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Aylee’s fortnight in Orhanian service was in many ways the most degrading part of her life so far – but in other ways it was exciting, and even pleasurable.

As she had been warned, she slept with Tilly in a dog cage in the rear yard of the Embassy.  The girls slept bound together, in a 69 position, with their face nestled against each other’s cunts.  General Dhalg didn’t waste his time on binding the girls – Aylee and Tilly did it to themselves, and were only freed each morning by a young attache who would come and release the girls to begin their day of service.

This binding wasn’t just to humiliate the girls – it also served to make it hard for them to communicate.  General Dhalg didn’t see any reason why females needed to speak to each other unless it directly served a man.  With their faces pressed into each other’s pussies, Aylee and Tilly would have needed to speak quite loudly to hear each other – loudly enough for the attache on guard near their cages to hear them.

The attache wasn’t the only one listening.  The embassy’s other bitches were also kenneled in nearby cages – some in pairs like Aylee and Tilly, some by themselves – and there was a standing reward offered for any girl who reported hearing another girl speak during the night-time hours.  

Tilly was unapologetic about using Aylee to relieve her bladder.  She would piss into Aylee’s mouth each night before sleep, and again in the early hours of the morning.  She would signal Aylee to open her mouth, ready to receive, by gently licking at Aylee’s pussy – and then continue licking as she pissed, to reward Aylee for her service.  

She would never continue long enough for Aylee to cum, though.  Sometimes Aylee would return the favour, running her tongue along Tilly’s wet, aroused gash, in the hopes of getting Tilly to reciprocate.  Tilly would moan, and press her pussy against Aylee’s mouth for a while – but it would always end with Tilly biting Aylee’s clit sharply, making Aylee squeal with pain, and forcing her to stop. 

Tilly was not allowed to cum without the permission of her commander, General Dhalg – and she didn’t intend to be disobedient.

Yet Tilly was otherwise gentle with Aylee, caressing her softly as they lay together at night, and Aylee felt she would be very happy to be Tilly’s cage partner and bed-slave for much longer than the fortnight they had together.

Each morning, after being dragged from the cage, Aylee would crawl through the embassy to report to General Dhalg.  She learned to travel around the embassy on all fours, as the other girls did, unless they had been given a task that required them to stand upright to achieve it.  When she reached General Dhalg’s bedchamber, he would typically be awake, but not yet dressed.  When Aylee arrived at the side of his bed, he would pull her up onto the bed by her hair, force her face down against his exposed cock, and then relieve himself in her mouth.  Sometimes he would then rape her.

These rapes would always be violent, with the General slapping Aylee’s face, and squeezing or beating her large, milky breasts, but the pain just made Aylee wetter, and she would cum hard, and be genuinely grateful to the general for her abuse.  The General rarely spoke to her during these sessions, or acknowledged her as anything except an object to ejaculate into, but Aylee was by now used to such treatment.

These rapings also revealed something important to Aylee.  When she had first been collared as an alchemist-slave, she had been told her collar would prevent her orgasming without male permission.  When Aylee had first been raped by Dhalg, he had commanded her to cum – and it seemed that that permission lasted until it was revoked, because Aylee was orgasming every time she was raped, with no further encouragement from her rapist.

To orgasm so easily, and so powerfully, after her time of denial in the tower, was overwhelming for Aylee – and it caused some of the pain/pleasure connections in her brain to start rewiring themselves.  She found herself remembering her rapes with genuine pleasure, and looking forward to further abuse – even as she knew that these rapes were degrading, and painful, and humiliating.  If she enjoyed rape, she asked herself as she lay in her cage at night, then why did it make her cry?  But the only answer was the throbbing of her needy cunt against Tilly’s mouth.

She wanted to thank Dhalg with deep and genuine affection for her rapes, and for the orgasms they produced – but she dared not, because she suspected Dhlag didn’t know what he had done, or that Aylee was normally not allowed orgasms.  If he knew, he might tell her she wasn’t allowed to cum anymore. 

So Aylee remained silent.


