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The System Always Wins – Stories of Systemic Domination contains 20 stories of erotic laws, cruel cops, and slutty societies.  (58 pages.)

It includes:

  • SlutTracker – New laws and a convenient phone app let men use any girl they want, at any time of their choosing.
  • Arrested for Catfighting – Police take advantage of two women arrested during a drunken brawl.
  • Girls’ Funding Gap – When the government stops funding education for girls, schools turn to unusual fundraising measures.
  • Ask Dr Degradation: Weddings – Advice columnist “Dr Degradation” shares tips on humiliating weddings.
  • Confession Rewards – A new police program rewards criminals for confessing by giving them sexual access to the female cops.
  • Salary Plus Tips – Why does a job as a female firefighter pay “salary plus tips”?
  • Surprise Tits – Adel thought her boyfriend was going to propose to her – but instead he had organised for her to receive “surprise tits”.
  • The Funding Act – Government funding for lesbians requires them to jump through some humiliating hoops.
  • Ask Dr Degradation: Getting Your Boyfriend to Rape You – Dr Degradation gives advice to a horny teen girl.
  • DNA Sampler – She thought a job as a spy would be glamorous – but instead she is given the job of “DNA sampler”.
  • Elizabeth’s Uniform – Elizabeth’s uniform as a prison guard is not quite what she expected.
  • Fulfilment of Promises – A new government act forces women in modelling to “follow through on their promises”.
  • Paid in Cash – Women at the firm are “paid in cash” – and the money isn’t placed in their hands, exactly…
  • The Mules – Drug lords and cops play cruel games with the teen girl carriers caught in the middle.
  • Ask Dr Degradation: Educating the Step-Daughter – More advice from Dr Degradation, this time on a difficult step-daughter.
  • Kayti’s Arrangement – Kayti doesn’t have a driving licence – but she does have an arrangement with the local cops.
  • Kara’s Earnings – New laws limit women’s earnings – unless they are willing to sell their body.
  • False Advertising – Lindsay turns down a classmate who hits on her – so he brings a court case against her for “false advertising”.
  • Just Slap Me – Advertising expert Amanda betrays her gender by creating an advertising campaign encouraging men to slap women.
  • Just Slap Me: The Second Campaign – Amanda reluctantly continues her advertising campaign to remove the rights of women.

Please note that some or all of these stories may also be published in other All These Roadworks collections.

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