Jessica talked too much.

Trent was trying to train her out of it. A year ago he had become her boyfriend, and discovered the hints of her submissive side. With a little work he had made her more submissive, more obedient, until she slowly came to understand that it was right and proper for Trent to slap her across the face whenever she displeased him. 

Six months ago she had accepted him as not merely her boyfriend, but her owner. A particularly intense session of discipline, rape and abuse had made her see that she was an object to be owned, and that Trent was the natural person to possess her.

But still she spoke too much. She was struggling to learn that there was nothing important in her head unless Trent’s cock was in her mouth.

When COVID came, Trent saw an opportunity. He had Jessica record about a half hour of important phrases at his computer. The things he asked her to record made her blush – but she didn’t understand why she was recording them.

Then he showed her her new COVID facemasks. They were white, sensible, and medically effective – but they had two additional features.

The first and most obvious was the thick plastic dildo on the inside. This went into Jessica’s mouth when she wore the mask, effectively gagging her, while improving her deepthroating skills at the same time. A few tests confirmed that Jessica was unable to form coherent words with the cock in her mouth, and was limited to barely audible gagging sounds. 

The other feature was a cleverly concealed speaker.

Once Trent confirmed the masks fit Jessica neatly, he used a small device to implant a subdermal chip into her pubic flesh. The chip was an invention of a clever friend – a simple tracker that could monitor changes in the pussy, using data such as blood pressure, body heat, and simple chemical tests to detect what was going on in a woman’s cunt.

The chip connected wirelessly to the microphone in the masks.

He turned it on for the first time as they were walking through a mall. Trent had been whispering erotic fantasies to Jessica for the last fifteen minutes, and now he pressed the button to enable her mask.

“My cunt is wet,” said Jessica, loudly.

Only it wasn’t really Jessica. It was the speaker in her mask, using Jessica’s recorded voice, responding to the data from the chip.

Jessica’s face went bright red, and she clapped a hand to her mask. Trent gently pulled it away.

“I’m horny and I need to be fucked,” said the mask, in Jessica’s voice.

People were turning to look at her.

“I’m getting wetter,” said Jessica’s voice. “My cunt is so hot. I want to be raped.”

“That’s disgusting,” said a woman, passing by. “No one wants to hear that.”

“Please rape me,” said Jessica’s mask, and the woman hurried away, her face purple with rage and contempt.

“Go into the men’s toilets,” Trent told her. “Find a stall, lock the door, and masturbate to orgasm.”

Jessica did as she was told. Trent followed her to an adjacent stall to hear the results.

“My pussy is wet,” came Jessica’s voice from within the stall. “I’m putting my fingers in my cunt. I’m fingerfucking myself. I’m masturbating.”

Trent could also hear another sound, but quieter – the sound of Jessica sobbing with humiliation around her plastic penis gag. But it was drowned out by the mask. “My fingers are in my fuckhole. My pussy is wet. I’m masturbating.”

Trent heard a man enter the toilets – and then stop, listening to Jessica’s voice.

“I’m so wet. I’m masturbating. I’m a slut because my cunt is so wet,” said the mask.

And then, not long afterwards:

“I’m orgasming. I’m cumming like a little fuckpig. I’m cumming from raping my fuckhole with my fingers.”

Then after that, there was silence for a while.

The man outside shuffled, and entered a stall down the row. There was a pause, and then the trickle of flowing liquid. Trent thought it must be the man – but a moment later, Jessica’s mask spoke.

“I’m pissing,” it said loudly. “I’m wetting myself.”

And he heard another sob of humiliation from his slave.

The mask was a success, he decided. And soon he would send her out wearing the mask to meet her friends; to attend her workplace; and to generally let her show the world that the things her pussy had to say were far more entertaining than any thought that had ever come from her brain…


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