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The other women of Kavenagh & True hated Bunny. And she couldn’t really blame them.

It didn’t matter that Bunny had been the first to receive a clit piercing, or that it had happened in front of the entirety of Female Resources, with a gathered audience of men and women from other divisions. They had brought in a gynaecological chair, and Bunny, naked from the waist down, had had her legs strapped into stirrups, giving everyone a view of her cunt. Tim had advised her to masturbate to the edge of orgasm, to allow her to ride high on a wave of endorphins, and Bunny had complied – humiliated to be masturbating in front of so many people, but focusing on her cunt feelings like a good girl and tuning out her head noise.

When the piercing had gone through her clitoris, it had been agonising, but she had also orgasmed loudly from the pain.

The men had laughed at her slutty behaviour. The women had largely been silent, knowing that they would likely be next, forced to choose between a clitoris piercing and ring, or having a strong clamp biting into their clit all day long to keep them chained to their office chair.

It felt strange to Bunny to have a small ring through her clitoris – a constant humiliating reminder of her descent into submission at Kavenagh & True. She was marked, like a slave or an animal.

She quickly became used to being leashed by her cunt. She spent most of her days beneath Emma’s desk, licking her pussy, and Emma had arranged for a heavy weight to be placed in the space beneath her desk which Bunny could clip her clit ring to. When she worked at her desk, she was clipped to her chair. 

Tim seemed to take a delight in turning up and taking Bunny for “walkies”, which involved clipping a dog leash to her clitoris and leading her around the office. Often there was no point to these trips other than to degrade Bunny. Sometimes he made her practice tottering around unsteadily on her high heels, but most times he allowed her to crawl along behind him like a pet.

Tim told her that all women were ultimately leashed by their cunts, and that in Bunny’s case it had merely become literally. He even arranged workmen to install small rings in her car seat, in many of the seats at her home, and in her toilet seats and bed, so that she could clip herself to these and continue the experience she was having at work. Bunny soon became used to thinking of her cunt before any movement. 

At work she had to ask for permission before unclipping herself from things, too, which helped reinforce the notion that her cunt wasn’t hers to control.

The other public aspect of Bunny’s humiliating policy for the women of Kavenagh & True was the closure of the female toilets. They were placed under renovation, to be converted into games rooms and relaxation areas for the male staff, and large litter trays were brought to all the areas with female resources. When women needed to toilet, they would ask permission to be unclipped from their chair, and then relieve themselves in the litter tray in full view of their workmates.

Women hated using the things, but it was made clear that women who wet themselves due to avoiding the new system would be forced to lick up their mess, and possibly receive further discipline, and so the women of Kavenagh & True quickly became used to pissing like animals in public. 

Being leashed to their chairs and incenvitised to minimise their toilet time did indeed improve productivity among the women, even just in the first week. Female work outputs were up, and Tim was pleased. He even arranged for a reporter to come out and write a story on the new system. They took a photo of Alicia Weston, one of Kavenagh & True’s most senior female resources, as she pissed on the litter tray. You could clearly see her cunt in the photo, and they put the image on the cover of their next issue for the entire business world to see. The headline read, “Co-workers or Slutty Pets? How treating women as animals helps them to help you.”

And then there was the other part of Bunny’s policy, the part that wasn’t public knowledge. The company had formed a five-man “Attitude Squad”, and they worked out of a black van. They targeted each new female employee of the company and arranged for her to be gang-raped. They would film the abduction and violation of their victims, and threaten to release that footage to her employer and family if the poor girl went to the police.

Of course, the footage was sent to Kavenagh & True regardless – and, specifically, it came to Bunny’s desk, where she would watch it, and annotate it, and store it on special servers. It was more sensitive than the footage the company normally kept of the harassment and exploitation of its female resources, so it was only made available to Bunny, to Emma, and to a couple of dozen senior men at the company who could be trusted to enjoy it without revealing that the firm ran a secret rape gang.

Bunny was glad that her clit leash vibrated when she was clipped to her office chair, because the constant stimulation of her cunt made it easy to stay focused on her cunt feelings and tune out her head noise and bitch instinct. Those old parts of her, that she used to pretend produced “thoughts”, gave her nothing but shouty upsetting feelings now. They told her she should feel ashamed that she had arranged for these innocent girls to be violently raped, and even more ashamed that her pussy was wet as she watched footage of it happening. They told her she deserved to be humiliated and objectified and hurt and raped for her part in this.

Her cunt feelings told her that she deserved all those things too, but she deserved them because she was a silly slut, and because pain and humiliation made her cum. She listened to her cunt feelings.

Because there were no women’s toilets anymore, she no longer had a private place to rape Gwen anymore. Eager to feel the pleasure of forcing the pretty woman to lick her pussy again, she tried out the idea of forcing Gwen to come home with her – and to her delight, the gorgeous redhead complied immediately, scared that Bunny would get her fired if she disobeyed.

She took Gwen home and spent a delicious night raping the poor girl, first forcing her cunt against the reluctant girl’s face, and then exploring Gwen’s own pussy with her fingers and her tongue. She revelled in the knowledge she could do anything she wanted to this girl, without consequences. It was the only thing in her life that gave her a feeling of power or control, and abusing Gwen felt like it somehow balanced out the abuse that she herself was receiving.

After that, Gwen came home with her almost every night. She experimented with every pleasure and torture she could think of. She found she enjoyed slapping Gwen across the face, and spanking her ass and tits and pussy. She decorated Gwen with painful clamps on her nipples and clitoris, and called Gwen every degrading name she could think of. 

