Sarah was raised in a cult that taught that women were nothing but sub-human sex-objects, and she had been brought up in accordance with those beliefs.

But when Sarah turned 18, she told her parents she wanted to complete her final year of education at a “real school”, not the cult’s claustrophobic religious classroom.

Her parents had no real legal authority to stop her, but Sarah also had no clear idea how to deal with the bureaucracy of the world outside the cult, so the family made a deal. Sarah would be able to attend a “real school”, as long as she continued to follow the teachings of the cult while she attended.

For instance, it was forbidden for cult girls to cover their nipples or cunt. But the school would hardly allow Sarah to attend naked – although she could probably get away with going without underwear. So her mother made some cunning alterations to Sarah’s school uniform. She cut out tiny holes over Sarah’s nipples, so they would technically be visible to view, and then used body paint to paint the front of Sarah’s breasts the same colour as the shirt. A slit in the front of her skirt and a little more body paint achieved the same purpose for Sarah’s pussy, although it would really only be visible if Sarah sat with her legs spread (which she always did). 

The slit in her skirt also made it easy for Sarah to surreptitiously finger her pussy if her aroused wetness ever began to diminish. After all, a dry cunt was a sin.

Sarah would have to walk slowly to avoid drawing attention to the ringing of the small bell that hung from her clitoris ring on a chain. She sat alone at lunch so that no one would see her drinking her daily small bottle of semen, or ask her questions about the sandwich that had been flavoured with her mother’s cunt juices.

She avoided talking to her classmates at all, because it was required of a woman to let any man she spoke to know that it was acceptable to rape her. She couldn’t avoid this requirement with her teachers, though, and stayed after each of her classes on her first day to provide them with this critical information.

Sarah had thought that, outside the cult, women might not be treated like sex objects. She had thought that outside the cult, women were not habitually raped by any man who wanted them. She had dreamed of the possibility of a different life for herself.

But on that first day, three of her teachers chose to rape her after she told them it was okay, and two more used her on the next day after having the night to think it over.

And then word got out that she was a slut. People knew about her exposed nipples. People knew about the bell hanging from her cunt. People discovered that she was drinking cum every lunchtime.

And so on the fourth day at school, she was raped by another student. And then raped again every day thereafter, sometimes multiple times. Within the month, she was pregnant.

It was everything her parents had hoped for. Sarah had learned that her destiny was the same no matter where she went, and that there was no escape for her outside of the cult. She dropped out of school at the end of her first trimester, because it was now clear to her that there was no point in her learning history or science, or really anything except how to be an enjoyable rape toy and a productive breeder.

Her former classmates still came to visit her at home and rape her, though. After all, no good girl of the cult ever refused to do what she was born for…


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