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Bella stayed home from work for three days after her tattoo and clit piercing.

Charles took her back to her apartment immediately after the appointment at the tattoo parlour. Bella was still distraught about the pain in her pussy, the demeaning permanent tattoo above her groin, and the metal ring through her clitoris. She was so distracted by the implications of the permanent changes to her body that she didn’t even comment on how Charles had lied to her about exactly what would happen at the parlour, or how he had gagged her with his own cock during the procedure and ejaculated down her throat in front of the tattoo artist.

“Say thank you, Bella,” he reminded her as he drove her home.

“But this wasn’t what I wanted!” she wailed. “It’s gross!”

“After the way you keep cheating on me again and again with your boss, you’re very lucky I’m still with you,” said Charles. “You’re lucky you’re not alone, and single, with all your friends knowing what a cheating whore you are. I’ve been very kind to you, Bella. The least you can do is say thank you. Unless you want to break up with me, right here.”

They were on a long stretch of highway, miles from Bella’s apartment.

“No,” said Bella immediately, confused and unhappy. “I’m sorry… thank you.”

“Thank you for what?” prompted Charles.

“For staying with me,” said Bella. “And giving me another chance.”

“What about the tattoo and the piercing, Bella?” asked Charles, in a flat voice.

Bella was silent for a bit. Then, reluctantly, she said, “Thank you for tattooing me and piercing my clitoris.”

“You’re welcome,” said Charles, in a much more friendly tone. “But if you’re serious, I think you should also thank me more directly with your mouth as soon as we get to your house, if you know what I mean,” said Charles. “Do you want to thank me that way too?”

She blushed. She didn’t want to do anything except hide her shame in her bedroom and weep, but she was in no state to argue with her boyfriend. “Yes, Charles,” she said.

When they reached her apartment, Charles stopped the car outside, took a black leather bag out of the boot, let Bella out of the car, and then said, “Kneel.”

Bella was confused. “Why?”

“Because you’re going to thank me,” said Charles. “You said you would as soon as we arrived at your home.”

“But we’re outside!” protested Bella. “People will see.”

Charles sighed – and reached out and ripped off her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties – Charles had convinced her they would be too uncomfortable against her new piercing – so now she was nude from the waist down.

“You can have it back when you’re done thanking me,” he said. “If you don’t want people to see, you’d best be quick. Kneel, then say the words, then use your mouth.”

She looked like she might cry. She dropped to her knees – which at least made her naked ass and pussy less visible – and said, “Thank you for tattooing me and piercing me.”

Charles unzipped his pants and took out his cock, and Bella jumped on it with a desperate eagerness that immediately made Charles rock hard. He had never seen her so eager to make him cum quickly, and once she had his cock in the warm softness of her mouth, she began to bounce her head on it frantically. Her eyes darted to the sides, terrified that someone would see her.

The blowjob was too vigorous to be particularly excellent, but the clear sense of fear and desperation radiating from Bella made up for the lack of talent, and Charles allowed himself to be brought to orgasm quickly. As he felt his climax approaching, he pushed Bella off his cock with one hand, and used the other to bring himself to ejaculation, aiming his cock at Bella’s face and tits and squirting his cum all over her.

Then he grabbed her hair and used it to pull her to her feet, before leading her into her building, carrying his black leather belt in a spare hand.

He made no effort to give her her skirt back.

Once inside, he closed the door, and began to take off her remaining clothes. “Let’s get you changed,” he told her, and she allowed him to remove her shirt and bra.

He found a tight white shirt for her, and started to raise her arms to pull it on over her head and arms.

She resisted. “I need a bra with that one,” she said. “It’s a little see-through.”

“That’s okay, baby,” he told her, and pulled it on her anyway. Just as she had said, it stretched lewdly over her large breasts, and her nipples and areolae were clearly visible through the fabric.

Then he wrapped a tight leather belt around her waist. It wasn’t one of hers – it came from the black leather bag he had brought with him. It had metal loops spaced around the circumference of the belt. 

Next came a leather bracelet for each wrist. They were lined with fur inside, but quite tight.

“What are you doing?” she asked, as she buckled the bracelets in place.

“That clitoris piercing is going to hurt and itch for a while,” he told her. “It’s important you don’t play with your pussy until it’s healed. This will stop you.”

Then he clipped the wrist bracelets to either side of the belt, so Bella’s hands were trapped against her hips.

