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Jessa knew there was nothing more satisfying than pursuing one’s dreams – and Jessa’s dreams were of abusing and humiliating naïve Christian women. She travelled the small towns of the Bible Belt, posing as a devout Christian, and leading the local women into sin and degradation.  

Through seduction and blackmail she had built up an impressive list of references. Preachers and town leaders throughout the country were willing to attest that she was an angel sent from God whose Christian wisdom was a gift – despite the fact that all she had done was turn their wives and daughters into submissive fucktoys – and these references inevitably earned her a position of respect and authority in each new town she visited. 

When she came to the sleepy crossroads town of Benevolence, she could see immediately that it was in trouble. The new state highway bypassed the town, and over the last few years the reliable supply of travellers and tourists had dried up, leaving the town on the edge of ruin. The tall whitewashed church in the town centre seemed like the last upraised hand of a swimmer about to go beneath the waves for the last time. 

It didn’t take long for Jessa to establish herself in town. The local preacher – a bearded middle-aged man named Pastor Vikas – was impressed by her references, and even more impressed when Jessa knelt before him and gave him a slow, satisfying blowjob, implying that there would be more to come in the future. 

The town mayor, Robert Clay, was impressed too. Jessa’s references got her an invitation to stay in the mayor’s spare room. She enjoyed a dinner that night with the mayor and his wife Samantha in their elegant dining room. Jessa flirted with the mayor outrageously all evening, placing her foot in his lap to rub against his rock hard cock, and eating her food with a sensuous decadence that suggested what else she might put in her mouth. 

When Samantha, her face slowly reddening with jealously as the night went on, finally stood up and accused Jessa of being a “disgusting harlot”, Jessa also stood. In a matter of fact way, she slapped Samantha across the face, then slapped her again, then ripped off her clothes, pushed her to the ground and straddled her face, pinching the woman’s tits to encourage her to start licking Jessa’s cunt. 

She explained to Mayor Clay that she wouldn’t be sleeping in the guest bedroom, but rather in the master bedroom with him, and that he would get to fuck her whenever he wanted. She asked if the mayor had any large dog cages, and it turned out he did – the legacy of an elderly German Shepherd that had passed away a year ago. She had him move it to the bedroom while she finished raping his wife, and when Samantha had (eventually) brought Jessa to a satisfying orgasm, she stood, gagged Samantha with her own panties, and then led the woman to the bedroom and pushed her into the dog-cage, locking her inside. 

Then Jessa fucked the mayor on his bed, while his wife watched from the cage. Afterwards, the mayor agreed that this was a very satisfactory arrangement, and that he was looking forward to it continuing. 


 Jessa convened a meeting of the town women that Friday night in a room at the town hall. She was dressed in her favourite dress – a white one-piece that simultaneously suggested Christian chastity and sinful lust.  

Samantha Clay sat beside her submissively. Jessa had spent considerable time with the woman over the last couple of days, impressing on her that she would accept her new role, or face consequences. Last night she had pierced the woman’s clitoris, as Samantha wailed and writhed, and now, as they sat at the meeting, only Samantha and Jessa knew that Samantha wasn’t wearing any panties – or that a fine steel leash ran from Samantha’s clit ring, under her skirt, and into Jessa’s hand, where Jessa could tug on it sharply if discipline was required. 

This morning, for the first time, she had had Samantha call her “Mistress”, and it had been delicious. 

Jessa was pleased to discover that the women of the Benevolence Church were generally quite pretty. Those active and passionate enough to attend the meeting ranged from 18 to 41 in age, and clearly already believed that looking attractive for their menfolk was a woman’s Christian duty. 

Jessa could hardly wait to teach them what other duties they should have. 

“Now, ladies,” she said, in the sharp, authoritative voice she used to get attention. “We’re here to discuss the distressing economic position of Benevolence. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that you’re on the verge of ruin here. So tell me – as good Christian women, what have you been doing to address this?” 

“Well…” began one woman – a dark-haired mother of two whose tight stomach showed her propensity for exercise but whose large breasts showed a history of breastfeeding infants. 

