“The thing is,” said Jake, “that people don’t really notice things that are unusual. They see what they’re expecting to see, more often than they should.”

“What do you mean?” asked Nicole, walking beside him. She had a mad crush on Jake – one of those crushes girls get sometimes on boys who are assholes, who they *know* are assholes, unable to help themselves from fantasising about winning the affections of a boy who is nothing but poison.

And today was like a date. Here they were, walking through the centre of town, just the two of them, window shopping, people watching. It was almost romantic.

“I mean, people are stupid,” said Jake. “Do you want me to show you?”

She nodded eagerly. She wanted to hear anything that Jake had to say.

But he didn’t have anything to say – just something to do. With one lightning-quick motion, he reached out and ripped off her skirt.

Her eyes widened. She was in public – in daylight – in the crowded city centre – and her panties were showing. Her pretty pink panties, that she’d worn because she would be hanging out with Jake, even though she had known – had assumed – that he would never see them.

“Just keep walking,” said Jake, “and no one will notice.”

She squeaked, and did as she was told. She wanted to stop – but if she stopped, and Jake stopped, people would look. She wanted to ask Jake what the hell he was doing, and demand her skirt back – but raised voices would certainly get attention. 

Her face was bright red. This couldn’t be happening – only it was. She trotted along obediently beside Jake as people milled around her. She could feel a breeze on her inner thighs. She could feel sunlight on her ass cheeks.

“See?” asked Jake. “Nobody is noticing.”

That was a lie. People were *absolutely* noticing. Men walking by her were staring at her – staring at her *cunt*, and at her *ass*. Women were judging her, turning away from her, their faces sour. Kids gaped at her as their parents pulled them past. She wanted to turn invisible. She wanted to apologise to everyone for being dressed like a slut.

But Jake was kind of right, because not *everybody* was noticing. Only some people. Enough to humiliate her. But nothing like it would be if she made a scene. At any given time right now maybe ten people were looking at her. There were hundreds on the street – a throng of humanity. The idea of them *all* looking at her…

“Please can I have my skirt back?” she asked.

“You were very careless to drop it, Nicole,” Jake said. “What kind of slut goes around just losing her skirt?”

“You pulled it off!” said Nicole – trying to stay quiet and calm.

“You let it fall off, and I caught it,” said Jake. “Say thank you.”

“What?” she asked.

“Say thank you, Nicole,” he repeated – and this time, he raised his voice, and a couple of additional people turned to stare at them. Nicole quailed.

“Thank you, Jake,” she said, blushing.

“You’re welcome,” he said. “Now, I’ll do you a trade.”

“A trade?” she asked.

“There’s a unisex public toilets up ahead,” he said. “One cubicle. You go inside and take off your bra and panties and pass them to me through the door. Then I’ll give you your skirt.”

“No way!” she said.

Jake shrugged. “Then I’ll keep your skirt. But I really think there should be some consequences when a slut just takes off her skirt in public, don’t you?”

“I can’t!” she said.

“I asked you a question, Nicole,” said Jake – raising his voice a little on “Nicole”. “Do you think there should be consequences when a slut takes off her skirt in public?”

Her cheeks were blazing red. She didn’t want to answer.

But she did want her skirt. “Yes, Jake,” she said. “I think there should be consequences when a slut takes off her skirt in public.”

They had reached the public toilet. “Do you want it or not?” he asked.

She paused, then – “Yes, please,” she said. She passed him her handbag and phone, then hurried into the toilet, locked the door behind her, and wiggled her bra out from under her T-shirt. She didn’t much like the way her shirt outlined the curves of her large breasts once the bra was removed, or the way her nipples – which were oddly erect – poked against the cloth. But what could she do?

Then she pulled her panties down her legs and off – and paused. They were wet. Right in the crotch. How had they gotten wet?

She patted her cunt – and realised that it too, was dripping wet – and aroused. In fact, patting it made her want to moan with pleasure. How had she not realised she was aroused? How had she *gotten* aroused? From having her skirt taken off in public? Was Jake right – was she a slut?

She thought about giving Jake the wet panties, and blushed. He would know… but if she didn’t, she would have to make her own way home in her underwear.

She opened the toilet door, awkwardly, standing behind it so Jake couldn’t see her, and passed out her underwear. True to his word, Jake pressed her skirt into her hand in return. She shut the door again and went to put it on.

But there was a catch – or rather, there wasn’t one. The metal cinch that should have secured the skirt in place around her waist was gone, ripped off when Jake had ripped the skirt. She couldn’t make it stay in place around her waist.

“Jake,” she said, “it’s broken.”

There was no response.


“Do I look like I care?” asked Jake, from outside.

“Jake, I need something else to wear. Can I at least have my panties back?”

“I thought we agreed that there should be consequences when a slut takes off her skirt in public,” Jake replied. “Come on out of there, and I’ll consider helping you, or else I’ll leave now, and it can be your problem.”

She remembered now that Jake had her handbag and phone. She thought she knew what would happen if she asked for him to give them to her.

“Okay,” she said. “I’m coming out.” She could hold the skirt closed with one hand – awkward, but at least she wouldn’t be naked. She hoped there wasn’t a strong breeze – she felt like a slut, going bare-cunted under the skirt, and it wasn’t even a very *long* skirt – the hem barely came down past her butt as it was.