“And this will stop you trying to slide the belt up or down your body,” he added – and he used a metal clip and length of chain to connect the front of the belt with Bella’s new clitoris ring. If she pulled on the belt at all, she would experience agony in her pussy.

“Charles, no!” Bella protested.

“Sssh,” said Charles, stroking her hair.

Next he spread Bella’s legs, and then used a special medical tape to tape her pussy lips against her inner thighs, so that her cunt would be permanently spread lewdly open. And finally he connected a small – but surprisingly loud – bell to her clitoris ring.

“It’s important to keep your pussy aerated until it heals,” he told her. “This will just make sure it gets all the air and sunlight it needs while you heal.”

“Please, no,” sobbed Bella. “Charles, let me go.”

“Say thank you,” said Charles. “And be specific about what you’re thanking me for.”

She wept for a few more moments, before finally saying, “Thank you for restraining me and spreading my pussy.”

“And thank me with your mouth,” he told her.

She fell to her knees, and began to slobber at his cock when he took it out of his pants again. He wasn’t ready to cum again, so he simply let her worship his dick for a few moments, before pushing her away and adding her final accessory – a ring gag, attached to a strap that ran behind her head, keeping her mouth wide open.

“Ooogg aag!” she said, trying to protest her new gag. 

He just stroked her hair again as if she were a pet. “You look pretty like that,” was all he said by way of explanation.

He then left her there in her lounge, and walked around the other rooms of her apartment. He had some changes to make.

First, he installed additional mirrors in many rooms. He wanted Bella to see herself. He wanted her to associate the way she looked right now with her identity. He wanted her to accept that her tattoo and clit piercing were real, and permanent.

Next, he took her credit card from her purse, and went to her computer. He used her card to order a large collection of sex toys, slutty outfits, and hardcore pornography. Wherever possible he asked for it to be obvious on the outside of the package what was contained within. The parcels would all arrive within the next few days, in as many separate deliveries as possible.

Third, he collected up all her clothes and placed them in her wardrobe, along with all her bedsheets and towels. Then he put an electronic padlock on the wardrobe door – one that could only be opened by a signal from his phone.

Finally, he added a camera to each room of her house, which would broadcast remotely to his own phone and computer.

“Okay, honey, I’m going to leave you here to rest,” he told Bella as he came back to the lounge. “I’m going to come by each morning and make sure you have food. And I’ll call your boss, okay – the one you cheat on me with – and let him know you’ll be off sick for three days, so you don’t get fired. You be a good girl, and let your pussy heal, okay?”

“Gaaag aagh!” moaned Bella, clearly unhappy with her situation.

“Do you think you can go three days without cheating on me again?” he asked. “I hope so. Now, I’m going to leave your front door unlocked, all right? So I can get in and check on you. But I’ve put up security cameras, so if anything bad happens, I’ll be able to see. You’ll be perfectly safe.”

He stroked her hair again. “Say thank you,” he reminded her.

“Aaank ooo,” said Bella, sullenly. She would have pouted, if she’d been able to close her mouth. But when he took out his cock, she licked it with her tongue without further prompting.

He smiled, and left.

And as he was leaving, he put a sign on the front of her door. It read, “I’m home – please come in. Packages can be left inside.”


Bella was raped seven times in three days, and Charles watched them all through the security cameras.

She spent the night after Charles left in tears, looking at her new tattoo and clit piercing in the mirrors Charles had scattered around the house, and sobbing. She didn’t fall asleep until well after midnight.

During this time, Charles called Bella’s boss and explained her predicament. Bella’s boss was delighted to hear about it, and eager to be a part of Charles’ cruel schemes. He offered to take over Charles’ role of feeding Bella in the mornings, and Charles immediately agreed.

“Sorry babe,” he texted Bella. “Busy with work – but ur boss will come by and feed u.”

Bella didn’t see his message – she was fast asleep. (And in her bound condition, she would never have been able to operate her phone anyway.)

She woke the next morning to the feeling of being raped. She was still trapped in bondage, lying on her couch, with her groin aligned with the couch edge, and her legs hanging over the edge. Her boss was standing between her legs, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. On each thrust, the bell attached to her clit ring jingled.

“Ooo!” she said, through her ring gag. “Aaag ooo oop!”

He ignored her. “Good morning, Bella,” he told her. “I’m giving you sick leave for these three days, but you’ll make up for it with your pussy. Now, I want you to try and cum before I do. If you can’t cum before me, then I won’t give you any real food today.”