The more she humiliated Gwen, the easier it was to remember that Gwen wasn’t really a person, but rather an animal, just like all women, and there was nothing wrong with exploiting her for Bunny’s sexual amusement. And the more she abused Gwen, the more submissive Gwen became. Bunny thought Gwen went along with her mistreatment now because she simply accepted it as her role. She hadn’t had to threaten Gwen with firing since that first night at her house.

All this was good, because Bunny had developed a strong fetish for having her pussy licked by a woman who was crying, and thus every “date” for the women began with the foreplay of Bunny torturing Gwen until Gwen began to cry, before pressing her naked cunt against Gwen’s crying face to receive her submissive tongue.

Her current project was to make Gwen admit she was a lesbian, which was something that Gwen really didn’t want to do, because of a childhood raised in a homophobic environment. The fact that Gwen resisted self-identifying as a lesbian gave Bunny a challenge – a boundary to break down. Once she got Gwen to call herself a lesbian, she would make Gwen out herself accordingly on social media, and tell her friends and family that she was a dyke, and attend lesbian community events – and then she would force Gwen to start fucking Tim and the other men of the office, just to really confuse her. 

Bunny filmed as much of her time with Gwen as she could, and uploaded it to the employee files of both Gwen and herself. She knew Tim would enjoy it, and be as proud of her as any man could be proud of an animal.

But there remained something further for Bunny to do. Tim had promised to get her out of the company’s “maternity program” – or breeding program, really – if she was able to win the demeaning “Cunt of the Year” trophy, and he had promised he would give it to her if she accomplished three tasks. 

First was to propose a policy that would degrade the other women of Kavenagh & True, and Bunny had advanced not just one such policy but several. The second was to get a woman raped who otherwise wasn’t going to be raped, and Bunny had made that happen multiple times over, first with Cally, then with Gwen, then with all the women targeted by the Attitude Squad.

But the last of Bunny’s tasks was to make a permanent change to her life – something that would make her “unemployable by any company that respects women”. And it was here that Bunny had balked.

The things she had done so far had been at first embarrassing, then humiliating, then degrading, then dehumanising, and finally had resulted in her betraying her fellow women and targeting them for rape and abuse. But through it all Bunny had maintained the fantasy of an “end point” – a day when she would no longer be working for Kavenagh & True, and her life would return to normal.

And so she hesitated on taking that last step, the step that would destroy her potential career as anything but a company fuckpet for Kavenagh & True.

Had it not been for her “mentor”, Leroy Grainer, she might have continued to delay on taking that last step, and missed Tim’s deadline for the award, and things might have been very different for Bunny. But in the end Leroy, who had been tasked with shepherding Bunny’s development as an obedient bimbo of the firm, did actually change the course of her career.

He had seen that Bunny was being fucked on a daily basis by the men of Kavenagh & True, and wanted to be a part of her maternity preparation, and so at their regularly scheduled mentorship meeting he instructed Bunny to formally request a breeding session with him, via email. Bunny was forced to go away and type a full-page explanation of why she wanted Leroy to attempt to impregnate her, and send it to him – and of course a copy went on her personal file.

She was nervous already about fucking Leroy, because she was approaching the most fertile part of her cycle. And when she attended upon Leroy for her breeding appointment, he was not gentle with her. He stripped her nude in front of his entire division, and slapped her face, and bent her over his desk and fucked her with all his co-workers watching, and of course he ejaculated into her unprotected pussy.

This was all humiliating for Bunny, but she was already becoming used to the idea that it was normal for sex to be violent and demeaning and something she had no choice about. She allowed it to happen and did her best to be a good cum-receptacle, so that Leroy would have nothing to complain about.

But after Leroy was done, his co-workers wanted a turn, and despite Bunny’s protestations that she had to get back to work, they held her down on Leroy’s desk, and took turns fucking her cunt and cumming into it. There were eleven in total, and they all delighted in filling her womb with their sperm.

She became frantic towards the end, sure that she was being impregnated. She had not been allowed to take pregnancy tests since the maternity program started – “because bitches should have as little insight into and control over their reproductive cycle as possible” – and so she had no idea whether she might already have been knocked up, but held a firm hope that she had so far escaped impregnation. She struggled against the last couple of men, but that only seemed to please them, and they fucked her harder and more energetically the more she struggled. When they were done, they used her clothes to wipe their cocks clean, and then dropped the stained garments in the bin, leaving Bunny naked but for her high heels.

By the time Bunny crawled, nude, back to Female Resources, she had missed nearly two hours of her regular work, and with some regret Emma sent her to Tim to be punished for her tardiness. She crawled off to Tim’s office, where Tim punished her with a painful spanking of her naked bottom – and then finished it off by bending her over his desk and taking a turn with her himself.

Thirteen men in total had cum inside of Bunny that day, and there was a good chance they had made her pregnant. If she fell pregnant, Bunny knew that Kavenagh & True would make her carry it to term – and who knew what further humiliations they might have for a pregnant employee? She might receive time off from her regular duties to care for a newborn, but she suspected it wouldn’t be time off from being regularly raped. And when (and if) she eventually returned to work, she guessed that she would be placed straight back into the breeding program to knock her up again.

She had to get out of this. She had to win the “Cunt of the Year” award and be excused from the company’s maternity program. She had to change her life forever, to make herself unemployable by any company that respected woman.

And so she went to see the woman whose opinion she had once valued so highly – Emma. She had once thought Emma was a leader and a role model in the field of Human Resources.

But she now knew that Emma’s real talent and purpose lay in another field, and it was in this area that she now sought Emma’s advice.

She needed Emma to teach her how to ruin her life.


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