her face smelled like my pussy and it was so *embarrassing*.”

Rosa shuddered as Jessa found a sensitive spot in her pussy.

“And then mum said it’s my job to clean dad’s cock all the time now. So not just in the shower. Like, if he goes to the toilet, I have to rub it with the baby wipes afterwards. And it always ends with him cumming on my face and tits. And he won’t let me clean it off, so most of the time I have my own dad’s cum on my face. Alina laughed at me once, so then dad said she had to clean me off with her tongue. I had to stand there as she licked all the cum off my face and breasts in front of my dad. She said it didn’t taste too bad, though – apparently it tastes like mum’s new pasta sauce.”

Sensing Rosa was about to cum, Jessa gave her clit one last lick, and quickly moved a glass into position. Sure enough, Rosa shuddered suddenly with a violent orgasm, and then began to squirt fluid from her pussy. Jessa caught it in the glass, and when Rosa was done, she passed the glass to Rosa.

“Drink,” she said. “Taste your sinful slut nectar.” And she watched with delight as Rosa, humiliated beyond belief, drank her own ejaculate.

“Well, you *are* a lesbian,” said Jessa. “And there’s only one cure for lesbianism, and that’s corrective rape. I’m afraid you need to be violently fucked by a man until you’re better.”

Rosa squealed in fear.

“Your sister will need it too,” said Jessa, “or else she’ll go to hell. So here’s what you’ll do. First of all, you’re going to start fucking your sister with this” – and she handed Rosa an extremely realistic cock-shaped dildo. “You’re going to tell her you feel embarrassed when she sees your face during sex, so from now on she needs to be blindfolded when you have sex. And then you fuck her with this dildo until she cums. You can sit on her face while you do, if you want her to lick you.”

“I see,” said Rosa, even though she didn’t.

“And then you’re going to get your dad and brother to rape you,” said Jessa. “There’s no help for it. Just tell them you want to be raped and play with their cocks until they do it. It’s better them than being raped by some stranger, right?”

Rosa looked like she might cry.

“And then you’re going to set up some cameras in your house,” said Jessa, “so I can see whether this works, and then what you’re going to do is….”


Jessa invited Lucy out of the house to make it easier for Rosa, and so Lucy was reluctantly licking Jessa’s pussy when Rosa put the plan into effect. Jessa thought Lucy would begin to show her pregnancy in another couple of weeks, and couldn’t wait to see the sexy round incestuous pregnancy belly develop.

Earlier in the week, Jessa had watched Rosa receive her first raping from her father – Lucy had been there, and helped hold her daughter down for her father, as Rosa’s father ejaculated into his daughter’s fertile womb – and then later from her brother, who had just pushed Rosa up against a wall and raped her from behind – and then again from her father, with her father’s cock pistoning her pussy while her mother lay beneath her and licked at her clit.

Now Rosa was teasing her sister, putting the blindfold on a naked Alina in their bedroom, and pressing the cock-dildo against the entrance to Alina’s cunt. Rosa had restrained Alina’s legs, so they were spread wide open, facing the door, which Alina seemed to enjoy.

As Jessa watched, Rosa’s father walked into the bedroom. His cock was out, and already erect. Rosa made a “shh” motion to her father, then stepped to one side. Her father moved into position between Alina’s legs, and pushed his cock into her pussy.

Alina giggled, mistaking it for the dildo, and eagerly bucked against her father. The whole thing was captured on video, and without the introductory portion of Rosa setting her up, it would look for all the world like Alina was willingly and delightedly fucking her own father.

The illusion came to an end, though, when her father came inside her. As Alina felt the wetness, she looked puzzled – and then shrieked, demanding to know what was going on.

At this point, Rosa straddled her sister’s face, silencing Alina’s screams by pressing her pussy against her sister’s mouth. She leaned forward, and carefully licked all the cum out of Alina’s pussy.

Then her brother AJ came in, and Rosa straightened, and helped guide her brother’s erect cock into her sister’s pussy. Alina struggled now, but Rosa told her to get used to it and just be a good slut and lick, that it was all in order to cure her slutty lesbianism. And she bounced on her sister’s face as her brother raped Alina’s pussy until he, too, ejaculated into her womb.

A little time passed, while Rosa cleaned Alina up again. Then AJ got up on the bed and fed his cock into Rosa’s mouth, which she accepted obediently, while their father took another turn between Alina’s legs.

“Do you know what I think?” said Jessa. “I think even all this rape isn’t going to be enough to cure your daughters. I think they’re going to have to go out on the street to find more men to rape away their lesbianism. And they’re going to do it with big pregnant incest bellies, just like their mother. Don’t you think so, Lucy?”

Lucy said something unintelligible into Jessa’s cunt.

“Good slut,” said Jessa, stroking Lucy’s hair. “Yes, you’re right. That *is* all they’re good for, isn’t it?” And then she happily orgasmed against the silly bimbo MILF’s face….


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