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“I can’t lick your pussy!” protested Bunny, blushing. “I’m not a lesbian… I mean, I don’t do that with girls. I mean…”

“Sssh,” said Emma, and put a finger across Bunny’s lips. “Those feelings are coming from your bitch instinct. Don’t listen to them. Your cunt has your true feelings. That’s why it’s always so wet around me.”

As she spoke, Emma used her free hand to caress the back of Bunny’s head – and then grip a handful of her hair.

Bunny whimpered. Not from having her hair pulled – that actually felt good. But from the truth of what Emma was saying.

“Now come along, Fuckbunny,” said Emma. She pulled Bunny by her hair, and Bunny had no choice but to crawl along the office floor. Emma pushed back her chair to reveal the space beneath her office desk, and Bunny crawled in obediently, still nude from the waist up.

Then Emma sat in her office chair, rolled it back to its position at the desk, and spread her legs.

She was wearing no underwear beneath her skirt. Bunny was staring at her boss’s wet, naked cunt.

She stared at what she was seeing. “Mistress,” she said, tentatively, “there’s something on your clitoris.”

It was a small metal object, the size of a car key, clipped to Emma’s clit.

Emma giggled. “Oh, that’s my pager,” she said. “Tim makes it vibrate when he wants me, and uses it to shock me when I’ve been bad. Except that good girls learn to cum from having their pussy shocked.”

She reached down and unclipped it from her clitoris. “I’ll put it on my nipple until you’re done,” she said. “Now be a good Fuckbunny, and lick me.”

The smell of cunt was overpowering. Emma had clearly been wet for hours.

Bunny couldn’t believe she was here – half-naked beneath her boss’ desk, expected to lick her female supervisor’s pussy to orgasm. She had come here to begin a career in business – but right now she was little more than a sex slave.

It occurred to her again that any normal woman would rebel. A nice girl would yell, and complain, and quit.

But Bunny couldn’t afford to do that. So she supposed she was neither normal or nice.

And besides – she couldn’t hide from herself that she *wanted* to lick Emma’s pussy. She wanted to make Emma happy. She wanted to make Emma pleased with her. She wanted to *taste* Emma, and swallow Emma’s cunt juices.

She leaned in, resting her cheek against Emma’s inner thigh, using her fingers to spread Emma’s pussy wider, and began to lick.

Emma giggled when she felt Bunny’s tongue against her fuckhole – a brainless, bimbo-ish sound. “Ooh, that’s good,” she moaned. “You know, I used to have a secretary to be my cunt-slave – a pretty girl called Honeybee. Tim gave her to me for being a good little bimbo. I used to rape her every night.”

She paused to gasp as Bunny’s tongue flicked over her clit, then continued. “But then one of our business partners saw her, and wanted to fuck her, so Tim loaned her out, and then she got pregnant. The other company offered her a position as a full-time breeder, so Tim let her leave to pursue that opportunity. The last time I saw her, they were keeping her naked in the board room, with a gag so she could never speak, and her belly was big and round and her tits were leaking milk.” 

She sighed. “I bet her milk would have been really tasty. I miss her.”

Then Emma looked down at Bunny. “I guess I’ll just try *your* milk when *you* get pregnant.”

Bunny’s eyes widened, and she went to back away from Emma’s cunt to explain that she wasn’t going to *get* pregnant – but Emma grabbed her hair, and forced her back down on Emma’s groin, and Bunny had no choice but to lick obediently.

She couldn’t deny that something about this felt *good*. She was so far from the empowered career-woman she had wanted to be – little more than a sex-object or slave – and yet it felt so *comforting* to be here. She was trapped in a space only just big enough to contain her, with literally nothing to do except lick her boss’s pussy, and no one to please except for Emma. She had no options, no choices, no significant responsibilities – and somehow that made her feel relaxed and happy in a way that she hadn’t felt – well, possibly *ever*.

And she also couldn’t deny that licking Emma’s pussy was erotic. Her boss’ cunt tasted divine. She couldn’t get enough of it. After a while, she shifted her free hand – the one that wasn’t spreading Emma’s pussy lips – to her own groin, and began to surreptitiously squeeze and rub at her wet, needy fuckhole. And once she started doing that, her last remaining worries fled. She was letting her “cunt feelings” take control – and they made her feel happy.

She actually brought Emma to orgasm fairly quickly – but Emma just held Bunny’s head tight against her pussy, so Bunny kept licking. She was only doing small kitten-licks now, and kisses. After all, her tongue wasn’t used to this, and had started to tire quickly. But Emma didn’t seem to mind, and appeared to enjoy just the feel of Bunny’s lips against her private parts.

After a while, Bunny heard the door to Emma’s office and a man enter. (No woman would use the door, Bunny knew – they would be required to crawl through the pet flap.) Bunny raised her head to stop licking, but Emma grabbed her hair again, and Bunny blushed as she realised that Emma intended to hold a conversation with her visitor while having Bunny continue to lick her cunt.

“Good afternoon, Sugar-Tits,” said the man. Bunny didn’t recognise his voice. “How’s your day?”

