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Pretty young Alice believed deeply in what her church told her about love and sex. She was going to save herself for marriage, and the first man she had sex with was going to be the first man she married.

But like many repressed young girls, she found herself in the orbit of friends who were not quite so pure. In particular, Jessa Brown was what Alice’s mother might have called “a dangerous little slut”.

Jessa was always teasing Alice about her chastity. It seemed to fascinate her, that Alice didn’t want to fuck a dozen men each month, that she was honestly going to save herself, and only be with one man in her entire life.

Jessa was *not* saving herself. She had fucked her way through half the school by the time she and Alice became friends. She was outspoken, and sexual, and Alice gained a vicarious thrill from hearing about her exploits. Alice may be saving herself, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t hear about what her friend had been up to, and feel a pleasant little tingle between her legs as she thought about it.

She felt a little less comfortable with Jessa, though, when her friend started fucking Alice’s oldest brother, Joel. Alice had seen the way the men in her family looked at Jessa when the attractive big-titted girl visited, so it shouldn’t have surprised her, but it was still disconcerting to lie awake at night listening to Joel’s grunts and Jessa’s moans, and knowing that her brother was cumming inside her best friend’s pussy.

But then Jessa moved on to Alice’s *other* brother, Dean. Alice was scandalised.

“Did you break up with Joel?” she asked. “How could you do that to him?”

“Oh, no,” said Jessa, laughing. “I’m still fucking Joel. He doesn’t care who else is using my pussy, as long as he gets his turn.”

Alice couldn’t look at her friend now without imagining both her brothers ploughing the girl’s wet cunt – which, honestly, made her a little wet to think about. It was a strain on their friendship.

But the final straw came when Jessa started fucking Alice’s *father*.

“Jessa, how could you?” shrieked Alice, in the privacy of her bedroom, when she found out. Her mother was out of town for a church conference, and Jessa had somehow wiggled her way into Alice’s father’s bed and brought her father to a series of very satisfying orgasms.

“Oh, calm down,” said Jessa. “And yes, your father has a very enjoyable cock, in case you were wondering.”

“He’s *married*, Jessa! You made him cheat on my mother!”

Jessa giggled. “Trust me, no one *made* him do anything. He’s expecting me to do it again tonight, after it gets dark. He thinks you don’t know, and he doesn’t want your brothers to find out. I’ll just climb into bed with him, in the pitch black, and slip his cock into my pussy….”

Alice couldn’t hear any more. She slapped Jessa.

Jessa’s smile turned into a frown. “Well, that makes this even easier,” she said.

“What? What do you mean?” asked Alice – but then cut off as Jessa leapt at her.

Alice struggled, but Jessa was fitter and stronger. Soon she had Alice pinned to her bed. She pulled something off her bed, and Alice saw it was handcuffs. Alice struggled, but soon her hands were cuffed to the head of her bed.

It was only now that Alice thought of yelling, but suddenly something was stuffed into her mouth – something black and lacy. Her eyes widened. It was a pair of Jessa’s panties. And – there was something wet on them. Was that her friend’s pussy juices? Or… perhaps traces of her father’s cum? Was she tasting her own father’s cum? She tried to yell, but the underwear muffled her.

“Oh, shut up,” said Jessa. She was pulling off Alice’s skirt now, and then pulling down Alice’s panties. Alice tried to kick her legs, but Jessa had a good hold on her. She blushed bright red. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Why was Jessa doing this? Oh God – her pussy was bare in front of her best friend. What if someone came in? What if her father or brothers came in? And why was the thought of that making her *wet*?

Once Alice’s cunt was bare, Jessa secured Alice’s feet to the base of the bed, spread wide so Alice couldn’t close them or protect her pussy.

“Okay,” said Jessa. “I’ve been obsessed with your stupid virginity ever since I met you. I’m not super into girls, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much your chastity met to you, and how *hilarious* it would be for you to have that taken away.”

Alice made a muffled noise of protest and betrayal.

“And I decided,” said Jessa, “that seeing that happen was worth more than our friendship. You’re a good friend, Alice, but you’re such a god-damn gorgeous *victim*.”