On her second day at the Embassy, Aylee began work on the udder-growth treatment for Tilly.  She needed arousal-piss and cunt-slime – which Aylee was now expert in producing from her own body – but she also needed a dose of the magical bull sperm.  When she raised the issue with General Dhalg, she learned to her surprise that her master Klax had made her an appointment with the black bulls – and so she was allowed out of the embassy to visit the cattleyards, in the company of Tilly.

Being a foreigner, Tilly didn’t yet know her way around Vass, and so Aylee engaged in a minor deception.  Instead of taking the fastest way to the cattleyards, Aylee took a longer route, that ran along the city’s outer wall.  As they walked, Aylee carefully studied her surroundings.  Some day, she intended to escape this city, and to do so she would need to know about the obstacles in her way.  She paid attention to wall heights, gate placements, guard patrols – in short, any weakness she could exploit when she was finally ready to escape the city.

For her own part, Tilly engaged in some minor naughtines.  She was technically forbidden to engage Aylee in idle chat that didn’t in some way benefit a man – but she mischievously ignored this rule, by talking to Aylee as they walked about her life in Orhanos.

“I have eight sisters,” she said. 

“That’s so many!” exclaimed Aylee.

Tilly nodded.  “Orhanos prides itself on the ratio of bitches in its birth rates.  ‘Nine bitches to every man,’ as they say.  It doesn’t matter if it takes a woman ten tries to produce a son – it’s what women are designed for anyway.”  She paused, and looked momentarily downcast.  “But so far I haven’t been impregnated even once,” she continued, “so the General gives my pussy a beating once a week for being useless.”

“But you’re young!” said Aylee, still scanning the walls.

“It’s legal to breed a woman from age 18,” said Tilly, “and I’ve been 18 for nearly 14 months.  I should have been impregnated, delivered a child, and been impregnated again by now.  It would have made my tits swell with milk, and then I wouldn’t be so disappointing to the general.”

Aylee pictured Tilly pregnant.  “You’d look pretty with big milky tits,” she decided.

“Thank you,” said Tilly, blushing at the compliment.

“How long have you worked for Dhalg?” asked Aylee.

“Ten months,” said Tilly, “although really he’s not my direct commander.  I’m attached to Bitch Squad Mouthfuck-13, and all Bitch Squads have a male war-wolf as their commander.  Our is Gavaunche – a big black alpha – and I was his favourite.  If I had stayed on regular attachment to the squad, I think he might have picked me as his bride – but I caught the general’s attention, and was moved to his personal staff.”

Aylee made an expression of distaste.  “A war-wolf?  Like… a dog?” she asked.

“It looks like a big dog,” said Tilly.  “But really it’s more monster than animal.  It’s bred from animals native to the Forest, and it’s more intelligent than a dog, and possessed of some of the demonic essence of Arx, Lord of Rape.”

“And when you say you were its favourite…” ventured Aylee.

Tilly blushed.  “It found my pussy very enjoyable to fuck,” she confessed.

Aylee said nothing.  She was revolted – and yet her cunt was very confusingly wet at the thought of Tilly being mounted by a monstrous black wolf.

Anyway, it wasn’t like Aylee had never pleasured an animal.  And she would do it again today.

They reached the cattleyards, and were escorted by a herdmaster to the pen of a black bull.  Like Tilly’s war-wolves, the black bulls were no longer common animals.  They held the primal essence of Ulos, who gave women the nature of a cow.

The bull had been given a pacification drug, to make it docile, and Aylee now knelt nude between its legs, facing its monstrous cock.

“I have to harvest its sperm,” she said, “and be degraded in so doing, to empower it with proper gynaetic energy.”

“There’s a crowd watching,” said Tilly – and indeed there was.  Men had gathered to watch the slutty nude alchemist-slave service the bull.  Many were grinning.  Aylee thought she recognised a couple who were friends of her family – men she had interacted with as part of her community, before she had been apprenticed to the Guild.  

