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The alchemists kept Aylee’s sister Hana at the tower for a week. Klax had been called away on some urgent business, and wouldn’t return for seven days.

“I’ll put your sister in her Halistrax Field when I return,” he told Aylee. “In the meantime, I’ve prepared a cage in your room for your sister to sleep in. I intend to take the pleasure of raping her before putting her into the field, so I require you to prepare her to be as enjoyable as possible while I’m gone.”

Aylee had no idea how to prepare a girl to be enjoyable to rape, so she just spent week sexually abusing her sister, and telling Hana that it was all for her own good.

She prepared concoctions to increase Hana’s sexual arousal and her pain sensitivity, of course, to the point where firmly spanking Hana’s pussy with one hand would leave the girl screaming and orgasming.

She wished she could perform the same procedure she had used on Tilly, to simultaneously enlarge Hana’s tits and make Hana her loving slave, but she had no way of obtaining the necessary ingredients, such as the sperm of the Bull of Ulos.

But she had no need, really, because Hana already loved and trusted her older sister, and believed Aylee when Aylee told her that this abuse and degradation was all for her own good.

So Aylee spent most of each day with Hana sucking milk from Aylee’s tits or licking Aylee’s pussy juices from her cunt, and Aylee spent the rest of her time alternately kissing and fingerfucking her sister to devastating orgasms, or beating Hana’s tits and fuckhole until she screamed. Either way, it would leave Aylee sopping wet, and desperate to ride her sister’s pretty, degraded face until she herself was sobbing with frustration, prevented from orgasming by her own Halistrax Field, yet desperate for sexual release.

She was wracked with guilt, of course. She loved her sister, and knew the way she was abusing Hana was wrong. And yet Hana was so pretty, and Aylee’s sex drive had been so overwhelming since she had been taken in as an alchemist-slave She simply couldn’t help herself.

It also occurred to her that she could help Hana to escape right now, while Master Klax was away. But there were other alchemists in the tower, and a city full of guards outside, and no place for Hana to hide. Aylee told herself Hana would just have to wait for Aylee’s existing plan to come to fruition – and did her best to believe that this was entirely a matter of logic, and not just that if Hana escaped, Aylee would no longer be able to rape her.

By the end of the week, Hana’s pleasure and pain were thoroughly scrambled, and Aylee noted with satisfaction that Hana could orgasm from torture, and feel guilty, ashamed and confused from receiving pleasure. She was perfectly prepared for her new role at the Battery.

When Klax returned, he was greeted by both Aylee and Hana kneeling, nude, at the entrance to his study.

“Good little sluts,” he said, and Aylee was frustrated to realise she felt a deep wash of pleasure at the genuine approval in his voice. 

Klax looked down at the two girls, and said, “Do you wonder where I have been this week, Aylee?”

Aylee knew better than to ask Klax questions that were none of her business, so she just looked up at him mutely.

“I have been making preparations for the return of your friend General Dhalg,” said Klax – and Aylee immediately felt a shiver of exhilaration. If Dhalg was returning, that meant that Tilly would return, also – and not only would Aylee have access again to her lover and secret slave, but she would also be able to finally put her escape plan into motion.

Klax misinterpreted Aylee’s expression. “Oh, are you looking forward to being raped by the General again? Maybe being allowed to orgasm? We shall see, little slut.” He patted Aylee’s head, as if she were a dog. “But there will be much work involved. Dhalg and his nation ask much of us – although they offer more than enough profit to make it worthwhile.”

Klax sighed. “But enough of that. Let us first enjoy the pleasures of young Hana here. I hope you have prepared her sufficiently.”

As it turned out, Aylee must have prepared Hana well, because Klax fucked Aylee’s sister three times that night.

The first time he put Hana on all fours, knelt behind her, and fucked her from behind. He had Aylee lie under her sister and lick Hana’s pussy as Klax fucked his cock in and out of it. He laughed when he felt Hana orgasm from the rape and incest.

The second time, after a brief rest, he took the same position, but this time he had Aylee kneel in front of Hana, and tell Hana that she was a disgusting cunt from orgasming from rape, and spit in her face, and continue to verbally abuse and degrade her sister until Hana had once again orgasmed – at which time Klax sped up his fucking, and ejaculated within her soon afterwards.

For her third rape, he took the time to secure Hana into a kind of swing that suspended her above the groun, her arms well-secured and her legs spread, her tits hanging downwards. He stood between her legs and fucked her – but this time he made Aylee punch her sister’s breasts as if they were punching bags.

“Do not blame your sister, Hana,” said Klax as Aylee punched her sister repeatedly in the udders. “If she did not do this well, and with enthusiasm, I would do far worse to you myself. She is doing this because she loves you, to spare you from further pain. It is not every girl who has the strength and courage to do this to their own sister – you should be grateful.”

And Hana was grateful. By the time her third fucking was done, she was weeping in huge, gasping sobs, tears streaming down her face despite the fact that she had orgasmed not once but three times while Aylee was brutalising her titflesh.

Aylee herself could barely think straight. The process of abusing her sister had left her so aroused and wet-cunted that her brain was no longer capable of rational thought, so with Master Klax’s permission, she took her crying sister back to her room, and then guided Hana’s face down to her cunt, and let Hana hide her tears in her sister’s pussy.

And Aylee couldn’t help but think, as she humped her sister’s face, that Hana made a better cunt-licker when she was crying.

Afterwards, as they lay together on Aylee’s simple cot, Hana kissed Aylee on the lips, and said, “I love you, Aylee. Thank you for hurting me. Thank you for making me good to rape. I know it must have been hard for you… but I’m scared to think what Klax would have done to me if you hadn’t. I love you.”

“I’m going to save us both, Hana,” said Aylee. “Don’t worry. But from now on, you have to do exactly what I tell you, all the time, without even thinking about it. Do you understand? No matter how painful or humiliating it is. Exactly what I tell you.”

Hana nodded, eagerly. “Whatever you say, Aylee,” she said.

“Good girl,” said Aylee. And then she lifted her breast, and pushed it against her sister’s lips, and sighed as Hana began to obediently suckle at Aylee’s nipple, drinking the breast milk from Aylee’s swollen udders – milk that Aylee knew would make her sister even more stupid, docile and submissive.

And for the first time in a long time, Aylee felt a sense of joy as she contemplated the future, and what it might bring.


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