Her eyes widened, and she began making more incoherent sounds through her gag. But she didn’t manage to cum. So her boss ejaculated into her pussy, pulled out, and then used his hand to transfer a sloppy mixture of his sperm and Bella’s cunt juices from her pussy into her mouth. Gagged as she was, she couldn’t prevent him from pushing the sticky mixture into her mouth, and she had no choice but to swallow.

“Cum faster tomorrow,” he told her, “or you’ll go hungry again.” And he left, smiling.

Three packages came for Bella that day. The first courier left his package on her doorstep, despite the note on the door. It was a box that said “EXTRA LARGE DOG COCK DILDO” on its side, and Bella’s neighbours stared at it curiously as it sat exposed to public view.

The second courier brought his package (marked “RAPEBAIT SERIES – SLUTTY SCHOOLGIRL COSTUME”) inside the house – but when he saw Bella, naked from the waist down, bound and still stained with Charles’ cum, he blushed, set down the package, and left.

The final courier was delivering a single DVD entitled “CHEERLEADERS: RAPED FOR MALE PLEASURE”, and he was delighted to find Bella in her degraded, helpless state. His eyes fixed on her tattoo – “I CUM FROM RAPE” – and that was all it took for him to push the struggling Bella to the floor, spread her legs, and shove his cock into her non-consenting pussy.

He took his time with her, and to her shame, Bella *did* cum from the rape. He ejaculated inside her pussy, but afterwards took the time to clean her up with wet wipes and warm water – more to hide evidence of his rape than for Bella’s comfort, but still, Bella was grateful.

He put the DVD on for her, setting it to loop, so she would have something to watch after he was gone.

Bella’s boss came back the next morning. He sat on the couch, and put Bella on his lap facing away from him, his cock embedded in her pussy. He used her tits to pull her up and down so she would bounce on his cock, delighting in the jingling of her clit ring on each bounce, and he watched the rape porn over her shoulder as he fucked her.

Bella was tired and hungry and couldn’t think straight, but that just made it easy to cum from being raped. When her body shook and trembled on her boss’ lap, her boss told her she was a good girl. He pushed her off his lap, and set down a dog bowl on the floor, which he then filled with slimy chunks of dog food from a can. To finish off this disgusting meal, he masturbated himself to climax, and ejaculated over the dog food.

“Eat,” he told Bella, and Bella was hungry enough – and scared of her boss enough – that she got down on her knees, bent forward, and pushed her face into the bowl so that she could lick up the slimy cum-covered chunks of meat.

Her boss left when she was done, and the couriers began to arrive. Again, most of them chose not to take advantage of her. On the doorstep, the dog cock dildo was joined by a large book entitled “I Don’t Need Feminism, I Just Need Bigger Tits”. Another courier delivered a pair of stainless steel butt plugs, before leaving without raping her. 

But the courier who delivered her new “Tit Leash and Nipple Clamp Set for Big-Titted Sluts” took up the invitation of the tattoo on her pussy. He started by pushing his cock through her ring gag and into her mouth, and skullfucked her for nearly 10 minutes before pulling out, pushing her over the couch, and shoving his cock into her fuckhole until he came.

On the third day, her boss fucked her again, and once again Bella was able to cum from rape, with the result that she was rewarded with a breakfast of dog food and cum. 

The couriers delivered “Slutty Pet-Girl Kitten Ears”, a computer game called “Rape Harem”, and three separate sets of sexy lingerie. In addition, a large box of adult diapers was left on her front doorstep. 

One courier raped her, taking pleasure in beating her tits with his hands as he fucked her pussy. And then the courier who had raped Bella on the first day returned, emboldened by the fact no police had turned up on his doorstep, and took another turn with her, laughing at her helplessness, and cleaning his cock off in her mouth once he was done cumming in her pussy.

And at the end of all of it – on the evening of the third day – Charles returned.

He looked around – at Bella, half nude, wet cunted, cum-stained, crying. He saw the evidence of the repeated rapes he had already watched on the security footage. He looked at the piles of slutty packages on her doorstep and in her living room

He smiled – and then slowly, deliberately, he said, ““What the fuck have you done, you cheating slut?”

Bella looked at him in horror. “Ooo! Oooo aggg!” she drooled through her gag.

He shook his head, and looked at her tits, and her pussy.

“This had better be one hell of an apology,” he said.


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