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Bunny spent the afternoon at her desk in Female Resources. Emma had forwarded her nearly 20 emails, with the instruction, “Process these.”

She looked at the emails. Each was from a male employee of Kavenagh & True, and each described a sexual interaction with a female employee. There were reports of receiving blowjobs, of fucking women in the pussy or the ass, of cumming on women’s faces. Most of them included photos of the relevant women naked or semi-naked, sometimes with cum on their skin or dripping from their cunts.

Bunny went to see Emma, crawling through the dog door into her office.

“What are these emails about?” she asked Emma. “They look like rape confessions.”

“They’re just regular reports of sexual interactions between co-workers,” said Emma. “It’s company policy that all activity that results in male orgasm has to be reported to Female Resources. What I want you to do is update the women’s files with the pictures and the commentary on their sexual performance, and then send them an email asking them to confirm they consented to the interaction, and seeking their plan on how they will respond to the feedback from their partner.”

Bunny wrinkled her nose. “What if they didn’t consent?” she asked.

“Then they’ll be fired,” said Emma. “Non-consensual sex is illegal, and Kavenagh & True doesn’t employ criminals. Their file will be amended before departure to note their participation in a sexual assault.”

“But what about the men?” asked Emma. “Aren’t they the ones to blame?”

Emma’s eyes widened. In a hushed voice, she said, “Bunny, in Kavenagh & True, the men are never the ones to blame.” Then, in a louder voice, she said, “The men in those incidents are referred to a training course to improve their skills in gaining consent. Male employees at Kavenagh & True are generally better educated, more reliable and more productive than women, and the company is prepared to make a greater investment in retaining them.”

Bunny spoke in a whisper. “Emma – you used to be a feminist icon. Why do you support such a sexist company?”

Emma’s eyes flashed with alarm. “I didn’t ask for your opinion, Fuckbunny,” she hissed. “If you can’t keep your stupid bitchy thoughts to yourself, you’ll get us both in trouble. Just do as you’re told.”

Bunny pressed her lips together in frustration. But clearly Emma wasn’t willing to talk about this.

“Fine,” she said. “But what’s this business about feedback?”

“We value good employee relations,” said Emma. “If a man gets a blowjob from a woman, and says she wasn’t submissive enough and she didn’t swallow, we want to hear a solid plan from the woman as to how she will be more pleasing in future. And it goes into their file, and we check from time to time that they have followed through on that plan. Just a basic quality improvement process.”


Bunny carefully entered each sexual interaction on the file of the relevant woman, and uploaded the pictures to the Female Resources database. She found that many women in the company had such pictures on their files, showing them pre- or post-fucking. Some looked happy and eager to be fucked. Some did not. Most had comments and tips from their sexual partners. “Gets wet when called a cunt.” “Squeals like a pig when you slap her tits.” “Not on birth control – begs you not to cum in her pussy, goes wild when you do it anyway.”

She sent an email to each woman asking them to confirm their consent, and including the feedback of their sexual partners. “Daryl says your tits are too small.” “Evan was disgusted that you didn’t swallow his cum.” “Mark is unhappy that your cunt wasn’t wet even after being slapped across the face five times.” 

She received replies in every case with surprising speed. Every woman confirmed she had consented to her treatment, and offered a surprisingly submissive plan for improvement. “I’ve booked myself in for a breast enhancement.” “I’m going to listen to a sleep-training tape to teach me to love cum.” “Each night this week I’ll watch porn of women being slapped while I masturbate, until it turns me on.”

One report puzzled Bunny, though, because the woman who was described didn’t appear to be an employee of the company. The girl in the photo was a pretty blonde teenager. She looked like she was drunk. She was naked, and her legs were spread, with cum leaking from her cunt onto the couch she was sprawled across.

“Who is this?” she asked Emma, shortly before 5 pm. 

“Oh, that’s Rhia, the daughter of Molly, who sits at the next row over from you,” said Emma. “Rhia’s 18 now, so Molly’s been encouraging the men up in corporate to make use of her. But it looks like she’s forgotten to make a Female Resources entry for her first. Can you create one?” 

“But… she’s not an employee,” said Bunny.

“We have database entries for lots of non-employees,” said Emma. “Wives and daughters and sisters and mothers of our employees. Plus some women who work at rival firms, and a few politicians and celebrities. Basically any woman whose sexuality we know anything about. Molly wants a pay rise, so she took her daughter to a party with corporate, and got her drunk, and it looks like Julian Caruso ended up fucking her. Molly will convince her daughter that being raped by Julian is normal and that she deserved it, and Julian will see that Molly gets that pay rise. Presumably some of that money will trickle down to Rhia, so everyone benefits.”

“But why do we keep this file on her?” asked Bunny.

“Firstly because Molly needs to get her daughter to confirm her consent,” said Emma. “Otherwise Molly will be fired. But also because those photos of her lying on her back nude with Julian’s cum on her are valuable. Firstly, a lot of men and women in the company will enjoy looking at them. But secondly, they might eventually encourage her to come work here at Kavenagh & True. Or if she ever ends up working somewhere else – like as a police officer, or a lawyer, or a journalist – they might convince her to do her job in a way that benefits the men who run our company.”

