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There was nothing Jessa liked more than leading pretty naïve Christian girls into a life of sexual corruption and degradation.

In town after town she would seduce, corrupt, and blackmail the local women, and then extract reluctant testimonials from them that she could use to insert herself into the church community of the next town over.

In Apostle, California, the local church insisted on premarital counselling for young couples who wanted to get married, to increase their relationship happiness, ensure their relationship complied with Biblical values, and decrease their likelihood of divorce.

Jessa had no problem at all in getting the job of counsellor. All it took were her immaculate references, an outfit that was simultaneously modest and sexy, and an enthusiastic blowjob for the priest.

Her first couple were Tara and Joel. Tara was a pretty 19-year-old brunette – a little stupid, but good-hearted, and with a fantastic pair of tits that were sadly wasted under her conservative clothing. Joel was fit and blonde – a stereotypical handsome farmer-boy. Both gave Jessa their instant and unquestioning trust in her role as an agent of the church.

“Our wedding is in three months,” said Tara. “We’re so excited. We want to be ready to have a perfect life together. We’ve bought a house and we’re all ready to move in together once we’re married.”

“Oh, you should definitely move in right now,” said Jessa. “You need to get practice living as a couple. Separate beds, of course, and no sex before marriage, but there’s nothing wrong with a couple cohabiting three months before their vows.”

“Won’t it be a temptation to Joel if I’m living in the same house with him?” asked Tara.

“Oh, absolutely,” said Jessa. “Joel, if you feel aroused by the presence of your fiancée, you are going to have to masturbate immediately, to relieve that tension and to stop you raping her.”

“Uh… okay…” said Joel, unsure.

“But don’t do it in secret,” said Jessa. “You shouldn’t keep secrets from your wife. Masturbate right in front of her, and be sure to ejaculate onto her. Aim for her face, hair or breasts. Tara, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing when this happens. It’s fine for Joel to cum on you while you just watch TV or eat your dinner or whatever.”

Tara gasped. “That sounds… slutty!” she said.

“It’s no sluttier than having sex with your husband,” said Jessa. “Except it’s not sex, so you can do it before you’re married. Now remember, it’s a wonderful gift when Joel cums on you, so don’t clean it off without his permission, and when you do clean it off, make sure to put as much of it as possible in your mouth, so it’s not wasted.”

Tara and Joel left, blushing, and returned for their next session three days later.

“How’s it working out?” Jessa asked them.

Tara blushed. “Joel seems happy with this arrangement. He masturbates over me two or three times a day. He likes to do it by surprise, so I won’t know he’s there and suddenly he’ll be cumming on my face. I was wearing a low cut top this morning and he came on my tits, and he didn’t let me clean it off.”

Jessa looked at Tara’s chest. The girl was wearing a chaste high-neck dress now, with none of her titflesh showing.

“Show me,” said Jessa.

Tara’s eyes bulged with embarrassment – but she obediently undid her dress, pulling it down to her waist. The girl had amazing tits – large and firm – and sure enough, the sticky sheen of Joel’s cum was shining on them.

“Well done,” said Jessa. She didn’t tell Tara to replace her dress, so Tara sat there, tits out, blushing.

“Joel, may I clean your cum off Tara’s breasts?” Jessa asked.

Joel blushed and said, “Uh, sure.”

Jessa got out a wet-wipe from a package in her desk, and sat in front of Tara, and began to caress the girl’s tits with it. Under the guise of cleaning Tara’s bosom, she began to squeeze the girl’s breasts, tease her nipples, and caress her titflesh. Tara flushed a deeper red, and soon began to breathe heavily.

“I have two new tasks for you to practice,” said Jessa. “Tara, you need to be ready for Joel on your wedding night. That means you’re going to need to be sopping wet and eager for him.”

“I will be,” Tara promised. Her lips were parted, and she was leaning forward to press her tits against Jessa’s hands.

“We need to make sure,” said Jessa. “Do you masturbate, Tara?”

“No!” said Tara. “It’s sinful…”

“Well, you need to start,” said Jessa. “It’s not sinful if it’s preparing for marital sex. I want you to play with your pussy at least three times a day until the wedding. Your breeding hole should be wet at all times. If you’re not wet, stop what you’re doing and make yourself wet.”

“If you say so…” said Tara uncertainly.

“But whatever you do, don’t let yourself orgasm,” said Jessa. “That *would* be sinful.” She paused, and then said, “Do you even know *how* to masturbate?”

“I think so,” said Tara.

“Show me,” said Jessa. “Take off your dress and panties and show me what you’d do.”

Tara stood – which necessitated taking her tits out of Jessa’s hands for a moment – and removed her remaining clothes, clearly embarrassed. She sat again, spread her legs, and began to finger her pussy.

“Good girl,” said Jessa, resuming playing with Tara’s tits. “Keep doing that.”

Then Jessa turned to Joel. “And Joel, are you prepared to offer your wife proper discipline?”

“What does that mean?” said Joel.

“Well, you need to control her,” said Jessa. “Women think with their cunts. They need a man to keep them in line. What I want you to do is, any time you’re the least bit displeased with Tara, just slap her across the face and tell her she’s a dumb slut. I want you to find an excuse to do it twice a day, to get into the habit.”