She opened the door and emerged, hand awkwardly holding her skirt shut at her waist.

“Good bitch,” said Jake. He passed her her phone, which she took in her free hand, but kept her handbag. “Come on.” He started walking.

She hurried to keep up. “Please, Jake,” she said. “I need to buy some new clothes. Can we go into a clothes store? Can I at least have my handbag? It has my money in it.”

“You don’t need clothes,” he told her. “Girls are dumb sluts who like to show off their cunts anyway.”

She bridled. “That’s disgusting! You can’t say that about women!”

“Want to make a bet?” he asked her, a dangerous look in his eye.  

She backed down. “No,” she said.

“Then say, ‘I’m a dumb slut and I like to show off my cunt,’” said Jake.

She was silent.

“Last chance, Nicole,” he said.

“I’m a dumb slut and I like to show off my cunt,” muttered Nicole. It was so humiliating. She wished she wasn’t so wet. It was hard to ignore her cunt. She was worried she might be so wet that she would drip down her legs, where everyone would *see* it….

“Louder,” said Jake, smiling.

Nicole looked around. “Jake, I can’t!” she said. “People will *hear*….”

“That’s a shame,” said Jake. “Guess I have to prove it then.”

And he reached over, and pulled up the front of her shirt to her neck, exposing her large tits to the entire street.

Nicole shrieked with embarrassment, and pulled down her shirt immediately – except that, because her mobile phone was in her left hand, she used her right hand – the hand that had been holding her skirt closed.

As the skirt fluttered away, Jake caught it. 

And now Nicole was naked from the waist down, in the middle of a crowded street. People were looking at her. *Men* were looking at her. They were looking at her *naked, wet cunt*. Her mouth fell open in horror.

“Keep up, slut,” said Jake, walking away from her with her skirt. She jogged after him.

“Jake!” she said. “Please!”

“No second chances,” said Jake. “You threw away your skirt twice in one day. Clearly you *want* to show the world your cunt.”

And to her additional horror, Nicole saw Jake was taking out his phone. He was *filming* her.

“Please,” she whimpered. She wanted to cry. She couldn’t believe she was out in public, naked from the waist down.

“I’ll give you one last chance,” said Jake. “But three strikes and you’re out.”

“Anything,” said Nicole, trotting along obediently after him.

“I’m going to tell you to do three things,” said Jake, “and you’re going to do them. No delay, no questions, no difficulty. Just do them. If you can do that without being a difficult bitch, at the end I’ll let you dress, and help you get home without further embarrassment.”

She didn’t like the sound of this. But she said, “Okay.”

“Good slut,” said Jake. “Keep walking. Give everyone a nice show. That’s not the first command, by the way.”

She kept walking. It was easier to look down at the ground than make eye contact with the people who were staring at her cunt and ass, judging it, lusting after it.

“Instruction one,” said Jake. “Pull your shirt back up to bare your tits.”

She opened her mouth to object – then shut it, and quickly pulled her top up. It was even sluttier, to have her tits out in public. Now she was basically nude. It was making her wet – very wet. The humiliation was driving an engine of desire in her cunt that she had never previously suspected.

Now people were *definitely* looking at her. Worse, some had their own phones out, and were filming. She blushed and hurried after Jake.

“Instruction two,” said Jake. “Masturbate until you cum.”

Her eyes went wide. She couldn’t! In public! In front of people! While walking!

But really, didn’t she want to? Wasn’t it what her cunt wanted? Would it be so hard?

And no, once she lowered her hand to her pussy, and spread her cunt lips, and began stroking her swollen clit as she walked, she learned that it was *not* so hard to do. She just had to tune out the world, stop worrying about how slutty she was being, and just do what she was told. It felt good to obey, anyway. It felt good to masturbate.

“And instruction three,” said Jake, from somewhere ahead – Nicole was no longer really paying attention to her surroundings – “when you cum, scream out your full name and home address.”

She wasn’t thinking straight anymore, just walking forward, fingering her pussy. It felt so good. She was getting near. She was about to cum. Men were looking at her. Women were looking at her. She was a freak, a disgusting whore. No nice girl would masturbate half-naked in the middle of the city. Only a slut. Only a stupid cunt who lost her skirt….

It was happening. She was cumming. Her body started to shake.

“My name is Nicole Betts and I live at 15 Way Street, Riverside,” she yelled, and then she felt herself not just cumming, but *squirting*, pissing ejaculate onto the sidewalk as she trembled and shook from her orgasm. 

It felt so good. She had never felt anything better.

And then the haze of arousal cleared, and she realised where she was – in the middle of town, her tits and cunt bare, surrounded by a circle of maybe a hundred horrified, aroused or disgusted men and women. Many had their phones out, and were filming her. 

She looked around for Jake – and her clothes. He was nowhere to be seen, and her clothes had vanished with him.

She had just orgasmed nude on camera. On dozens of cameras. These people were going to upload it to the internet.

And she had just yelled out her name and home address.

Horror washed over her. What had she done? It wasn’t just these people. The whole internet was going to see. Her friends might see. Her family might see.

And that was the point where the humiliation was so overwhelming that she orgasmed – and squirted – again, and again, and again….


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