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Jessa was a missionary, of a kind. Her philosophy was that women were inherently stupid, and inherently sluts, and her mission was to help as many women as possible understand that truth. 

She took a particular pleasure in targeting the conservative Christian women of America’s small towns, whose mixture of repression, gullibility, and domestication made them exceptionally susceptible. At her last town she had reduced a women’s bible study group to a degraded whorehouse of lesbianism and rape. Now she was looking for new challenges.

She found them in the sleepy town of Comity, AZ. Representing herself as a kind of lay minister, Jessa formed a “Christian Single Mothers’ Circle”, where she would discuss “Christian parenting in a difficult environment.” Three women signed up – all quite pretty, and quite young, which (given their grown daughters) meant that they must all have spread their legs for now-absent fathers in high school, and found God subsequently.

Jessa hosted, as was her habit, and when the women arrived she poured each of them a drink of juice – which Jessa had laced with her trademark drugs. Nothing overwhelming – just a little something to make the mothers suggestible and a little aroused, and addictive enough to make them want to come back for future meetings without knowing why.

All three women were high-school drop-outs, and none too bright. Pretty, shy, golden-haired Caitlyn was the most devout of the three, and regarded Jessa’s position as a “lay minister” with something approaching awe. Curvy redhead Marie was energetic and friendly, and quick to jostle the other two girls into following Jessa’s suggestions. And platinum-blonde Sarah was by far the biggest-titted of the three – her boobs were cow-like in proportions, on a relatively modest frame – and deeply insecure about it. Jessa learned that Sarah dyed her hair blonde because her office manager had told her to, telling her “she looked pretty as a bimbo”, and Sarah hadn’t had the spine to refuse even though she felt humiliated by it.

Jessa started the first meeting talking about “the miracle of breeding”. “We all know from Genesis that women are sinful tempters of men,” she told the women, “who deserve to be punished. But God gave you also a gift – a purpose, so that you wouldn’t be worthless – the ability to take man’s seed, and bring forth life with it, and nurture that life.”

The women murmured, and Jessa said, “And you’ve done that, ladies, all of you. You’ve engaged with God’s mission for you. You should feel good about that. Do you feel good?”

The women agreed that they did, and smiled.

“And what did God give you so that you could accomplish this task?” asked Jessa.

The women looked amongst each other, and blushed. They were silent. Then shy Caitlyn said, “A vagina. And breasts, to feed the baby.”

“That’s good, Caitlyn,” said Jessa. “But “vagina”? God didn’t curse you to bleed from it just so that you could give it fancy names. It’s called a cunt, at best. Come on, everyone. Say, ‘I have a cunt.’”

“I have a cunt,” the girls echoed, without enthusiasm. Jessa got them to say it again, louder.

“And no creature that god made has ‘breasts’, ladies. Animals produce milk from their udders. Or teats, if you like, which is where we get ‘tits’ from. Come on. Put your hands under your tits, and say, ‘These are my udders.’”

The women did as they were told, blushing. “These are my udders.” Insecure cow-titted Sarah looked particularly humiliated, which gave Jessa’s cunt a happy wet feeling.

“All right, girls – homework,” she said. “Each morning and night until our next meeting, I want you to look at yourself naked in the mirror, and repeat ten times – ‘These are my udders. This is my cunt. I am a good little breeder.’ Understand?”

“These are my udders. This is my cunt. I am a good little breeder,” the girls chorused.


The next weekend, at the second meeting, Jessa had them repeat the chant. Then she said, “Okay, ladies, let’s see them – your tits and your cunt. There’s no men here. These are part of the miracle of breeding, and I want you to show them off.”

The women blushed. “Should we… really undress?” asked Sarah, unhappily.

Caitlyn came to Jessa’s defence. The pretty little thing was already unbuttoning her shirt. “She’s a *minister*, Sarah. Don’t question the word of God!”

Soon, their pussies and cunts were on display. Caitlyn had undressed completely. Marie had pulled her tits out of her shirt and bra, but removed her skirt and panties. Sarah had pulled her tits out of her shirt as well, and pulled down her panties from under her skirt, and then lifted the hem and spread her legs.

“Hands away, Sarah,” said Jessa, noting that Sarah was covering her boobs. Sarah dropped her hands, guiltily, revealing her large brown areolae. To Jessa’s immense pleasure, a dribble of milk was visible on her left tit – the bitch was still lactating. All three women had erect nipples, and some moisture around their cunts, although it was impossible to tell if they were naturally aroused by this or if it was just the drugged drinks.

Jessa herself was still dressed – she had nothing against being nude, but she liked reinforcing the dynamic of her power and their vulnerability by staying clothed while she made them expose themselves.

“All right,” said Jessa. “Now we’re going to do some bonding and affirmation. I want you to feel *good* about who you are, and your role as God’s breeders. Are you all good little breeders?”

