St Lucien’s Private School for Girls advertised itself as “A place for girls to excel, despite themselves”. It held the philosophy that women were inherently stupid creatures, designed for breeding, driven by their cunts, and that no woman’s education was successful if it had not taken into account the effect of her natural condition on her cognition.

Girls attending the exclusive finishing school had this message drummed into them upon entry, and at every occasion thereafter. Already inclined to being conservative, religiously-minded, and respectful of authority, the girls quickly internalised it, and understood that they were, shamefully, inherently stupid cunt-driven sluts. As a result, few questioned the school’s results.

The school aimed to teach women to be able to think while in their natural state. The school’s water fountains carried water laced with aphrodisiacs, keeping the girls flushed, horny and stupid. They were encouraged to masturbate regularly in private – but never to orgasm. Girls thought to have orgasmed, or who became so horny and stupid they rubbed their pussies in public, were taken to the principal’s office to have their cunt spanked with the principal’s painful wooden ruler.

In this state, they were taught their lessons – lessons designed to keep them focused on their sluttiness. In English, they learned to write their sluttiest fantasies in arousing and eloquent prose, read them aloud to each other, and were critiqued on their style and imagination. In Biology, they learned a range of degrading names for their female anatomy, discussed how the female body was designed for breeding and milk production, compared the similarities of women and livestock, studied how to apply maximum pain to a woman’s tits and pussy without permanently damaging her, and went over the comparative nutritional value of sperm, pussy juice and breast milk.

In Mathematics, the girls estimated how many of various objects they could fit into their pussy or anus; they learned to run business accounts based on how much they could charge for performing degrading and painful sexual services, and calculated percentages of how much they should pass on to the men in their life; they ran through the mathematics of calculating a bra size, and determined at what point a woman’s udders were literally bigger than her head.

At lunch and recess, of course, the girls did little but make out with each other. The lucky first few to reach the toilets would claim a stall and spend their break masturbating; the remainder would tongue-kiss and grope each other’s tits and grind their knees into each other’s cunts until the bell rang summoning them back to class.

In Sport (performed naked) the girls learned to jog or play team sports with vibrators in their pussy or anus, or weights clamped to their nipples or clit. In Computer Science they were taught how to upload pornographic images of themselves, find and download degradation porn to watch, and how to install malware to let random strangers spy on them through their webcams. In History they learned the various ways women had taken roles as slaves and breeding cows in different civilizations.

For their final exams, the girls would nominate a favourite male to help them take their test. Some girls picked a favourite teacher; others picked their father or brother. Few had had the chance to socialise outside school enough to have a boyfriend. They would then have to complete their exam while being raped by the nominated male. For many, this would be the first time they were allowed to orgasm in two years; for some it would be their first sexual experience with a man altogether. Lesbians were not exempt. 

Those who passed were scheduled a ceremonial graduation date, on which each of their teachers who were interested in the girl would fuck her mouth before ejaculating on her face and tits and taking a picture of the result for the school’s records. Those who failed would repeat the exam fortnightly until they passed. 


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