“What’s your name, honey?” asked Jessa. 

“Marlene,” said the woman. 

“Thank you, Marlene,” said Jessa, mentally filing the woman as “Marlene the MILF”. “Tell me, what have you been doing as a Christian?” 

“Well, we pray for the town every day at church,” said Marlene. 

Jessa affected a look of complete horror. “At *church*?” she wailed. “Why on Earth would you do something so blasphemous?” 

Marlene looked confused. “What do you mean?”

 “The Book of Corinthians, honey,” explained Jessa. “The women should keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission. It’s right there in the Bible, in black and white.” She paused. “You *have* read the Bible, haven’t you?” 

“Of course!” protested Marlene.  

“If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home,” continued Jessa. “For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church.” She bit her lip in mock concern. “The Bible is *very* explicit about it, Marlene.” 

“But…” said Marlene. “I mean… “ 

“I think I can see now why Benevolence is doing so poorly,” said Jessa. “You’ve all been defying God’s commandment not to speak in church, haven’t you?” 

The assembled women nodded, embarrassed, ashamed. 

“And what have you been *wearing* to church?” asked Jessa. 

The women looked around. A thin, long-haired redhead in her twenties answered. “Respectable clothes,” she said. “Nice ones.” 

“What’s your name?” asked Jessa. 

“Corrinne,” said the woman. 

Corrinne the Cunt, thought Jessa. Aloud, she said, “No, no, no. I don’t know where you got these ideas. The Bible is very clear. The Book of Timothy. Women should adorn themselves with modesty and self-control; not with gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women – good works.” 

A shy blonde schoolgirl put up her hand. “Excuse me, Ms Jessa,” she said. “I’m Tandy.” 

Tandy the Tart, thought Jessa. “What’s your question, Tandy?” 

“Do you mean we’re supposed to go to church… naked?” she asked. 

“Absolutely,” said Jessa. “As in the Book of Proverbs. ‘Strength and dignity are her clothing.’ Actually, you should go naked all the time, but unfortunately we have these public indecency laws – yet another way the godless act to oppress true Christians.” 

“We’re… sinning by wearing clothes?” asked Tandy, alarmed. 

“Every moment a woman wears clothes brings her closer to hell,” said Jessa. “When circumstances require us to be dressed, we had best offset that by begging god and our menfolk for their forgiveness.” 

Tandy looked genuinely scared by this – and before anyone could say anything, she began pulling off her clothes. Soon the girl was naked – blushing, but defiant. She had exceptionally nice tits, Jessa thought, although her cunt needed shaving.  

A moment later, Marlene followed her, pulling off her top to expose her huge milky udders. Then Corinne the Cunt was doing the same, and before Jessa knew it, the whole room were undressing. 

This had gone better than she expected. She discreetly reached under Samantha’s skirt and unclipped her clit leash, and then indicated the woman should follow suit. As Samantha blushingly undressed, Jessa did the same – except that she left her panties and bra on, because it never hurt to retain a little authority. 

A woman with a cute brown ponytail and perky tits spoke up once they were all naked. Jessa noticed this girl was looking around the room with interest, and that her nipples were erect and her face flushed. This was a girl who enjoyed the taste of other girls – surely a sinful secret in a town like Benevolence. 

“Miss Jessa,” she said. 

“Mistress Jessa,” Jessa corrected. “And your name, pet?” 

“Sorry, Mistress Jessa,” said the girl, blushing. “I’m Donna. How are we to apologise to God for our sin if we can’t pray in church?” 

Donna the Dyke, thought Jessa, and said, “Well, one part is atonement, and I’ll come to that. And another part is the miracle of transubstantiated prayer, and I’ll come to that as well.” She smiled. “But the third part is to let your mind go blank so that the spirit of God can enter you.” 

Marlene spoke up. “How do we do that?” she asked. “I don’t want to go to hell. I’m worried that by praying in church I’ve ruined our town!” 

“Well,” said Jessa. “Let me ask you this – why did God give women a clitoris?” 