She opened her purse and took out something – six condoms, each tied off at the end, and full of white liquid.

“I’ve been feeding you fertility drugs for the last month, Alice,” said Jessa. “Since your brother first hit on me, and I came up with this idea. And I know you don’t take birth control because you’re such a good Christian, and I know this is the most fertile part of your cycle.”

Alice didn’t like where this was going. She struggled against her bonds.

Jessa untied the first condom. “This is your brother Joel’s cum,” she said. And she turned the condom upside down over Alice’s pussy, and the sticky white fluid dripped onto Alice’s groin.

Alice went wild with horror, bucking and yelling, but to no avail. Jessa just smiled, and then used her finger to begin pushing the cum up into Alice’s pussy. Alice moaned as her cunt was penetrated by another human for the first time in her life. She felt disgusting and sinful. That was a woman’s finger – and her brother’s cum – going into her sacred, chaste vagina. She wanted to cry. 

She also kind of wanted to buck her hips against Jessa’s finger, which felt so *good*…

“Here’s some more of Joel,” said Jessa, pushing a second condom of cum up inside Alice. “And these two are Dean,” she continued, forcing two more condoms of sperm into Alice’s pussy.

Alice was moaning now in time to every thrust of Jessa’s finger.

“And last of all, these are your father,” said Jessa. The cum from one of the condoms was still warm. As Jessa pushed it into Alice’s pussy, something strange happened to Alice – a wave of pure pleasure rolled through her, leaving her twitching and weak. She had had her first orgasm. She wanted to die of shame.

“There you go,” said Jessa. “All impregnated by your family, like a good little slut. How are you going to explain it?”

Alice *did* start crying, then, sobbing into the underwear gag.

Jessa took out her phone and set it up pointing at Alice. She set it to record, then said, “Here, I’ll help you clean it up.” She leaned down between Alice’s legs, and then, to Alice’s horror, began licking Alice’s cunt.

Alice tried to pretend that her first experience of sex was not a lesbian one. She tried to pretend she didn’t enjoy it. And, after a few minutes, she tried to pretend she wasn’t orgasming from her best friend’s tongue.

Jessa laughed as Alice came, and then turned off the phone. “And now we have a nice little film of you cumming from lesbian sex, to show your church group,” said Jessa.

Alice tried to beg Jessa not to show it to anyone, but she was still gagged.

“So,” said Jessa. “If you’re a good little girl who doesn’t want to be a slut, I can just leave now, and you can try and explain to everyone that you’re not a lesbian and that you don’t know how you got pregnant. Or, I can help you out.” Alice was making muffled noises, so Jessa added, “Sssh, quiet now,” and then took her gag out of her mouth.

“Please,” said Alice. “Please.” She didn’t know what help she expected, but she was desperate. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

“So if you want me to not show anyone the video,” said Jessa, “I want to see nice chaste Alice have the dirtiest, most taboo sex she can have. Your father is waiting for a naked girl to fuck him tonight. The lights are out. He won’t see who it is. All you have to do is go into his room, nude, fuck your own father, and then come back and show me his cum leaking from your pussy. And then I’ll keep the film to myself.”

“No!” said Alice. “I can’t! That’s so wrong!”

Jessa shrugged. “Suit yourself,” she said. “And as to the baby – well, maybe I got you pregnant and maybe I didn’t. And I bet you’d like to be able to tell yourself that that baby *isn’t* fathered by your own blood. So I’ve got a list here of ten guys you know that would like to fuck you. Just say the word, and I’ll set up a gangbang. You still won’t know who the father is, but it’ll be like a 10 in 13 chance that it’s not a relative, and that’s good odds. Which one you marry is entirely up to you.”

Alice thought about it. Jessa watched her – and when Alice finally closed her eyes and started to sob, Jessa knew that Alice had made her decision. She untied Alice from the bed.

“Good girl,” she said, and kissed Alice on the lips. “There’s a good girl. I’ll make the calls to let your friends know they can rape you. Now be a good pregnant Christian teenager, and go fuck your daddy…”


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