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Author’s Note: For the benefit of any readers who are encountering this story outside the context of my work generally, the Dr Degradation columns are fictional gender-degradation erotica.  The requests for advice are entirely fictional, and the advice should absolutely not be followed.  


Hello again Dr Degradation,

I previously wrote to you for advice on how to turn my bimbo math teacher into an obedient sex pet.  She’s 23, she’s got a body more appropriate to being a fuckdoll than a teacher, and she’s a grade A-mouthy bitch.

You provided some excellent advice on breaking down her resistance to being dominated by her students, and generally humiliating and degrading her.  I’ve done all that, and I’m pleased to report that she’s now too terrified and ashamed to resist anything we want to do with her.  I’ve slapped her across the face twice, and she’s never reported it to the principal or anyone else.  Last week we pulled off all her clothes, and she spent the class completely nude and humiliated.  At the end we made her thank us for stripping her nude, and then afterwards I stayed back and pushed my cock into her mouth, and got a surprisingly excellent blowjob.  I’m pretty sure that’s the first time she’s ever sucked off a student, but I made it clear it wouldn’t be the last.

What I want to know is how do I complete my dream of turning her into a completely submissive sub-human petgirl?  The whole class is following your suggestion of calling her “Fifi” now in class, but she keeps trying to correct us that her name is “Miss Badeshire”.

Keen for more ideas,

Nathan H


Thanks for this question, Nathan – and I have to say, I’m proud of your dedication to this important and worthwhile project.  Every woman who learns her place as a sex object is a victory for humanity.

The main difference between an animal and a human is that a human has control over their body, their identity, their sexuality, and their life, and an animal does not.  Every part of the body of an animal exists to serve humans, and a human can change an animal if he sees fit.  The fundamental challenge in getting Fifi to understand she is a pet is in teaching her she does not control herself.

At this point, if I understand correctly, you have the power to ruin Fifi’s life.  You have a collection of material showing her nude, engaging in sexual activity with male students, which could get her fired or even sent to prison.  Obviously it’s not in your interests to lose your access to Fifi, but nevertheless it should be enough to compel her to accept any treatment so long as it’s preferable to public humiliation and unemployment.

You’ve singled out her objection to the name “Fifi”, and I think that’s a good place to start.  Buy her a dog collar – something subtle, perhaps a thin black leather choker, that could equally go on a fashionable woman or a small dog.  Attach a dog-style nametag to it – maybe even shaped like a dog bone.  On one side, engrave the name “Fifi”, and on the other the words “Stupid Cunt”. 

Put the collar on her in your next class, while she’s nude, with the “Fifi” side of the nametag facing out.  Lock the collar in place with a small, discreet padlock, so it’s not easy to take off.  Tell her if she removes it, you’ll punish her – and leave it vague what the punishment is.  She’ll be afraid that it means being exposed as a student-fucking slut, and being fired, but it leaves you room to punish her another way (such as raping her) if she calls your bluff.

I think you’ll find the collar has an enormous psychological effect on her.  Just being collared sends a powerful message about her status.  She’ll be constantly afraid that someone will ask her why she’s in a collar, or what “Fifi” means, which will keep her mind focused on her shame and submission.  Even more, she’ll keep worrying her nametag has flipped to the “Stupid Cunt” side – which will make her keep checking it, and looking at that word “Fifi”, and associating displaying “Fifi” with relief and safety.

Enforce the name in class.  When she doesn’t answer to “Fifi”, or tries to call herself “Miss Badeshire”, stand up and slap her, hard.  If she hasn’t reported your violence so far, she won’t start now, and soon enough she’ll decide she doesn’t want to be slapped anymore.  Get her to introduce herself to your class as Fifi.

And start using that name the way you’d use a dog’s name.  Say, “Here, Fifi,” went you want her to come to you, and tell her “Down, Fifi” just before she was about to sit in her teacher’s chair anyway.  Try out, “Shush, Fifi,” when she’s talking, and slap her if she doesn’t stop immediately.  Say “Good girl, Fifi,” when she obeys, and say, “Bad dog, Fifi,” before you slap her.

After a while, tell her you want her to tell her other classes to call her Fifi.  You’ve probably got friends in those classes who you can prime to join in on her training.  She’ll likely find that her students enjoy calling her Fifi, and using exactly the same dog-training tone of voice that you’re trying on her.  

Around this time, it will be necessary to take an important step with her.  Tell her that soon the principal will wonder why all the students are calling her “Fifi”, and she’s going to need an explanation.  The only answer that will work is for her to be able to say she has legally changed her name, and that it’s therefore the appropriate thing for students to call her.

