Emma’s Division is the sequel to my novella-length story Emma’s Policy – An Executive’s Slide Into Workplace Submission, which you can buy for only $3.99 USD from my creator site! (Click here to view in store.)

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When the orgasm faded, only the humiliation was left, and Bunny was left with the full realisation that she had just orgasmed from being spanked on the ass in front of a room full of fully-clothed men while moaning like a slut and repeating loudly that she deserved to be raped.

Before she had time to process that, Leroy pushed her forcefully off his lap, and she landed on the floor in an undignified heap.

“Learning position, slut,” he said, in a forceful tone.

Bunny didn’t know what that meant.  She tried to stand up.

Leroy grabbed her hair as she rose, and yanked hard, making her fall down on the ground again.

“Learning position, slut,” he said again.

Bunny lay still, wondering if that was what he meant.

It apparently wasn’t.  He kicked her in the tits with one leather-shoed foot.  “I said learning position, slut,” he repeated.

She felt stupid and insecure.  This man was 18 – three years younger than her – basically a boy – and yet he was sitting in an office chair, giving commands, and she was lying on the ground with her panties off.  What was wrong with her?

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said, desperately.  “I don’t know what the learning pose is.”

He sighed, as if she was very stupid, and despite rationally understanding there was no way she could have read his mind, she nevertheless felt at some level that he must be right, and she was very stupid indeed.

“Learning position is on your knees, back straight, tits out, legs spread, one finger rubbing your clitoris, making eye contact,” he said.  “Don’t make me tell you again.”

She struggled to her knees, and took the position that he asked.  Kneeling with her back straight and her chest out was easy enough.  Eye contact wasn’t difficult.  She spread her knees apart – and, as she had feared, it made her skirt ride up to her waist, exposing her pussy and ass.

She blushed.

And what was the last thing he had said?  One finger rubbing…

“My clitoris, sir?” she asked.  She winced as she said it, knowing that he had just said he didn’t want to repeat himself – but desperately not wanting to masturbate in front of this smug little asshole.

She was right to wince.  He slapped her.  

“Finger rubbing your clitoris, slut,” he repeated.  “Bitches think with their pussies.  How do you expect to learn anything if your cunt isn’t engaged?”

She blushed.  She hated the misogyny in this company.  She wanted to disagree with him, to argue with him, to give him a lecture on female rights.

But it would end with her being fired, and poor, and with her mother disappointed in her.  And she wouldn’t actually change anything.

So she lowered her right hand to her pussy, and began to gently stroke her clitoris.

She couldn’t deny that it felt good.

“Did you do your homework, slut?” Leroy asked.

“Yes, sir,” she said.  She hadn’t wanted to.  It was demeaning.  No employer had any right to ask an employee to do the things that Leroy had asked her to do.  She wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t an actual crime.  She had put off doing it, and put off doing it, and gone to bed early without doing it – and then an hour later, she had gotten up, cursing herself, cursing Leroy, and done what he had told her to do.

“Tell me about it,” said Leroy.  He was staring at her cunt as she masturbated.  Bunny was aware the other men in the office area were also staring at her.

“I watched one of the pieces of rape porn, sir,” she said.  He had given her four, on a USB, and told her two were real and two were staged.  The files were only labelled “Rape 001” through to “Rape 004”.

“Which one did you watch?” asked Leroy.

“I watched Rape One, sir,” she said.  

“What happened in it?” asked Leroy.

“It had a girl being disobedient to her father,” said Bunny.  “He was telling her off for not doing her chores, and she sassed him back, and then he slapped her and ripped off her clothes and raped her on the couch.”

“Do you think it was real or staged?” asked Leroy.

“I think it was staged,” said Bunny.  “She looked like she was 21 – too old to still be living at home if she didn’t like her dad – and she didn’t struggle very hard, and when he put his cock into her she was already wet, and it looked like she orgasmed from the rape.  Plus if it was real, who was filming it?”

Leroy chuckled.  “You really are a dumb cunt,” he said.  “No, that one was real.  Of course she was over 18 – I’m not interested in illegal kiddy stuff.  But that really is her dad, and she really didn’t consent.  It was her mother filming it, and she was wet and she orgasmed because sluts are just biologically designed to get wet from rape..  Now, did you orgasm from it?”

She had, because Leroy had told her she had to keep watching it until she did.  She’d had to watch through it twice, and she had orgasmed on the second watch at the same time as the girl did.  Now she felt sick.  Had she really cum from watching a girl get actually raped?  She didn’t know if she believed Leroy.  Maybe he was just messing with her mind.  

“Yes, sir,” she said.  “I orgasmed from watching her get raped.”

“Why did she deserve to be raped?” Leroy asked.  “I want three reasons.”

“Because she sassed her father,” said Bunny.  Then she paused, trying to think of other reasons.  ‘Because her cunt was wet,” she added after a moment.  She tried to think of what Tim Bolland would say – and the answer immediately came to her.  “And because she was a woman,” she finished.

Leroy was actually pleased.  “Good slut,” he said, and reached out and ruffled her hair, as though she were a pet.

Bunny hated how the praise made her feel good.  She hated it so much that she didn’t even notice that she was rubbing her clit with more energy now, or how one of her fingers kept slipping into the entrance to her fuckhole, pumping up inside her, and then withdrawing.

“What else should have happened to her in the video that didn’t happen?” asked Leroy.  “Three more things.”

Bunny moaned.  These questions were so degrading.  Everyone was watching her.  She tried to think of what the girl deserved, and couldn’t think.  Her mind moved to what *she* deserved.