Emma giggled, and said, “Better for seeing you, CJ. How can I help you, sir?”

The man – CJ – took a seat opposite Emma’s desk. “I see you have a new cunt on the floor. A pretty one. How’s she doing?”

“She calls herself Bunny,” said Emma, and Bunny jerked against Emma’s hand again as she realised the conversation would be about her. “But her real name is Fuckbunny,” Emma continued, “and she blushes if you call her that.”

“She’s changed her name already?” asked CJ in surprise.

“Oh, no,” said Emma. “That was her name before she was hired. And she already has fake tits, too. She’s a real prodigy.”

“Oh, she already knew a woman’s place?” asked CJ.

Emma giggled. “No, she thinks she’s a feminist,” she said. “She’s got a complicated history. But she learned to crawl faster than almost any woman in Female Resources, and she was getting wet from letting Tim Bolland cum on her tits just earlier today. I think she’s a born fucktoy, but she just doesn’t know it yet.”

Bunny’s face was bright red. She couldn’t believe that Emma was frankly discussing her sexual activity with a stranger, while she was right here – as if she were an object. She was tempted to bite Emma’s clit in protest – but it would almost certainly reveal her humiliating half-naked state hidden under the desk, and she didn’t know what consequences might follow from Emma. She just blushed furiously, and kept licking.

“I saw that presentation she made where she said that women are basically just stupid animals that don’t have real brains,” said CJ. “Are you telling me she said all that while still believing she was a feminist?”

Emma giggled again. “I know, right? She’s such a silly. And now she’ll probably never work with feminists again. If they see that lecture, they’ll lynch her on the spot.”

In all the shame of having to give the lecture in the first place, Bunny hadn’t thought about what it might mean for her future. Now she felt the full shock of realising what she had done. She made a little gasp – muffled by Emma’s cunt – and felt tears well in her eyes.

She couldn’t cry down here. She couldn’t cry into Emma’s pussy. If she sobbed, this man, CJ, would hear her. And anyway, she didn’t want to think about humiliation, or the fact that she may have ruined her future. She wanted those thoughts to go away.

She remembered the lecture she had given. Bad feelings were “head noise” – just meaningless chatter rolling around in her empty girlish head. She could tune them out, by listening to her cunt, and her tits. She used her free hand to give her left breast a little squeeze – and honestly, it *did* make her happier. Lowering her hand back to her pussy and continuing to masturbate was even better. The shame began to recede, and the urge to cry faded. She just focused on being happy as Emma’s obedient cunt-slave.

CJ coughed, awkwardly. “So, Sugar-Tits…” he said. “When do you think I might get a turn with this Fuckbunny?”

“Whenever you like, really,” said Emma. “She’s naturally submissive. A lot of men have already groped her and degraded her, and she hasn’t uttered a word of complaint. I suspect you could just rape her, and she wouldn’t protest at all.”

Bunny tried to tune out the horrifying things Emma was saying. She focused on her cunt feelings and tit feelings. And she tried to ignore the fact that being talked about, like an object, in such demeaning terms, was making her even more wet than she had been to begin with.

“Is she going to be alone somewhere soon?” asked CJ.

“I’ll send her by your office before she leaves for the day,” said Emma. Then Emma paused. “But, please, sir,” she added, “be gentle with her. She really is a very *good* Fuckbunny, and she’ll juice up for you and give you a good time if you show her a little mercy. I know you like it when they cry, but I’d be very” – she paused, and then continued in a suggestive tone – “*grateful* if you’d let her enjoy it.”

CJ laughed. “Fine,” he said. “This one time. You’ve been very accommodating as always, Sugar-Tits.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Emma, and giggled again. 

And after that, Bunny heard CJ get up and leave the office.

When he was gone, Emma pushed her chair back, and looked down at Bunny, who was still half-naked, with Emma’s pussy juices shining on her cheeks.

“I know you heard that, Fuckbunny,” said Emma. “I’m going to send you to see CJ in half an hour. Until then, I want you to rub your pussy while thinking about what’s going to happen to you. I don’t want you to cum – just stay right on the edge, so you’re horny and stupid, like a good girl. Understand?”

Bunny whimpered, not believing that Emma was really going to ask this of her.

But she was.

“If you don’t want to do this,” said Emma, “you’ll be fired. It’s up to you. And I’m going to get CJ to file an official report on your behaviour, to go on your permanent record, so make sure you give him a good time, all right?” She smiled. “But while you’re masturbating, you may as well keep licking my pussy.” She pushed her chair back against the desk, and used Bunny’s hair to pull Bunny back against her cunt.

Bunny masturbated obediently, and thought about the fact she was going to walk to the office of a man she had never met and allow him to rape her. She thought about how this was apparently part of her *job* now. She thought about how she would be assessed on her performance.

And despite all the horror and fear that she knew she should be feeling – that she was *obliged* to feel, as a woman and a feminist – her true shame was knowing that the hardest part would be masturbating to those ideas for a full half-hour without accidentally cumming.


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