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Bunny struggled and pleaded with Tim as he fucked her. She knew that the panic and fear she was experiencing was just her “bitch feelings”, and that if she listened to her cunt it would tell her to relax and enjoy the feeling of being raped and possibly impregnated.

But she was terrified of becoming pregnant – of what it would do to her life, her career, her identity, her financial security. And the fact that it was happening here, in the office, in front of her co-workers who were watching, made it even worse.

“Please,” she whimpered, as she futilely attempted to push Tim away. “Don’t do this. Please, sir. Please don’t cum inside me. I don’t want to be pregnant.”

“Of course you do, Fuckbunny,” said Tim soothingly as he fucked his cock in and out of her cunt. “All women want to get pregnant. It’s what you were made for. That’s why your pussy is so wet right now – it knows what it wants.”

She sobbed. “No! You don’t understand!”

“Of course I understand,” said Tim. “I’m the only man in the room, so I’m the only one who understands anything. You’re just all confused by head noise and bitch feelings. Would you like me to slap you to help them go away?”

She whined, and shook her head, and tried to push him away again, even as she tried to ignore how good his cock felt, and how much she wanted to cum again.

“Ask me to slap you, Fuckbunny,” said Tim encouragingly. “Ask me to slap you to help you have less stupid and bitchy feelings.”

She whimpered more – but there was a note in Tim’s voice that told her that ignoring his direct instruction would have consequences more dire than simply being fucked.

“Please slap me, sir,” she whispered. “To help me be less bitchy and dumb.”

Tim smiled, and slapped her hard across the face. Bunny gasped at the flare of pain – but the slap actually *did* help. For a moment, all thought went out of her head, and she could only think of her cunt – and her cunt was loving this.

“We really have a very good maternity program, Fuckbunny,” he told her. “Most companies only start benefits for women near the point where they’re ready to give birth, but Kavenagh & True will support you in getting pregnant, and then throughout your breeding cycle, because we understand that pregnant women are stupider than most animals, and need a lot of care and attention.”

“No,” she whimpered. “No. Please. It’s a mistake. I don’t want to breed.” She could feel tears coming again, and Tim was frowning at her, and that was bad, because if Tim was upset she could be fired. 

She choked back a sob and said the only thing she could think of. “Please slap me again, sir. I’m so confused.”

He did slap her, and again it hurt, but it helped.

In her moment of post-slap clarity, she understood that this *was* going to happen. Tim was going to fuck her, and cum inside her, and maybe impregnate her, and literally nothing she said or did was going to stop it. Her only decision was whether to accept the enjoyment of it.

So she let go. She tuned out her head noise, focused on her cunt, and began to enthusiastically buck against Tim’s cock.

“Beg me to breed you,” instructed Tim – and when Bunny hesitated in responding, he slapped her again, and that cured her reluctance.

“Breed me,” Bunny gasped. “Breed me, sir. Breed me.”

And it didn’t take long after that for Tim to cum, filling Bunny’s womb with his hot, fertile sperm.

“Good girl,” he whispered as he pulled out of her. And then he grabbed a thick document clip from Emma’s desk, and clipped it onto Bunny’s pussy mound, squeezing her cunt lips together and trapping his cum in her fuckhole. Bunny squeaked, because it hurt – but it was kind of a good pain, and in any case she had no say in the matter.

“Two hundred points for the Bunnies,” Tim announced loudly to the room, “because Fuckbunny here is beginning her impregnation journey. Let’s hear a round of applause.”

And the whole room burst into frenzied clapping – showing their approval of Bunny’s rape, and of her submission to being non-consensually bred and burdened with a pregnancy.


They made a poster board that hung in Female Resources. It was titled, in bright cardboard letters, “BUNNY WANTS TO BREED”, and there was a picture of her smiling face next to it.

Below, there was a monthly calendar, replicating the data of her menstrual cycle that she had been told to add to her office diary, and highlighting her most fertile days. And there were spaces to note, in large black letters, who had cum inside her, and when. 