The blonde girl, Tandy the Tart, blushed, and said, “It’s sinful.” 

“That sounds like you’re saying your clitoris is a mistake, Tandy,” said Jessa sternly. “Do you think God makes mistakes?” 

Tandy blushed deeper. “No, Mistress Jessa.” 

“I’ll tell you what’s sinful,” said Jessa. “It’s sinful when a woman orgasms. That requires punishment. You should avoid that at all costs. It’s shameful and gross. But your clitoris actually has two very important functions.” She looked around the room. “Corinne, would you come over here so I can demonstrate?” 

Corinne looked alarmed – but stood and walked over to Jessa. 

Jessa turned her around to face the room, then forcefully pushed her legs apart, then used her fingers to spread Corinne’s pussy lips for everyone to see. This girl, at least, knew how to shave. Corinne went bright red to be put on display, and immediately tried to close her legs. 

Which was perfect for Jessa’s purposes. She reached in and pinched Corinne’s clitoris sharply. 

Corinne squealed. 

“Keep your legs open, you disobedient girl,” snapped Jessa. 

Corinne obeyed, and instinctively said, “Sorry, Mistress Jessa.” 

“So you see the first purpose of the clit – pain. It’s sensitive so that we can be punished and disciplined.” She looked meaningfully at Samantha, whose legs – already tightly together, to hide her new clit ring, squeezed even tighter together in shame.

 Then Jessa began to stroke Corinne’s pussy. 

“But the second purpose of the clitoris,” said Jessa, “is it turns off our brains. It makes us just stop thinking, so that the voice of God can come to us.” 

Corinne moaned as Jessa’s finger glided across her clitoris. Her pussy was wettening nicely. 

“A good woman doesn’t think,” said Jessa. “She lets God think for her – and when God is busy, she relies on her men. Girls, I want you all to reach between your legs and turn off your brains, and let God in.” 

Hesitantly, reluctantly, the women spread their legs, and slipped their fingers between their cunt lips. Soon, their faces were flushing and their breathing started to come faster. 

Samantha was finding it a little harder. Her clitoris was still very sensitive from the piercing, and touching it was agonising. 

Jessa leaned across to her and whispered, “You’d better be wet by the time we’re done here, or I’ll drag you across the floor by your leash when we get home.” 

Samantha’s eyes widened, and she started doing her best to think thoughts slutty enough to get aroused despite the pain. 

“That’s it, girls,” said Jessa, as the women masturbated in front of her. “Get used to doing this. You should be doing this any time you don’t have a pressing need for your brain. If you’ve got nothing else to do, put your finger between your legs and invite God into you. But don’t cum, whatever you do. Orgasms are the gifts of Satan. If you orgasm, you WILL need to be punished…” 

She let them masturbate until they were so horny they couldn’t think at all, and certainly couldn’t argue with her, and then she explained to them what would happen at church on Sunday. 

They masturbated for nearly an hour. Two of the women orgasmed – Marlene the MILF, and a big-titted blonde housewife that Jessa tagged as Betty the Bimbo. They were both deathly ashamed of their slutty behaviour, and Jessa led the room in a round of mocking and berating them, before having each of them lie on their back with their legs spread so that their misbehaving pussy could be whipped. Jessa attended to Betty the Bimbo herself, using a leather belt to deliver 10 agonising blows to the woman’s cunt. For Marlene, she gave the belt to Donna the Dyke to use, and she noted with approval that Donna kept masturbating as she flogged the wailing woman’s fuckhole. She suspected Donna might have orgasmed on the last blow, but decided to show mercy, and didn’t mention it. 

After she had sent the masturbating women home, each promising to go nude in their own house from now on, she kept Donna back. A passionate kiss on Donna’s lips confirmed that Donna was very into women and very aroused. A bit more experimentation showed that Donna was very eager to lick “Mistress Jessa’s” cunt – and very good at it – and even more eager to rape Samantha Clay, once she was given permission to do so. It seemed the mayor’s wife had been a bitch to Donna in the past, making snide remarks implying (correctly, as it turned out) that Donna was a lesbian, and Donna was delighted to have the chance to force Samantha to eat her pussy while slapping painfully at the woman’s tits and cunt. 