“She should have been slapped more, sir,” she said.

“Good,” said Leroy.  “Two more.”

“She should have said thank you at the end,” gasped Bunny.  She was now vigorously finger-fucking herself, her mind full of the memory of the girl being raped in the film.

“One more,” said Leroy.

Bunny couldn’t think of more.  She cast about for ideas.  She thought of Tim.  She thought of being groped in the elevator on her first day.  Then her mind turned to Pumpkin – slutty, big-titted, pregnant Pumpkin who sat next to her at work – and to the bunny charm she was wearing, and to Emma’s words when she had given the charm.  “Bunnies are always looking to breed.”

“She should have gotten pregnant, sir,” she breathed.

Her mother would die of shame, saying that a non-consenting woman should have been slapped and impregnated and then said thank you.  But it was better than her mother dying of poverty because Bunny had been fired from her job.

“Good girl,” said Leroy again.  “Next piece of homework.  Do you remember what it is?”

“I had to have three ideas to make myself more rapeable, sir,” blushed Bunny.

“And what have you come up with?”

This was the thing that had caused Bunny the most mental anguish.  She hadn’t wanted to do it at all, and then when she had eventually tried, she had just felt sick.  She had given up, and watched the porn video instead.

But after watching the girl get raped – twice – and orgasming from it, she had been in a different state of mind.  She had come up with three ideas – three awful ideas – over nearly an hour of thought.  And through it all, she had been masturbating, because thinking about being raped when she was already wet just made her wetter, and by the end of it she was a slutty, barely-coherent mess.

She had written her ideas down – but by the light of day the next morning, they horrified her.  She couldn’t believe she had considered them.  She had ripped up the paper and put it in her bin.  She would just tell Leroy she couldn’t do his horrible homework, and take the consequences, whatever they may be.

And she had firmly intended to follow through with that – except now her cunt was wet again, and she was masturbating here on the floor in front of Leroy, and things looked different to her.

She just had to say the things she had written down.  Then Leroy would call her a good girl, and she would keep her job.

“I should remove the lock from the front door of my house, sir,” said Bunny as she fingered her cunt.  “So that if men want to break in and rape me, I can’t stop them.”

“Good girl,” said Leroy.  “That’s a good idea.  What’s next?”

“I should park my car in the red-light district instead of the office car park,” said Bunny, “so I have to walk further after work in the dark, and there’s more opportunity for men to rape me.”

“That’s an excellent idea,” said Leroy.  “One more.”

“I should wear higher heels,” said Bunny.  “Like, high enough it’s hard to walk in them.  So I can’t run away…”

“Good girl,” said Leroy.  “And now, do you think you should do all three of those things right now, or just one to start with?”

She looked up at him in alarm.  Actually do them?  She had thought this was just a thought exercise, to humiliate and degrade her.  She had never believed she would actually have to follow through on her horrible ideas.  It was exactly what it claimed to be – a plan to get herself raped.  She couldn’t actually do it!

But there was no mercy in Leroy’s face.  He was grinning at her – a horrid shit-eating grin, a grin that showed his knowledge that he held all the power, and that Bunny held none.  

Bunny tried to think how to answer.  He had offered her a choice.  He was going to make her choose.  But was it a trap?  Did he want her to volunteer for all three, and would he punish her if she begged for only one?

She took a deep breath as Leroy waited for her answer.

Leroy didn’t want her to get raped.  Not that he would care if she did.  But it wasn’t what he wanted.  What he wanted was to have power over her – to reverse the position they had been in in school, when he had just been a snot-nosed student in a lower year.  He wanted to know that she was at his mercy, and that she would do things she didn’t want to do because he forced her to.

And Bunny could give him that feeling.  She could make him understand that he was in charge, and she was just a submissive little cocksleeve – without offering to implement her entire rape plan.

She bit her lip, in what she hoped was a sexy manner – and then leaned forward, still masturbating, and kissed Leroy’s cock, through the fabric of his trousers.

She heard Leroy gasp, and felt his cock – unsurprisingly stiff – twitch against her lips.

She blushed at how *right* it felt, pressing against her lips – as though her mouth were *intended* to have a cock plugging it.  She had to wait a moment to muster her thoughts – which was increasingly difficult the longer she continued to finger her cunt.

When she felt she had regained composure, she looked up at him – her face reddened by her entirely unfeigned blush of humiliation – and said, “Please, sir – just one for now?”

He looked down at her, his own face flushed with arousal, and for a frightening moment he was silent.  Would her attempt to abase herself before him work?

Then he spoke.  “Good girl.”  (And Bunny felt a flush of pleasure at those words.)  

He stared at her pussy.  “Call yourself a cunt until you orgasm, then go back to your section.  Starting tomorrow, I don’t want to see you in any heels that you’re able to walk quickly in.  And make sure you study another of those rape videos tonight.”

She sighed with relief – and began to finger herself faster, with more urgency.

“Thank you, sir,” she gasped.  “I’m a cunt.  I’m a cunt.  I’m a cunt.  I’m a cunt.  I’m a… cunt… I’m a CUNT I’m a CUNT I’M A CUNT….”

And then her words became incoherent as her pussy spasmed and she felt the orgasm wash through her like a wave of bliss.


Emma’s Division is a sequel to my novella Emma’s Policy – An Executive’s Slide Into Workplace Submission, available at my creator site for only $3.99 USD. (Click here to view in store.)


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