“Yes,” chorused the women awkwardly.

“Good girls!” said Jessa. “Okay, starting with Caitlyn, I want each girl to go to each of her Christian sisters in this room. When you see that beautiful breeder in front of you, you kneel before her, and you look at that beautiful cunt she gave birth with, and you lean and you kiss it.”

“Isn’t that… kind of gay? And sinful?” said Marie.

“There is nothing sinful about expressing your love of what God gave you,” said Jessa. “The sin is in the intent. As long as you’re not doing it for sexual pleasure, it’s not sinful.”

“Okay…” said Marie, doubtfully.

“So you kiss her on her cunt,” said Jessa. “Then you rise, and you suckle at each of her teats, to draw out her life-giving milk and give praise to the Lord for gifting you with these udders. And then finally, you rise and kiss your Christian sister on the lips, in the passionate way you would kiss a lover, because of the passion you have for the miracle of life she has been part of.”

She watched as Caitlyn kissed Marie’s wet pussy. Marie jerked as Caitlyn’s lips touched her clitoris, and then moaned as Caitlyn rose and sucked at each of her tits, and her face went a curiously flushed colour as Caitlyn kissed her on the lips. Then Caitlyn repeated the process with Sarah, who was rigid with humiliation throughout the whole thing. Jessa watched the surprise on Caitlyn’s face as she tasted breast milk as she sucked Sarah’s tits. Finally Jessa adjusted her clothes to allow Caitlyn to kiss her own pussy, tits, and finally mouth. She noted with delight that Caitlyn didn’t merely kiss Jessa’s cunt, but extended her tongue and flicked Jessa’s clitoris with it. Caitlyn was a fast learner, it seemed.

Then Marie repeated the process. She took several tries at kissing Caitlyn’s cunt, not sure if her first two tries were done properly, and finally planting a forceful sloppy wet kiss right on Caitlyn’s fuckhole that left lipstick marks on Caitlyn’s labia. She used this process again on Sarah’s cunt, and Jessa thought she might have added some tongue, because Sarah bucked her hips a little against Marie’s face in an involuntary way. Marie seemed to like the taste of Sarah’s milk, too, as she spent an extra few seconds sucking on each tit. When she was done with Jessa, Jessa bit her lip with delight at the sight of three women’s cunt juices smeared on Marie’s face.

On Sarah’s turn, Sarah knelt before Caitlyn, but seemed reluctant to kiss the girl’s cunt, so Jessa walked up behind Sarah and forced Sarah’s head down. Caitlyn took over immediately, grabbing Sarah’s hair and pushing Sarah’s face against her pussy and bucking her hips, before pulling Sarah up, first to her tits, then to her eager lips. Then Marie used Sarah too, before finally Jessa took a turn, forcefully rubbing her sopping wet pussy all over Sarah’s face, and then tasting her own cunt on Sarah’s lips as she kissed the humiliated single mother.

Lastly, Jessa got to crawl around the room, tasting the cunts and tits of each of her proteges. She made sure to stick her tongue right into their fuckholes, before sucking and licking at their clits, as a role model for them for the future. When she got to Sarah, the big-titted brunette actually orgasmed when Jessa bit her clitoris, and everyone in the room had to pretend it hadn’t just happened.

“Okay girls,” said Jessa once it was all done. “I want you to practice this every week from now on. Meet in pairs, and greet each other just like we’ve done here today. Caitlyn and Marie, you’re on Mondays, Caitlyn and Sarah is Tuesdays, and Sarah and Marie is Fridays. And we’ll do the whole round at the start of next meeting.”


At the third meeting, they repeated the tit-and-cunt kissing – Caitlyn was now unashamedly energetic, actively licking her friends’ pussies; Marie seemed to really enjoy sucking on Sarah’s milk; and Sarah orgasmed twice this time, once from Caitlyn and once from Jessa. Then the girls sat around, flushed and horny, cunt juices shining on their lips, as Jessa unveiled some new equipment she had obtained – a set of industrial-strength milking machines.

“Girls, God gave you the ability to produce milk so you would be fertile and useful. Sarah here has been very good, and kept her milk flow, but Marie and Caitlyn can do better. From now on, we’re going to put these on all your tits after greetings each week, and let it do its work as we talk.”

She’d bought these particular machines to be particularly painful, and she was rewarded by gasps and moans as she attached the suction cups to each woman’s nipples, and watched their titflesh be sucked and distended into the milking cones. White milk began flowing immediately from Sarah. The other women were dry, but she assured them that a regular program of suction would start their bodies lactating again.

(Besides, she had started adding some fertility drugs intended for cows to their drinks. They would find that their tits would indeed produce milk very soon – and grow noticeably, as well – while their cunts would stay wet enough to soak through their panties for days after leaving her house.)