Afterwards, Donna was quite distressed to discover that Jessa had filmed the whole thing, and that the price of Jessa’s silence was to return to the mayor’s house with Jessa and Samantha, and offer her sexual submission to Mayor Clay. 

The resulting spectacle was a joy to watch, but Jessa was a little frustrated, as she had made a bet with herself over whether the girl was an actual lesbian or just bisexual, and she didn’t know whether she had won or not, because the girl *did* cry when Mayor Clay raped her, but on the other hand she orgasmed at exactly the same time the Mayor ejaculated into her pussy. She made eye contact with Samantha (back in her cage) as she did so, and there was a wonderful little cruel smile on her face when she came… 


There was some commotion on Sunday as Jessa’s women filed into church completely nude. Their husbands, fathers and sons had had time to adjust to the women’s new no-clothes policy, but many other men of the town were surprised by it. Conspicuous erections were everywhere. The mortified blushes of the women were a delight to see. Even those who had started getting used to being naked at home found the experience of being nude in the holy space of the church to be deeply embarrassing and humiliating, and the lustful stares of the other churchgoers were degrading and uncomfortable.  

They spoke no words, of course. Women were to be silent in church. They simply sat, spread their legs, and masturbated. 

“There will be some changes to today’s program,” announced Pastor Vikas, once the congregation were seated. “As you can see, many of our women have come to the holy revelation that God did not intend them to wear clothes, and that the sin of covering their bodies has brought shame upon this town. I would invite our other women present to follow suit.” 

Those church women who had not attended Jessa’s meeting blushed. Some began to undress. Others stayed dressed – but as the church program went on, they began to feel just as embarrassed by staying dressed when others were not as they might have been from undressing – and by next Sunday, each ended up making the choice to come to the next sermon nude. 

“We can thank our visiting preacher, Mistress Jessa, for these revelations,” said Pastor Vikas, and motioned to Jessa. Jessa was kneeling nude to one side of the Pastor, facing the audience, her legs spread and her right hand masturbating her pussy. Her left hand held the clit leash of Samantha Clay, who also knelt by Jessa’s side and masturbated. Jessa had found a cute pet collar, kitten ears, and kitten tail butt-plug for the mayor’s wife, which helped clarify her transition from “town leader” to “human sex-toy”. She had watched her husband fuck seven different women over the last week – some willingly, some not – and had sat in shame as Jessa had encouraged Mayor Clay to explain how each girl was more sexually satisfying than his wife. Jessa videotaped these sex sessions, along with the degrading debriefs that followed them, and had set them up to play on a loop in front of Samantha’s cage during the day, to give her something to watch while she masturbated. 

“As you may have heard,” said Pastor Vikas, “it has come to our attention that it is a sin for women to speak in church, and there will be consequences henceforth for any woman that does so. Instead of praying, I ask women to engage in the miracle of prayer substantiation. Find a man, kneel before him, and take his cock into your mouth as he prays. The divine love of God will make his semen be as the light of heaven. Man is made in God’s image, and in worshipping man, you also worship God.” 

The women slowly moved to find a man to suck on. There were less men than women, so there were some squabbles. One of Marlene the MILF’s teenaged daughters had a brief catfight with her mother over the right to suck her father’s cock. Corinne the Cunt had a dispute with her similarly red-haired sister Tara over who would get to suck off her sister’s boyfriend – Corinne seemed to win it, by slapping her sister across the face, and Tara had to watch as Corinne fellated Tara’s boyfriend. 

In the end Pastor Vikas had to explain that the women who didn’t have a cock to suck should ask another woman to pass them a mouthful of sperm once their man had been satisfied. Up the front of the church, Jessa demonstrated, by miming dribbling a mouthful of sperm into Samantha’s open mouth, like a bird feeding its young.

