An executive’s slide into workplace submission

A complete novella, telling the story of one woman’s journey from manager to office slut.
(13 chapters.  83 pages.)


A new novella is available!
(PDF / E-book only.)

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Emma’s Policy tells the story of a female executive who is blackmailed into becoming the test subject for a new program of female submission at the monolithic company she works for.


Emma is a beautiful, successful executive. But when her signature policy fails to yield results, she finds herself blackmailed into being the test subject for an entirely different kind of policy – one where she is forced to submit to men, and finds her power and dignity being stripped from her, day by day.

First she is forced to call men “sir”. Then she is required to wear more provocative outfits, and receive disciplinary spankings in the office.

She realises that her days of authority are over, and before long she will be little more than an office decoration.

Will Emma escape her fate? Or will she accept her new role in her male-dominated office?

Find out in this full-length novella of office humiliation from the master of female-submissive erotica, All These Roadworks.


Emma’s Policy contains themes of non-consent, humiliation, bimbofication, gender degradation and MF and FF sex.

This edition of Emma’s Policy collects all 13 chapters of the saga, with a total page count of 83 pages.

PLUS this edition also includes an exclusive excerpt from Emma’s employee file!

Upon purchase, the collection will be delivered to you as digital goods via email.  A single purchase gives access to all file formats indicated above.

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