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Kissing her female co-workers felt strange to Bunny. 

She wasn’t completely a stranger to same-sex affection. She had “practiced kissing” with a female school-friend when she was young. She had a month-long crush upon a particularly gorgeous and authoritative female teacher at college that had prompted many nights of intense masturbation. One night at a bar during university she had made out with her best female friend while drunk – nearly a half hour of passionate kissing and fondling, ostensibly to “make the boys jealous”.

But Bunny had always been reluctant to genuinely pursue an attraction to women – just as much as she had been scared to pursue her attraction to men. Because she was already forced to call herself “Fuckbunny”, and (since the age of 18) go through life with fake porn-star tits. If she allowed herself to be further sexualised in the eyes of those who knew her, or if she developed a reputation as a slut, she would never be respected again.

And yet here she was, kissing the woman who sat next to her at work, as the whole office watched. She was tongue-kissing a pregnant big-titted slut, who had voluntarily chosen to change her name to “Pumpkin Babymaker” – a woman who had only days before called Bunny a “stupid cunt” and cut her shirt off her body with a pair of scissors – and Bunny was discovering to her horror that her cheeks were flushed, her nipples were hard, and her pussy was wet.

Pumpkin wasn’t helping matters. She was kissing Bunny with passionate eagerness, rubbing her tits against Bunny’s chest, grinding her upper thigh into Bunny’s pussy. Bunny wasn’t sure that Pumpkin was actually attracted to her. She suspected the enthusiasm was an act, for the benefit of their boss Emma, who was filming their kiss on her phone.

The film would go to Tim Bolland, to show how well the girls in Female Resources were following the new “female co-worker relationship policy”, which aimed to build morale in the team by making the women regularly kiss each other. Pumpkin was ambitious and eager to please her male supervisors, and was therefore putting on a show for the camera.

Bunny knew from experience, though, that the film would also go on both women’s personnel files, a permanent record of their slutty lesbian interaction, available on demand to any man at the company.

After Pumpkin, Bunny was required to kiss Cupcake, a petite blonde woman who sat across from her. Cupcake, too, had had breast augmentation, and her round basketball tits looked even more obscenely oversized on such a small body. She was a good kisser, though, and Bunny was even wetter by the time she was done.

Then Bunny was kissing Gwen, a tall redhead. Of all these women, Bunny was most genuinely attracted to Gwen, and she felt her pussy start to throb even before their lips met. Gwen was relatively new at the company, and had neither changed her name, nor augmented her breasts. She was shy about kissing Bunny, too,, and reluctant to give more than a chaste peck.

Bunny saw Emma frowning at them as she filmed, and pressed her lips harder against Gwen’s in response.

Gwen tried to pull away.

Bunny’s cunt was throbbing. This was the one woman she actually *wanted* to kiss – and Gwen was playing frigid? It was frustrating.

“Do you want to get fired?” she hissed. “Kiss me.”

Gwen reluctantly obeyed, even parting her lips to let Bunny slip her tongue into Gwen’s mouth. But Gwen was still blushing, hesitant, embarrassed by the whole thing. Emma was still frowning. 

Bunny pictured Tim telling her to fire the frigid bitch. She didn’t want that to happen. She wanted to help Gwen.

Bunny grabbed Gwen’s left hand and moved it to her own breast. She placed it on her tit, and then squeezed around it. Gwen took the hint, and began to squeeze Bunny’s boob. Then Bunny took Gwen’s other hand, and moved it between Bunny’s legs to cup her pussy. Gwen jumped, but Bunny held her hand there, and soon Gwen stopped fighting, and gently squeezed Bunny’s pubic mound.

Bunny moaned with pleasure into Gwen’s mouth. It was just what she wanted – what she needed. She wished Gwen would squeeze harder.

And, most importantly, Emma was finally pleased. She even walked over to the two women, and stroked their hair gently with her free hand while they kissed. “Good girls,” she said, quietly, and Bunny found herself glowing with pleasure at the praise.

Then it was over. Gwen was backing away, and as much as Bunny wanted to keep kissing her – and have her pussy squeezed until she orgasmed – she had no excuse to continue.

She looked around for who else she might have to kiss.

But Emma was shaking her head. “You’re excused from any more,” she said to Bunny. “I understand you have an appointment with your mentor.”

Bunny immediately blushed. She did – and she was late. 

She remembered what her mentor Leroy had called her at their last meeting. A stupid cum-toilet. She had hated it – but now, with her cunt wet from kissing a woman in public, and with the knowledge that she had completely forgotten about such an important responsibility, she found it hard to argue.

She turned and headed towards the elevator. When she was out of sight of Emma, she broke into a run.


When she reached the door of Policy and Advocacy, she paused. Leroy was going to be mad at her for being late. And while he may be a little immature shit who was barely out of high school, it had been made clear to her by Leroy, Tim, and others, that she had to please him, or risk being fired. She had no doubt that Leroy would happily get her fired, just for the amusement value, if she didn’t provide more amusement to him as his mentee.

Last time she had been here, Leroy had made her crawl on all fours. He had liked that. So, blushing, she got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the Policy and Advocacy section.

But when she reached Leroy’s desk, she was certain it was all for nothing. He was waiting for her. And he looked mad.

“You’re late, bitch,” he spat, before she could say anything.

She looked at the floor. “I’m sorry I’m late, sir,” she said. She was sure he was going to get her fired. And if she got fired, she would lose her trust fund, and so would her mother, and they would both be out on the street. She felt like crying.

“Are you really sorry, slut?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she said. “I really am. I’m so sorry.” She thought about making excuses – that she had had to kiss her co-workers – but decided that excuses might only make him angrier.