The pastor led the congregation in a meditation on the sinfulness of women, and in a series of prayers beseeching God to chastise the town’s womenfolk and visit upon them such rape and humiliation as they deserved. In due course, each of the men ejaculated into the mouth of the woman sucking his cock, and then some of these passed the sperm on to their daughter, sister or friend in a slutty kiss.

Next, the women of Benevolence filed up to the altar. One at a time, each woman stood naked before the pastor, with her breasts cupped in her hands, offered up for his judgement. The next woman in line would kneel between her legs and lick her pussy, to keep her brain disengaged so that God could guide her.  

The pastor took his leather belt, and gave each woman five solid whippings across her tits. Most women squealed or screamed. Some orgasmed, and received another five for the sin of their orgasm. Then each woman would leave, the girl licking her pussy would stand to receive her punishment, and the next woman in line would become the cunt-licker. 

Finally, there was something of a reorganisation of men and women within the congregation. The pastor explained that men may naturally find it difficult to properly chastise and punish women they were close to, and so each woman would be sent home with an unrelated man, that they would spend the Sunday night with. Girls were paired up with interested men, with first preference given to the men who had made the biggest donations to the church that day, and, with the sermon over, they bid farewell to their nervous-looking wives and daughters, and headed home with a new naked plaything to abuse. 

Jessa had arranged for Samantha to be exempt from the swap – she was still enjoying playing with her new pet – but Mayor Clay managed to bring home both Corinne and her sister Tara. He had enjoyed seeing them fight over Tara’s boyfriend, and intended to make them repeat the performance for the right to be fucked by him, while his wife watched from her cage. Only instead of having them slap each other – although there would be a place for that – he wanted to see which of them could force her sister to orgasm first. (Jessa would discipline the loser for her sinful orgasm.) 


Later that night, Mayor Clay expressed his confusion. Jessa was naked on all fours on the mayor’s bed, and the mayor was kneeling behind her, slowly fucking her anus as her tits swung back and forth beneath her on each thrust. In front of them, Tara was busy licking the mayor’s last load of cum out of her sister’s pussy while Corinne nibbled on Tara’s clitoris, and Samantha was watching from her cage, rhythmically and painfully pinching her clitoris as she had been told to do to punish herself for being such a disappointing fucktoy. 

“I don’t understand how all of this is saving the city,” he said to Jessa. “Sure, our quality of life is much better – but none of it fixes the financial problem.” 

“Just wait until next Sunday,” said Jessa. “I filmed the whole church service and put it online. Next Sunday, the Pastor will start charging admission to the church service. People are going to come from out of town to see it. They’ll pay to visit the church, they’ll pay for accommodation overnight, they’ll buy food in the diner, they’ll buy souvenirs in the shops – and we’ll have some nice nude postcards of the women of Benevolence available by then – and they’ll tell their friends.” 

“Oh, that’s fantastic!” exclaimed the mayor. 

“And,” said Jessa, “because first preference in chastising the womenfolk is given to the highest donations in the church, you can expect those donations to go through the roof. All Benevolence needs is a couple of rich tourists who are willing to pay whatever it takes to rape whichever girl takes their fancy. Your women are going to end up as some of the nation’s highest-earning whores – not that they’ll actually see any of the money.” 

“Jessa, you truly were sent by God,” sighed the mayor happily, ejaculating into Jessa’s cunt. 

Jessa smiled. She leaned forward across the bed to unlock Samantha’s cage, so Samantha could come and clean off her husband’s cock and his mistress’ pussy with her tongue. Samantha obediently crawled up onto the bed. Jessa suspected that Samantha was actually happier like this, now that she’d adjusted, than she ever had been as a “free woman”. 

“Please don’t praise me too much on such a minor thing,” said Jessa. “I won’t rest until the entire world knows God’s plan for women.” She sighed happily as she felt Samantha’s tongue begin to lick her husband’s sperm out of Jessa’s pussy. “And speaking of which, do you think you could write me a reference? There’s a little town I’ve heard of that’s starting up a chastity club for its schoolgirls, and I can’t wait to encourage them in their plan to stop consenting to sex…”


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