She blushed.  But humiliating or not, she had to do her job.  She reached between her thighs, to stroke her pussy, and contribute the necessary sexual energy to what she was doing.

Tilly interrupted her.  “Do you want me to… lick it?” she asked, gesturing at Aylee’s groin.  “You’re doing this for me, after all.”

Aylee went bright red – but she knew her answer immediately.  “Yes,” she said, quietly.

Tilly arranged herself, lying on her back on the sandy group of the Cattleyard.  Aylee knelt over her, to press her cunt against Tilly’s mouth.  When she felt Tilly begin to gently lick at her pussy, she gave an involuntary moan of arousal – and then reached out, took the bull’s cock, and began to masturbate it.

She kept the cock aimed at her face, as Klax had taught her to do, and pumped it steadily.  Her surrounding vanished from her awareness.  She didn’t care who was watching her.  Her only thoughts were the steady motion of her hand – and the intense pleasure of having her pussy tongued by the pretty Orhanian bitch.

She desperately tried to stop herself cumming.  An orgasm would interfere with the gynaetic energy, and ruin the sperm.  It was pure torture.  She tried to control her arousal by picturing what Klax might do to her if she fucked this up – electroshock her breasts, whip her pussy, subject her to agonising experiments – or what General Dhalg might do – rape her, slap her, punch her tits – but these thoughts just made her even more aroused.

She thought maybe she would be all right – that maybe she could control her sluttish urges.

But then the bull grunted, and its cock twitched and pulsed, and she felt hot bull semen begin to splatter on her face and tits.  And at the same time, Tilly took Aylee’s clit all the way into her mouth, suckling on it like a nipple.  And it was too much.  Aylee felt herself buck, and squeal, and orgasm, at exactly the moment the bull’s cum was most susceptible to gynaetic charging.

She thought something like an electric shock ran through her – but she may have just imagined it.

She wanted to cry.  She couldn’t even masturbate an animal without orgasming like a slut.

But she had no choice.  She needed to clean the sperm off her, into the containers she had brought.  She only had one appointment with the bull – she couldn’t take another try.  Klax had never said what might happen if she orgasmed during the procedure.  Maybe the sperm would still work.  Maybe it would even work better.

She let Tilly out from beneath her, and then scraped the bull sperm into her sample containers.  When it was done, she leaned over and impulsively kissed Tilly on the lips.

Tilly kissed her back, with genuine warmth.  When it was over, Aylee looked her in the eyes and said, “Thank you.”

Tilly blushed.  “It’s my fault you have to do this – because my udders are so small.  It’s the least I can do to help.  I just wish I had permission to orgasm like that.”

Aylee felt sad.  “Don’t be grateful,” she said.  “When I prepare this injection, it’s going to hurt your tits worse than they’ve ever been hurt in your life.  You’re going to be in agony for three days, and it’s going to rewire your brain so that forever after you confuse breast pain with sexual arousal.”

Tilly looked pale.  “Really?” she asked, scared.

An idea occurred to Aylee.  “But I have an idea,” she said.  “I’m going to ask the general to give you permission to orgasm during your ordeal.  It might amuse him to have you cumming from breast torture.  And sexual pleasure might help you deal with the pain.  Do you think I should do that?”

Tilly looked hungry.  “Dhlag hasn’t let me orgasm since I joined his staff,” she said.  “I haven’t cum since the last time our war-wolf mounted me.  Do you really think he might let me?”

“I think he might,” said Aylee, smiling.

“If torturing my breasts for three days is the cost of getting to have a real, honest orgasm,” said Tilly, “then make it happen.”  She bit her lip – an intensely sexy expression, Aylee thought.  “In fact, the sooner the better.”  And she kissed Aylee again – a gesture of genuine gratitude.

Aylee felt a flicker of worry, though.  She had cum when she wasn’t supposed to.  Had it ruined the sperm?  What would happen if she used it?  What would happen to Tilly?

She dismissed the worry.  Tilly was eager.  Tilly was pretty.  She was going to get to make Tilly cum.

She was sure it would be fine.


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