For now, it showed CJ’s name, from a few days ago, and Tim’s name, today. It would be Bunny’s responsibility to update the board when she was fucked.

Tim arranged a package of shirts for Bunny too, that he said were a gift from the maternity program.

“I expect you to wear one each day,” he told her, “to celebrate your impending impregnation. They won’t look good with a bra, so you can go without bras in future.”

The shirts were tight, and stretched thinly over her tits. The eager bumps of her nipples tented the cloth in a very obvious way, and many of the shirts also left the dark circles of her areolae clearly visible through the fabric as well.

And the messages left no doubt of her place in the maternity program. One white shirt featured large black letters that read “SPERM INCUBATOR”. Another read “BREED ME”, with an arrow pointing down to her groin. One pink shirt had a hand-drawn figure that was recognisable as Bunny, wearing a diaper and pacifier and nothing else, her cartoonishly large tits leaking milk, and the text “ASPIRING BABYMAKER”. Others read “MY WOMB NEEDS CUM” or “I’M FERTILE” or “A WOMAN’S PLACE IS IN THE BIRTHING WARD”.

Tim told her she was forbidden from conducting pregnancy tests. “A woman should have as little information about her own body as possible,” he told her. “You’ll know you’re pregnant when a man wants to test you, for the benefit of his own knowledge.”

She was forbidden from birth control and morning after pills too – but of course, she had already been disallowed from those by the terms of her trust.

At the end of the day they brought her some legal paperwork. It specified her fervent desire to breed and become impregnated. It gave consent to any man to fuck her at any time, even if she struggled or objected, so long as he attempted to cum inside her pussy to help impregnate her. And it absolved such men of any legal responsibility for any pregnancy or childbirth that resulted from their actions.

She didn’t want to sign it.

“But you will sign it,” said Tim. “If you want to keep working here, that is. We can’t be employing someone who doesn’t accept the biological destiny of women. We can’t employ someone who lied about wanting to be impregnated in front of her whole division. If you don’t sign it, I’ll have to fire you – and then call the police about your inappropriate office behaviour.”

He left her alone in a meeting room with the contract, and a pen, and he locked the door.

Bunny stared at the paper. She hated it. She hated everything. She felt numb.

She wanted to cry. And she knew that that was head noise. It was bitch instincts. She could make it go away. She didn’t have to feel unhappy if she didn’t want to.

So she tuned it out. A moment later, her hand moved to her pussy, and began to massage it. She moaned, and sank back in the chair to give herself better access to her cunt. She stared at the paper, and pictured herself being raped, being impregnated, being humiliated.

Twenty minutes later, she picked up the pen and signed.


She almost didn’t come to work the next day. She knew what awaited her. But she did come – and sure enough, there was a little appointment marked in her calendar when she arrived.

“12 noon – breeding session – 3rd floor meeting room B.”

She didn’t want to attend that appointment. But she knew she would.

Emma came over as she stared at her screen, and bent down, her large breasts brushing Bunny’s shoulder.

“I know your bitch instincts make you scared of being bred,” she whispered in Bunny’s ear. “But you know your cunt likes it. Your whole body was designed for this. Just accept it.”

Bunny felt tears coming. She didn’t trust herself to speak, so she just shook her head.

“You’re not alone in this, you know,” said Emma. “Every other slut in Female Resources goes through challenges in their journey towards being a good girl.” She placed a file in front of Bunny. “Look, it’s time to update the faction scores on the system. Why don’t you do it? And you can see what your peers are going through.”

When Emma returned to her office, Bunny opened the file, curious. As Emma had said, it contained all the actions over the past month that had resulted in points earned for the office scoreboard.

She started with the Cows. She recalled from Emma’s presentation on her first day that Cows were driven by their tits, and wanted to please men.

