Cynthia couldn’t afford to attend university, but her boss at the office where she worked part-time as a secretary was rich, and he always seemed to have time to stare at her. She knew what he wanted from her, but attending university was more important than her dignity.

She approached him for help, and he agreed to pay her university tuition – on one condition. He didn’t think she was very smart. In fact, he thought she was a bimbo who didn’t belong anywhere near an educational institution. So for each course she failed, she would let him pay to have her breasts enlarged by one cup size, and spend a day in front of him masturbating without orgasm by way of apology for his wasted money. 

She felt confident in her chances, and agreed to the deal. But unfortunately, her boss was right. She was not a very good student, and by the end of two years she had gone through multiple breast upgrades until her udders were obscenely, whorishly huge. 

As she lay in front of him, crying with shame and rubbing her wet cunt and begging to be allowed to cum, he finally got her to admit that a slut with tits as big as hers was never going to be a normal nice girl with a degree, and that all she was good for now was being his huge-titted sex slave. When she said this, he finally allowed her to cum, and the next day he collared her, withdrew her from college, and coated her giant whore tits in the first of many loads of his cum.


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