“And Tara,” Jessa continued, to the masturbating naked girl, “I want you to keep a list every day of reasons you’re a dumb slut. I want there to be at least ten items on that list by the end of each day. You give that list to Joel, and read it out aloud while masturbating. Then Joel, I want you to strip Tara naked, and turn her over your knee and spank her. For every item on the list, give her three hard spanks on her bottom. Then turn her over, and give her one slap on her pussy for each item on the list, then take off your belt and hit her tits with it once for each item. If you don’t think she really put any effort into making the list, pretend there are forty items on it. And when he’s done, Tara, you’re to thank him, understand?”

“I understand,” said Tara.  

“I understand,” said Joel, and there was an obvious erection in his pants.

“Good,” said Jessa. She removed her hands from Tara’s tits, then slapped Tara’s hand away from her pussy. “No orgasms, remember?” she said. “Now go home and practice.”

When they came back a week later, Tara had a light bruise on her face, she was flushed and breathing heavily, and she looked spacy and unfocused.

“There’s cum on her tits,” Joel offered at once, and so Jessa told the girl to strip nude again.

Tara, distracted, didn’t immediately respond, so Joel leaned over, grabbed Tara’s hair, and slapped her across the face. “She told you to strip, you dumb slut,” he growled.

Tara stripped, and Jessa saw with satisfaction that the girl was so wet that her panties were soaked. Jessa immediately began to “clean” the girl’s breasts with a wet-wipe.

“Your pussy is so wet, I should clean that too,” she said, and Tara offered no resistance as Jessa lowered a hand to Tara’s cunt and began to rub it. Instead, she just moaned.

“Good girl,” said Jessa – and leaned forward and kissed Tara on the lips. Tara made no effort to stop her.

“She’s really dumb now that she masturbates all the time,” said Joel. “She can’t think straight, and she just does what she’s told. She’s only orgasmed once, by accident, and when she did she felt so guilty she begged me to whip her tits.”

“Did you?” asked Jessa.

“Of course,” said Joel. “And that made me hot, so then I came on her face.”

“Tara,” said Jessa, “I think you can stop wearing clothes around the house now. A good wife is naked.”

“Um…” said Tara, trying to find words. “What about when Joel has friends over?”

“Naked all the time, like whorish Eve in the Garden of Eden,” Jessa insisted. “Now, that might be a temptation to Joel’s friends, so I think you’re going to need to let them cum on you too, if they want to.”

“But I need to stay faithful to Joel…” Tara moaned.

Jessa slapped her. “We talked about this, Tara. It’s not sex when a man just uses you as their cum-rag, so it doesn’t count. Understand?”

“Yes,” moaned Tara.

“Good girl,” said Jessa, and kissed her again. Tara moaned and kissed her back.

“Tara,” said Jessa, “your pussy just keeps getting wetter, no matter how much I clean it. I think I’m going to have to use my tongue.”

“What?” protested Tara. “No, that would be…”

Joel leaned across and slapped Tara. “Shut up and spread your legs, you dumb slut,” he said, and Tara did as she was told.

Jessa smiled, and lowered herself to begin licking the silly little Christian whore’s pussy. Tara bucked with humiliation and shame as Jessa licked her, but Joel stood, and held Tara still, and got out his cock and began masturbating.

Tara couldn’t help it. When Joel came on her face, she orgasmed against Jessa’s face – and as a result, Jessa got to see Joel use his belt on her tits…

At the next appointment, Jessa said, “Let’s talk about the wedding.”

It was Jessa’s opinion that the wedding needed to represent “the real Tara”, and Joel agreed, so between them they hammered out the details. 

Sometimes Tara tried to speak, but not often, because she was naked again and Jessa was playing with her pussy, but when she did, either Jessa would silence her by kissing her, or Joel would slap her.

It was agreed that Tara would have to find bridesmaids who were prepared to clean her pussy with their tongues. If she couldn’t get friends to do it, she would hire prostitutes. The bridesmaids would lick Tara’s cunt non-stop for 24 hours leading up to the wedding, not allowing Tara to sleep, and before she got dressed in her wedding dress Tara would rub her face and her tits into the bridesmaids’ cunts to coat herself with their pussy juices.

Then Tara would kneel naked for all the groomsmen, and they would masturbate and ejaculate over every part of her body that would be covered by the wedding dress, so Tara would feel their cum all over her throughout the wedding but the audience wouldn’t see it. 

Then Joel would masturbate and aim into Tara’s open mouth. Tara would hold that cum in her mouth throughout the entire ceremony, swallowing it only to say “I do”. Joel would then leave before Tara dressed, because it was bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

Tara and all the bridesmaids would have vibrators in their cunts and anuses, and vibrating clamps on their clits and nipples. They would wear no underwear under their dress other than a G-string to hold in the vibrators. 

And finally, after the ceremony, the couple would retire to their hotel room – where Joel would fuck not Tara, but Jessa, in the wedding bed, because Joel as a man was entitled to Tara’s virginity, but Tara was entitled to nothing. When he had done with Jessa, and Tara had licked Joel’s cum out of Jessa’s pussy, *then* he *might* choose to fuck his wife, if Tara begged pathetically enough…

In the end, Joel was *exceptionally* satisfied with Jessa’s premarital counselling, and recommended her services to all his friends. Tara didn’t recommend Jessa, but that was only because by this point she was pathetically pleading to be allowed to cum…


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