She won’t want to legally change her name, but she’ll also be trapped in a cycle of guilt and shame and fear of what will happen to her if her slutty behaviour gets out.  Get some of your friends, and escort her to the births, deaths and marriages registrar, and supervise her as she processes her application for a change of name.

Most jurisdictions require that names be not obviously sexual or offensive.  You’ll be changing her first name to Fifi, but you should exercise some thought about what her new surname should be.  You’ll want something that sounds demeaning, but could plausibly be passed off as a human surname, with an explanation like “this was my grandmother’s maiden name”.  Some suggestions are Melons, Prettypaws, Goodpet, or Dogwife.

Once you’ve got confirmation that her name has been legally changed, you can lead her through the process of changing her various accounts and memberships into her new name, and applying to have her teaching degrees reissued to “Fifi”.  

At this point you’ve demonstrated that her identity is not something she controls, which is an important part of the process of training her.

At the same time, you can work on making her understand that she doesn’t control her body.

Some of the best ways to make a bitch understand that she doesn’t own her body are to permanently remove her pubic hair using laser treatment, or give her giant oversized fake tits using plastic surgery, but these options are probably too costly and difficult for school students.

Don’t worry – there are many things you *can* do.

Start with her hair.  Next time you have her nude in class – preferably before a lunch break, so that you have extra time if needed – get her to lie on her back on her desk, and then tie her in place, with her legs spread.

If her pussy isn’t already shaved, that’s great – it gives you a chance to wax her pussy.  You can find instructions for how to do this online.  If you’ve never waxed a woman’s cunt before, you’re likely to cause her a great deal of pain – which is fine, because a bitch like this deserves it.  You can even say something like, “Keep it waxed, or I’ll wax it for you,” and she’ll likely be keen to keep her own twat hairless to avoid the brutal way that you might do it if she doesn’t.

(As a side note, I recommend playing with and stimulating her pussy both before and during the waxing.  It’s a little more difficult to properly wax a pussy when it’s aroused and slippery, but it’s good for bitches to learn to associate cunt pain with arousal.)

During the same session that you wax her cunt, it’s also time to cut and dye the hair on her head.  If you have some friends helping you, these processes can happen at the same time, with someone cutting her hair while someone else waxes her fuckhole.

It doesn’t matter whether Fifi has long hair or short hair – the important point is to change it, and that means cutting it shorter.  She can always grow it out to your preferred length once she has fully accepted her new life.  It doesn’t need to be a good haircut, it just needs to be obviously something she didn’t choose for herself (although she’ll tell everyone she knows that she did indeed choose this change).  She needs to look like a stranger to herself when she looks in the mirror.

And once it’s cut, dye it.  If she’s a brunette or redhead, then turn her into a bleached blonde bimbo.  If she’s already blonde, then dye it pink.  

The message is that you can change her, whenever you like, however you like.  And that she can’t stop you.  Her body is your toy.

You may also want to start writing on her body each class.  Use a pen that’s hard to wash off.  You want to leave her with reminders that you can violate her bodily autonomy every time she looks at herself.  Write things like “Fifi wants to be a good bitch” or “Fifi is a dirty slut” – aspirational statements that it will help her to be reminded of.

Her clothing will also need some work.  Each time you strip her nude for class, just completely destroy two pieces of clothing that don’t please you.  Ideally leave her enough clothes remaining to hide her degradation for the rest of the day – but ultimately hiding her abuse is her problem, not yours.

As you destroy each piece of clothing, tell her what was wrong with it.  Her heels weren’t high enough.  Her skirt wasn’t short enough.  Her panties weren’t crotchless.  Her shirt didn’t show enough cleavage.  

Watch what happens to her outfit choices, as she begins choosing clothes to please you – either consciously or otherwise.  Any time she turns up in an outfit that actually gives you an erection, tell her that she’s a good bitch, put her hand on your groin (so she knows what she did right), and then only destroy *one* piece of her clothing.

Losing a piece of clothing every day is likely to put a strain on her finances as she buys new clothes (hopefully sluttier ones than she previously owned), but that’s okay.  A broke bitch is an exploitable bitch.

I’ve taken the liberty of mailing you one more item that will help at this stage – a puppy tail butt plug.  Insert it into her anus using lube during class and tell her that it makes her look like a pretty little bitch.  After you’ve put it into her twice during class, let her take it home, and tell her you want her to be wearing it when she turns up to class in future.  After that you can expand it and tell her that you don’t ever want to see her without the tail inserted.  How she explains it to other classes, or other teachers, is her problem.  Sluts can be awfully creative when it comes to hiding their shame.