Bunny felt sick. But when she went back to her computer, she discovered Emma was right. Kavenagh & True kept files on nearly a thousand women who weren’t employees, and each one contained some compromising sexual secret on the woman involved. Many had been raped by a man who worked for Kavenagh & True – with accompanying photographs – but some were merely notes of women who had had affairs, or who were closeted lesbians, or who had embarrassing kinks. Each was more than sufficient to provide a foundation for blackmail.

Bunny made a file for Rhia, and emailed Molly asking for the consent documentation. Molly had it ready to go – a video of her own daughter, naked from the waste up, looking miserable as she said, “I cockteased Mr Caruso into fucking me. He didn’t want to do it, but I made him. It was all my idea, and I orgasmed when he ejaculated into me.”

Emma made Bunny send a copy to Julian Caruso. “For his enjoyment,” she explained.


Bunny came back to work the next day in a new set of her own clothes. She was determined that today she wouldn’t rip or misplace her outfit. She could surely get through a whole day without having to borrow clothes from Tim.

But her first job still turned out to be visiting Tim in his office. Emma had a folder of documents that she wanted Bunny to deliver to Emma’s supervisor.

Bunny headed up to the 9th Floor, and then crawled through the dog door into Tim’s office. He didn’t immediately acknowledge her, and Bunny thought about standing, but was worried Tim would be angry at her if she did. She remained on all fours for a while – until a new thought came to her.

Carefully, she rose to her knees, and then raised her hands in front of her tits like paws, and opened her mouth.

Tim finally looked over at her. “Good cunt,” he said, and threw a small brown object into Bunny’s open mouth. Cat food again. But Bunny swallowed obediently.

“I have files for you from Emma, sir,” she said, once the kitten treat was in her belly. She held out the folder.

Tim looked puzzled. “From who?”

“Emma, sir,” said Bunny.

“Try again,” said Tim.

Bunny was confused – and then suddenly understood. She blushed. “I mean, from Sugar-Tits, sir.”

“Thank you, Fuckbunny,” said Tim, and took the folder from her. “Do you need a spanking today?”

Bunny opened her mouth to say, “No” – and then had a sudden premonition that Tim might tell her she was wrong, and explain why she *did* need a spanking. But she didn’t want to say yes either.

A clever compromise occurred to her. “Not yet, sir,” she said.

Tim smiled – apparently appreciating her answer, and how she had arrived at it. “Good to hear,” he said. He passed her a different folder. “Take this to Sugar-Tits, would you? It’s a new team-building policy that I want her to implement immediately in Female Resources.”

“Yes, sir,” said Bunny. “Thank you, sir.” And she crawled back out of his office.


Emma frowned as she looked over Tim’s new policy, with Bunny waiting nervously on the other side of her office desk.

“This is your fault, you know,” she said.

“What do you mean?” asked Bunny.

“It’s a ‘female co-worker relationship policy’,” said Emma. “It’s because of that catfight you had with Andrea White yesterday. Tim says he doesn’t want to see female resources being bitchy like that to each other in public anymore, and so he’s instituted this new policy.”

“What does it say?” asked Bunny.

“We have to kiss,” said Emma.

Bunny was confused. “What do you mean?”

“When two female resources are initiating a conversation with each other, or entering an area to use it as a shared workspace, they have to kiss each other,” said Emma. “It’s going to promote better relationships between female resources. Tim recommends that women start the day by kissing each of the co-workers in their workspace. He suggests that kisses should involve the tongue, and involve some sort of hug or caress, to demonstrate sincerity.”

Bunny’s mind rebelled. “I can’t…” she sputtered. “I mean, that’s…”

“It’s your fault,” said Emma again. “And either you can be a model employee and lead the culture on this new policy, or I can let all the other girls know that you’re to blame for it. Which is it going to be, Fuckbunny?”

Bunny blushed. She looked at the ground.

Emma stood and walked over to Bunny. “Are you going to be a good girl, Bunny?” she asked. “It took me a long time to learn to be a good girl, and fighting it only made me miserable. Don’t make my mistakes.”

Bunny looked up into her boss’ eyes. She *was* miserable. She had somehow become stuck in this horrible misogynistic nightmare, and she didn’t know how to get out.

She opened her mouth to say something – and Emma kissed her.

Her boss’ lips were soft and warm. Emma wrapped one arm around the small of Bunny’s back, and tangled her other hand in Bunny’s hair. Bunny felt Emma’s tongue push between her lips, entwining with her own tongue.

Bunny felt herself melt into her boss’ arms. Despite the humiliation of being forced to do this, by a man, at work…. It felt good.

It felt too good.

And suddenly, for the first time, a part of Bunny wanted to be a good girl.


If you’re enjoying this story, you can get your hands on Emma’s original adventure in Emma’s Policy – An Executive’s Slide Into Workplace Submission, available for only $3.99 USD at my creator site. (Click here to view in store.)


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