Hayden had often wondered why her girlfriend blushed at any mention of eating cake, until she visited April’s home on her birthday and learned the way April’s stepfather had promised to celebrate if she ever brought a girlfriend home.

April clearly expected Hayden to object, but the idea turned Hayden on so much she lifted her skirt obediently and let April’s stepfather push a slice of delicious carrot cake up inside her wet, pantyless cunt, and watched as he did the same to April. Then the blushing girls shuffled over to the couch and publicly 69ed the cake from each other’s pussies as he watched approvingly. 

Hayden knew as April shyly licked her pussy that she would be coming over for “cake” many more times, but the thought that finally made her orgasm hard against April’s face was the idea of April licking not cake out of her pussy, but rather her stepfather’s hot sticky cum…


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