She saw that a pretty young blonde named Elsa had won points by having her breasts surgically enlarged into huge melons, whose size would prevent her ever being respected by other humans. She saw a small allocation of points to a mature lady named Glynnis, who had started lactating. She saw a redhead whose legal name was apparently “Moo-Moo Melons” had begun to wear a tight bra with small spikes on the inside, to keep her large tits in constant pain. And a big-titted 19-year-old intern named “Titsabell” had sent around an office memo encouraging people to grope, hurt, and fuck her tits without her consent.

This last came with a video of Titsabell naked in a meeting room, crying and frantically masturbating, as two men took turns punching her in the breasts. Tim was there, watching her torture and openly masturbating, and the video ended with him ejaculating on her face.

Bunny tried to pretend that her own pussy had not gotten wet from watching the abuse.

She moved on to the Bitches. They were driven by their cunts, Emma said.

A pretty 25-year-old brunette named Tanya had scored big points for completing a month-long project to let every last man at the company stuff a piece of office trash up her fuckhole. A girl called Cindy had changed her name to “Cunty”. Pretty redheaded Melinda had held a wedding where a priest purported to marry her to her large male Doberman – a ceremony in front of all her friends and family where she had tongue-kissed the groom and then allowed him to mount her right there at the altar. 

All these points added up. The Bitches were doing well this month.

Bunny felt dizzy. Why were these women doing this? Degrading themselves, transforming themselves, making themselves mindless objects of male pleasure or deserving targets of male mockery. Betraying their career, their identity, their gender – and for what? To keep a job at a misogynistic company? To score a few points in a meaningless competition? 

Or were they just as stupid and pathetic as Tim kept saying they were?

She looked at the Kittens. The biggest scorer here was a petite blonde girl called Eliza, who had won approval for…. an adoption? Bunny had to look closer to understand the story – and when she did, she realised the full cruelty of Eliza’s story.

Eliza had come from a conservative Christian background, and when she had been interviewed for her position she had been asked what were the two most disgusting and immoral sexual behaviours a woman could engage in. Her answers had been “lesbianism” and “incest”.

Her answers – and her attractive body – had caught the attention of one of her interviewers, an executive by the name of Gerald Bowers. Mr Bowers had used the regular Kavenagh & True program to lead Eliza into a position of vulnerability, by humiliating her, spying on her, forcing her into embarrassing confessions, and eventually raping her.

When she was fully in his web, he had then forced her into a lesbian relationship with a co-worker named Lacey. The two girls – who had no prior interest in each other – were forced to introduce themselves as girlfriends, go on dates together, and – of course – engage in lengthy nude fuckfests at the home of Mr Bowers, as their boss watched them and masturbated. Eliza’s file contained vivid footage of her crying with shame as she licked her lover’s pussy and masturbated.

Two months ago, Bowers had forced the girls into a legal lesbian marriage, in front of their family and friends – minus those who had turned their back on Eliza because of their religious beliefs, including Eliza’s parents, who no longer acknowledged her as their daughter.

And now, for the final step, Mr Bowers had registered a formal adult adoption of both Eliza and Lacey, with the result that each girl was married to (and fucking) her legal sister. Eliza’s degradation was complete – and all she had to show for it was 200 points for the Kitten team.

These women were terrible, Bunny thought. They were so stupid and pathetic. How could they let this happen to them? Why didn’t they resist, or fight back, or quit? 

Bunny remembered the name of Tim’s book – Humans Have Cocks: The Case For Treating Women as Animals.

Maybe Tim was right. Maybe these women deserved what was happening to them. Maybe they were nothing but animals.

And then she turned to the last team, the Bunnies – and the disgusting slut staring back at her was herself. Fuckbunny Penrose, eager to be impregnated by an anonymous man, enrolled in a program of aggressive breeding. 200 points.

She stared at the picture of herself – nude, being fucked by Tim, her arousal and desperation visible not just on her face but in her erect nipples and flushed skin.

She looked brainless. She looked like an animal in heat. 

Bunny could feel head noise starting in response to the picture. She felt a tickle in her bitch instinct.

But she knew what to do to make it go away. She moved one hand to her chest and began to squeeze her tits, and she put the other between her legs and began to gently stroke her pussy.


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