She had tried to block Edwin’s research into control of women. She said the whole field was unethical and misogynistic. She threatened to get his funding cut. Luckily the research was far enough along to make her the test subject. A quick jab of the syringe into her shoulder, and she became compliant, and receptive to his suggestions.

Now she attended his laboratory every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She would come out to the coffee lounge, and strip naked, and sit. She was fully aware of what she was doing, ever since he had told her to be, because he liked to see the look in her face of horror and humiliation and helplessness. Then he wold tell her to smile, and bring out her drink. The drink was a cocktail of drugs intended to promote sexual appetite, breast growth, lactation, suggestibility, and reduce intelligence. The changes were hormonal – the more often she was dosed, the more her body would produce these hormones on its own. Eventually she wouldn’t even need the drugs. He liked the look in her eyes whenever he told her that.

He would generally tip a condom full of saved-up sperm into the mug, in full view of her, before passing it to her. Then he would sit opposite her, and she would drink from the mug, while telling him about her sexual thoughts and fantasies. He would ask her what were the most humiliating things she could imagine doing, and then he would make plans with her for her to do them, reinforcing the plans with unbreakable commands. She would fuck the man she most hated; she would cocktease her father; she would drug and date-rape her sister; she would strip naked in a public men’s toilets and attempt to passionately kiss each man who came in for half an hour.

Afterwards, once she had finished her drink, he would give her permission to cry. As a result of previous commands he had given her, she always became very wet and aroused when she cried, so he would take this opportunity to fuck her unprotected cunt while she wept, before sending her on her way.

He was very pleased with the results of the research. He suspected that next time she turned up for a session, he would tell her to start bringing him more test subjects…


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