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“You fucked him again, didn’t you?” yelled Charles when Bella arrived on his doorstep.

“No!” protested Bella. “No!”

“Don’t lie to me,” snarled Charles – and began to rip at her clothes. He pulled her into the house, pushed her against the wall, and tore off first her skirt, then her chaste cotton panties.

Her cunt was all the proof he needed. Her boss’s sticky white sperm was still dripping from her pussy lips.

She started to cry then, of course. She had promised she wouldn’t have sex with her boss again – even though she had no choice in the matter, as her boss was raping her, completely without her consent. But she was terrified of people knowing that the chaste, virginal Bella that she had shown to the world for her entire life had been bent over her boss’s desk as her boss pistoned his cock in and out of her helpless pussy.

Charles took a photo of her sticky, violated cunt, and that made her cry more. The thought of people seeing that photo – of seeing her pussy, of knowing that a man had cum inside it, of being able to see his sperm still wet within her fuckhole – made her frantic with despair. She was a good girl. She was a nice girl. People couldn’t know this had happened. She couldn’t bear it.

Charles pushed a finger into her pussy, and Bella squealed, and clamped her legs together. Then he pulled the finger out, and wiped it across her face – leaving a sticky trail of her boss’ cum on her cheek.

“You slut,” he spat.

“I’m sorry,” whispered Bella. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m a slut. I’m sorry I seduced my boss. I’m sorry I made my boss fuck me. I’m sorry I’m a tease.” It was the apology Charles had taught her last week, after her first encounter with her boss, and it hardened his erection to hear her using it now, completely without being told to.

But words weren’t going to be enough of an apology.

“I can’t believe you seduced your boss again after last time,” said Charles. “You little whore.”

“I’m sorry,” whispered Bella. “I’m sorry.”

“He sent me a video of you being fucked,” said Charles. “He sent it to me to mock me. Do you want to see it?”

“No…” moaned Bella. Her panic increased at the idea that her rape had been caught on camera – that there were *copies* of it, and that Charles had one. Who else might her boss have shared it with?

But Charles ignored her protest, and dragged her to the couch. He sat her in front of the TV, and queued the video file on the screen.

There was Bella, crying in her boss’ office, as she slowly undressed.

Her boss, off screen, said, “Keep stripping, honey, or I’ll rip them off you, and then you’ll have to go home naked.”

On the couch, Charles pulled Bella onto his lap. She was still naked from the waist down, and his knees forced her legs to part slightly. He moved one hand to cup her naked pussy, and let one finger slip between her pussy lips and stroke her clitoris. With his other hand he cupped her left tit, and began to gently squeeze.

Bella moaned, and tried to close her legs.

“Ssh,” said Charles. “Just watch.”

On screen, Bella ended up completely naked, her small tits and cute pussy on full display. Charles had been surprised when he watched this the first time – as Bella had been on her way home – that Bella’s pussy was waxed. It shouldn’t have surprised him that a repressed little slut like Bella would wax her pussy even when she didn’t expect to be ever fucked.

“Beg me to rape you,” said her boss. “I want to hear you begging every second that your mouth isn’t otherwise in use. If you stop even once, I won’t give you your clothes back when we’re done.”

“Rape me,” breathed the Bella on the screen. “Please rape me. Please rape me.”

And then her boss moved into frame, still in his work clothes, his naked cock protruding from his fly. He slapped Bella across the face, hard, then pushed her to her knees, and shoved his cock into her mouth. Bella’s pleas to be raped were silenced temporarily as her boss facefucked her – but they resumed obediently as soon as he pulled his cock out of her mouth again. 

Then he lifted Bella up, pushed her towards his desk – where she sprawled, tits on the desktop, ass out – and shoved his cock into her cunt from behind.

“Please rape me,” sobbed Bella as her boss violated her pussy. “Please rape me, sir. Rape me. Rape me.”

And soon her boss was cumming – and what was that sudden shudder in Bella? That whole-body shiver?

Had Bella orgasmed? Had she cum from being raped? Her cunt was wet against his finger right now – very wet. Had she gotten wet from watching her own rape? Or just from the stimulation of Charles’ finger?

In a sudden spike of anger, Charles stopped stroking his girlfriend’s clitoris, and pinched it, instead – hard. As hard as he could.

And he had his answer, because Bella squealed – and orgasmed, right there in his lap.

She started to sob as she realised what she had done, and that Charles knew she had done it.

“I’m telling everyone what a slut you are,” spat Charles. “You little whore.”

“Please, no,” begged Bella. “Please…”

And then she had an idea. “Please rape me,” she whispered. “Please, Charles. Rape me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m a slut. I’m sorry. Please rape me.”

As much as Charles may have wanted to string Bella along, he couldn’t resist that invitation. His cock was so hard against her ass. He wanted to have what her boss had had. He wanted to use her like a fuckdoll.

“Okay,” he said. “But if you really want to apologise, you’re going to agree to another makeover. Anything I want. No backing out.”

“Anything,” she said. “Anything. I’m so sorry.”

“And you’re going to apologise every night, like you did the last time,” he said.

She knew what he meant. She had to kneel in front of him and say she was a slut as he masturbated at her face.

“Yes,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Good girl,” he said. And then he pushed her down on the couch, back against the cushions, legs spread. He ripped off her top to expose her cute tits, and slapped them, for the fun of it, provoking a squeal of pain. Then his cock was out of his pants, and he was on top of her, pushing his way into her, silencing her protests with a kiss, slapping her face every now and again for the pure enjoyment of it.

If there had been any doubt what a slut she was, she came twice before he finished. And she apologised for both of them.

He took a photo of her afterwards – nude, violated, his cum dribbling from the pussy that her boss had raped only hours previous. One more piece of evidence of her whorishness, if she ever dared to stop apologising. 

If she ever dared to not go through with her next makeover.

Which was good, because she knew that she was going to really hate this one.


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