“Let’s talking about meeting men, and about chastity,” said Jessa. “Obviously you’ve done poorly at it in the past – no chastity, no men. How does God want a man and a woman to come together?”

“You meet a nice man,” said Sarah, “and then… ask him out? Or he asks you out?”

“No!” said Jessa. “That’s wanton, Sarah. Don’t be a jezebel. If you’re asking a man out, you’re being forward and whorish. If he asks you out, you either say yes, and you’re being a whore, or you say no, and that doesn’t get you anywhere.”

“Then… how?” asked Marie.

“Well, let me tell you something,” said Jessa. “A lot of people think that the Bible asks you to save your virginity for your husband, and only fuck him once you’re married. Obviously none of you were very good at that.”

The girls blushed.

“But what it actually requires is that it is your husband who takes your virginity. It’s not supposed to wait for a marriage. In Biblical times, if men wanted a woman, they would rape her. She had no say in it. And once they spilled their seed in her, if she had been pleasing they would marry her.”

She looked around at the women. “See? There’s no opportunity to be wanton, because your opinion is irrelevant. It’s God’s way.”

“What if the man is married?” said Sarah.

“God allows a man to have multiple wives, even if the law doesn’t,” said Jessa.

“But… what if the man doesn’t want to marry her?” asked Marie.

“Well, a woman being raped should try to please her rapist, so he will marry her,” said Jessa. “But if she does not have enough womanly virtues, then she must scourge herself before God, until she is purified and may be taken again.”

“Scourge?” asked Sarah, uncertainly. Big words were hard for a high-school drop-out.

Jessa took a leather belt off a side table. “Pain,” she said. “It’s the same principle as the flagellants. You receive pain in your womanly attributes until you are pure again. And today, ladies, we’re going to make you suitable to be married again.” She raised the belt.

Marie didn’t want her tits whipped, but devout Caitlyn helped hold the redhead down. Jessa didn’t bother to take the milking equipment off, just delivered fifty blows to the upper slopes of Marie’s fuckbags. Then they pushed her down on the couch, spread her legs, and did the same to her pussy.

Caitlyn took hers without restraint, even if she was crying by the end. Sarah tried to cover her tits, but once they pulled her arms away and started whipping her, she was moaning with each hit, as if she were finally getting something she had known she deserved for a long time. When Jessa progressed to whipping her cunt, Sarah orgasmed no less than three times.

At the end they were all crying, but it was good, too – the pain had elevated them to another place, and Jessa’s pronouncement that they had been purified felt *right*. She let them each kiss her pussy to thank her.

“Now, the task is to actually get raped, girls,” she said. “It’s the only way to find your Mr Right. I want you wearing your sexiest clothes, flirting with any man you see, and putting yourself in vulnerable positions, understand?”

They told her they did.


Over the next week she scheduled milking sessions with each girl twice a week, and encouraged them to hand-milk their own udders hourly in the meantime. The girls would come to her house, and she’d strip them naked and put them on a milking frame, which required them to be on all fours, like a cow, restrained and unable to move. She’d put a ring gag in their mouth, so they’d be unable to bother her with their chatter, and then she’d lie between their legs and lick their pussies as they were milked, usually making each of them cum two or three times.


For the fourth week, she had the women bring their daughters, all of whom were of legal age. To her delight, the daughters were just as pretty and stupid as the mothers. Under the pressure of their mothers, each of the daughters bared their cunts and tits to the circle, and then the mothers taught the daughters how to the do the “greeting”.

Caitlyn’s daughters – blonde twins called Ella and Kelly – went bright red as their mother licked each of their pussies, but by the time they were licking each other they were moaning sluttily.

Marie’s daughter, a raven-haired bitch called Sierra, took great delight in forcing her peers’ faces against her cunt and tits. She was naturally dominant, and clearly loved forcing other women to please her.

And Sarah turned out to have a blonde daughter called Kai, who was already well down the path to being a bimbo cocktease, dressed in a short babydoll and with her hair in pigtails. Her eyes lit up when she heard her mother would kiss her cunt, and she made a show of forcing Sarah to do it several times. “NO, mother,” she would insist. “That’s my labia. You’re supposed to kiss my cunt. No, that’s my clitoris. Kisses use *tongue* mother. You’re embarrassing me in front of the minister. Keep trying.” In the end Jessa suggested Sarah might benefit from practicing throughout the entire meeting, and Kai happily took a seat with her legs spread and guided Sarah’s face to her pussy, where Sarah stayed, obediently licking for the duration, not even stopping when Jessa attached the milk pumps to her tits.

During the session, they talked about “daily life”. Each woman outlined her daily routine in detail, and talked about ways she had tried to be a “good little breeder”. Caitlyn said she had been studying porn, to find out what a rapist might want – it was disgusting, but she wanted to do well when raped. Marie said she had been rubbing her pussy a lot, so she would be wet when someone wanted to use her.