He was silent for a moment, leaving Bunny to stew in her regret. She cursed herself. How could she have been so stupid? She knew by now that pleasing the men who had authority over her was the only thing that really mattered at this company. She should have been thinking about what Leroy wanted from her every second since she arrived at work. She had allowed it to slip from her mind, and now she would face the ultimate sanction.

But instead of saying what she expected – that he would report her to Tim Bolland, who would then fire her – Leroy instead said, “How should I punish you, cunt?”

His voice was slow and considered, as if he were thinking over possibilities. As if he wasn’t sure yet whether he would get her fired.

Bunny thought quickly. When she had been here yesterday, he had slapped her across the face several times. He had enjoyed doing that. But would that be enough punishment?

She also thought of her conversation with Tim earlier. When he had asked if she had done anything to deserve a spanking, she had said, “Not yet.” But now she had. She deserved to be spanked.

Which was the right answer? Which would make Leroy pleased with her?

She was a clever girl, and she thought of a clever answer.

“You should slap me across the face, sir,” she said. “And then you should spank me.”

There was a silence. After a while, Bunny dared to look up – and when she did, her heart jumped with relief. Leroy was smiling. It was a cruel, evil smile – but it was a smile.

“Very well,” said Leroy. He reached out with her left hand and grabbed a handful of her hair, to hold her head in position. Then, with his right hand, he slapped her hard across the face.

Bunny felt the blood rush to her cheek. It had been a hard slap, and painful. There were tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

Leroy slapped her again – harder.

Bunny made a choked gasp. “Thank you, sir,” she said again.

“Pull down your panties, then climb over my lap,” said Leroy.

Bunny was aware they were not alone in the open-plan area. A half dozen men had turned from their work to look at Leroy and Bunny, all of them smiling with amusement. 

Slowly, Bunny got up, reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties down to her ankles. She blushed bright red as everyone watched her step out of them, leaving them lying on the floor. Then she leaned over Leroy’s lap. She ended up in a position with her ass pointing up, directly over Leroy’s crotch, and her face and feet not quite touching the floor on either side.

Leroy flicked up her skirt, exposing her ass and cunt to the entire office. Then he gave her ass cheeks a few light slaps. None of them hurt, though some stung a little. They were doing nothing but bringing the blood to the surface of her skin, making her ass tingle and become sensitive.

Then Leroy said, “I’m going to spank you twenty times, cunt. After each blow, I expect you to insult yourself. If you don’t insult yourself in time, or you repeat yourself, the spank won’t count. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” gasped Bunny.

And with that, Leroy began to spank her. WHACK! His hand slapped hard across both ass cheeks. She felt the vibration travel into her still-wet pussy mound.

She reached for an insult. “I’m a dumb slut, sir,” she said, quickly.

WHACK! Again, she felt it in her pussy, and almost moaned.

“I’m a stupid cunt, sir,” she said.


Each blow was harder than the one before. They hurt – Leroy wasn’t attempting to be gentle – but with her pussy as wet as it was from all the kissing, she found the signals from her cunt to be far more distracting than the pain. He aimed each blow across both her lower ass cheeks, so that the force fell in the middle, across her groin, and it felt something like being vigorously fucked from behind. (Or so she imagined, having never previously been fucked in that way.)

“I’m a worthless bitch, sir,” she gasped.

“I’m a disobedient cow.”

“I’m a big-titted bimbo.”

He counted as he spanked her – “five, six, seven” – and Bunny kept thinking of insults.

“I’m too stupid to think for myself, sir.”

“I look like a fuckdoll, sir.”

“I’m nothing but a brainless whore, sir.”

A couple of times she couldn’t think of a new insult in time. On these occasions, Leroy just hit her again, repeating the previous count, until she thought of a new degradation.

“I think with my pussy, sir.”

“I’m nothing but an animal, sir.”

“I’m a pathetic sex-toy, sir.”

When she got to the eighteenth spank, she ran out of inspiration. Her cunt was throbbing madly, and all she could think about was her pussy, and the raw humiliation of having a bare-assed wet-cunted spanking in front of a room full of men. How had it come to this? This hadn’t happened to any of her school friends. How had she alone ended up being spanked like a slutty child in front of people who should have been her peers?

She was silent. Leroy spanked her again. “Eighteen,” he said. When she was still silent, he hit her yet again – harder. “Eighteen,” he said again.

She moaned, but that wasn’t an answer, so Leroy hit her with increasing force. She yelped.

“Eighteen, bitch,” he growled. “Think harder.”

An idea came to her – the phrase she was forced to say to unlock her work computer.

“I deserve to be raped,” she gasped.

Leroy smiled, and whacked her again. “Nineteen.”

She was still out of inspiration, so the blow repeated shortly after. “Nineteen.”

She mewled. Her pussy was so wet. She didn’t want to think of insults. Her cunt had wiggled to the point where it was resting against Leroy’s knee. Each blow drove his knee hard against her pussy. If he would just spank her a few more times, she thought she might cum.

“Nineteen,” he said, as he spanked her again.

She stopped trying. She just repeated herself, and let him spank her.


“I deserve to be raped.”


“I deserve to be raped.”


And with that, she orgasmed, bucking wildly on his lap, and letting out an audible slutty moan that the whole office could hear.

She heard one of the men watching burst out into laughter – and somehow, that made her orgasm again.

Leroy showed her no mercy. “Nineteen,” he said, whacking her ass again as she squirmed and orgasmed.

She remembered the truth he had told her on her last visit, and she grasped at it now as the phrase that would make the ordeal stop.

“I’m not a person, sir,” she gasped, as her body shook with the aftermath of orgasm. “I’m just a cum-toilet.”

And his hand came down one last time. “Twenty,” he said.

“Thank you, sir,” she breathed.

And at that moment, basking in the sexual pleasure of her public orgasm, she honestly meant it.


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