The mage had developed his magical powers at a young age, but he wasn’t without generosity. For example, he summoned his sister a nymph for her 18th birthday. The nymph would fulfil all his sister’s lesbian fantasies and desires, and be a perfect fuckdoll for her to play with. 

Of course, the purpose of a nymph wasn’t to be a plaything for women, but to fulfil the most extreme desires of men. Every time his sister lapped at the nymph’s pussy or shared saliva in a slutty kiss, she took a bit of the nymph’s essence into her.

He knew his gift had done its work when he visited his sister and found her and the nymph kneeling naked, holding hands, waiting for him. The look of mixed humiliation and need in his sister’s eyes was perfect as she looked up at him and said, “Please… find us a man to use us…”

It didn’t take him long to find such a man at all, and although part of her still didn’t want to, it turned out her new nymphly needs were powerful enough that she would even orgasm from fucking her own brother…


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