This was fun, but the real purpose was so Jessa could take notes. She had taken pictures of the women with their tits and cunts out last meeting, and taken them to a certain darkweb platform, where she had posted them as “potential wives for sale”. Once a buyer paid her money, she’d give the buyer the girl’s routine. All they had to do was rape her, and Jessa would make certain the girl followed through with a marriage.

After the meeting, Jessa led the group in a round of baking. All the mothers were lactating now, and Jessa had collected a couple of bottles of milk. Together, they used the milk to make cakes to sell at the church’s bake sale next week. They wouldn’t tell the buyers where the milk had come from, of course. (Unbeknownst to the other women, Jessa also stirred in some of her drugs, plus a few condoms full of sperm she’d collected from anonymous lovers during the week. She liked the thought of all the women in the congregation going home from that sale wet-cunted with sperm in their bellies.)


By the fifth week, the girls were reporting their upcoming marriages. Caitlyn had been raped by a male friend during the week when she invited him over for dinner and answered the door in bra and panties. She was practically glowing with excitement, and gushed when she said how he’d slapped and choked her as he fucked her. “I had no choice at all!” she said. “It was so pure!”

Marie had been raped by her daughter Sierra’s boyfriend, Luke. Sierra had told the boyfriend about “how marriage should be”, and Luke had immediately suggested raping Sierra’s mother. Sierra had helped hold Marie down as Luke fucked her, but then, to her alarm, Luke had then turned and raped Sierra as well. They had decided the legal marriage would be between Luke and Marie, as he had fucked her first, and Sierra would have a secret wedding to become her mother’s sister-wife. This irritated Jessa, as Luke had not been one of her customers, and had not paid for the privilege, but she supposed it was still a good outcome, especially as pregnancy tests revealed both women were already pregnant with Luke’s babies.

Caitlyn’s twins had been raped by their uncle, Caitlyn’s brother, who *had* paid, after finding his pretty nieces online. He had initially been upset that his sister had already been sold and he wouldn’t be able to “complete the set”, but after learning that his sister wouldn’t get in the way, he was satisfied that the pretty twins were enough. He intended to solve the “two wives” problem by saying that Kelly had moved to New York – then both girls would pretend to be Ella, and only one would ever leave the house at a time, the other being kept in a cage in his bedroom. He acknowledged that he would have to impregnate them both within a short time of each other to maintain the illusion, though.

Sarah’s daughter Kai had been raped by Sarah’s boss at work – another customer. Kai was in a state of shock – not really a surprise, as Jessa suspected the girl was a lesbian, but of course she would need to get used to cock now. It wasn’t all she would have to get used to – Kai had fallen pregnant from her first raping as well.

The boss had actually bought both mother and daughter, but before he could rape Sarah, Jessa had suggested something special – something dark and twisted – and the boss had loved it.

“And who raped you, Sarah?” Jessa was asking her now.

Sarah was bright red with shame. “No one. Or, not really. My boss called me into his office, and he made me strip, and I thought he was going to be my new husband… but then he called me a cow, and said I wasn’t a human and I couldn’t be his wife, and anyway he was going to marry Kai.”

She started to sob. “And then he… he took out a big syringe – not like a needle, but like for cake icing – and he put it in my pussy, and squirted something into me. And he said it was cum… not human cum, but from the bull he has on his farm, Taurus. It was cow cum, and it was in my pussy. And he said that *Taurus* had raped me, and I’d have to marry him! And then he made me masturbate it into me so I’d get pregnant with cow babies.”

“Well, you can’t have cow babies, Sarah, that’s just not physically possible, no matter how much of a human cow you are,” said Jessa. “But he’s right, you have to marry Taurus now. I’ve talked to your boss about it, and he says he has a very nice place for you in the barn where you can be milked 24/7, and he’ll buy you a collar with a cowbell, and it will be your job to make Taurus very happy.”

“Don’t worry, mother,” said Kai. “Your boss – my fiancée – says I can come out and get you to kiss my pussy whenever I like, so you don’t feel lonely, and I’m allowed to hit your tits and pussy with a belt, too, to keep you pure, and when he cums in my pussy you can lick it clean for me.”

Jessa noticed that Caitlyn’s eyes had glazed over at these revelations, and she was actively masturbating. Sierra, meanwhile, had pulled Caitlyn’s twins down to their knees, and one was licking Sierra’s pussy while the other was tonguing her anus, while the milking machines sucked milk from the udders of all three. Marie was fingerfucking herself, muttering, “This is my cunt. I’m a good little breeder…”

Jessa figured her work here was done. Another group of good Christian women had found their proper place, and as their bellies began to bulge with new life, and their tits grew swollen with milk, she knew that their new husbands would now take over the role of teaching them to be the obedient fucktoys they deserved to be.


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