Now it’s time to actually teach her to be an animal.

Animals don’t stand on two feet.  Insist that she crawl on all fours in class, her tits hanging down beneath her.  Her hands and knees are probably too delicate to crawl *everywhere* just yet, but if your class can afford a little money, you can obtain knee pads and puppy-paw gloves that will let her stay on all fours for much longer periods.  

Have fun with getting her to drop to all fours outside of class, when you encounter her in hallways, at lunch, or outside of school.  Just tell her that she’ll be punished if she stays on two legs in your presence, and let her work out how to do it subtly, or explain her behaviour to others.  You can eventually get her to do this in her other classrooms.

She’ll also need practice being naked and leashed in the real world.  I suggest you establish a schedule of “field trips” every weekend, where you have her drive several students from your class to a remote location (or drive her yourself, if you have licences).  A national park or other nature reserve is a good place to start.  Strip her completely nude, attach a dog leash to her collar, and have her crawl as you lead her around in this public (but isolated) location, completely nude in daylight.  Generally you want these walks to be long enough that she has to piss, so you can make her do it in front of you like an animal.  She should thereby learn that she doesn’t control her bladder or toileting.

Over time, take her closer to places that people might see her.  Walk along the edges of low-traffic highways, or near to picnicking spots.  After all, if anyone gets in trouble in this scenario, it will be the nude crawling adult slut, not the fully clothed boys leading her.  Do not let her balk or hesitate – make it clear she goes where the leash takes her.

You can start making her be nude in the car going to and from these locations too.  That way she’ll know there are literally no clothes for her even if she needs some – you simply haven’t brought any, and making provision for her to be clothed is not a thing she is allowed to think about.  

Identify a town within driving distance where she is unlikely to be recognised.  Then start taking her there, and have her crawl first along a nude beach, then a regular beach, and then graduate to walking her around a public park.  Try and get video of the expression on her face the first time she has to piss nude in front of strangers, as they make disgusted noises and call her a whore and an animal – it’ll be something you want to watch again and again.

These excursions are a great time to rape her, by the way.  You’ll undoubtedly be keen to use her body as the cum-toilet it is, and she needs to learn that she gets fucked when men want to fuck her and that her consent or preference is completely irrelevant.  Never let her clean the cum off afterwards, always make her thank you for her rape, and ideally always try and both hurt her, and make her aroused.  If she’s not the kind of slut who automatically gets wet from abuse, I can recommend a range of drugs that will promote arousal, whether she wants to be aroused or not.

You should consider whether you want to get Fifi pregnant.  Forcibly breeding a woman is the ultimate way to teach her that she doesn’t control her body, and every day as her belly and tits swell, and she begins to leak milk, she will be reminded of who really controls her.  If you want to go down this path, simply confiscate her birth control meds.  The added terror she feels every time you cum inside her unprotected can be quite entertaining.  However, if this doesn’t suit your plans for her, that’s fine too.

Another important lesson during this time is to train her out of talking.  There are several ways to do this.  A very simple and elegant option is to get her a tongue piercing – maybe even with a lewd tongue stud that says something like “Face-Cunt”.  She’ll start to just naturally avoid opening her mouth, so that no one will see it (and a large tongue piercing will make her speech awkward and slurred anyway). 

Alternatively, a de-barking collar can be a good investment.  There are a range specifically designed for bitch training.  Some of these can specifically detect intelligible speech, and will shock her any time she uses meaningful words, reducing her to moans, whimpers, and (ideally) barking sounds like a dog.  

You can start her on one of those collars in class (temporarily removing her “Fifi” collar to make room for it).  She doesn’t need to be teaching you anything now anyway.  Just have her put a porn video on for the class to watch, and then crawl from desk to desk sucking cocks.

You probably can’t stop her speaking 24/7 until you’re ready for her to be fired as a teacher.  Some sophisticated collars can be set with timers, and if you obtain one of these you can program it to silence her outside of school hours.  However, this is likely to be quite effective, and she will very soon be afraid to speak even when the collar isn’t active, which will make maintaining her job difficult.  

That’s alright.  A bitch like her has no long-term future in a human job, so the time will come when you can remove her speech altogether, and you won’t have to listen to any more of her stupid bitchy opinions.

It’s also time for her to go on a bitch diet.  Most jellied solid dog foods contain all the nutrients that a human needs to survive.  Go to her house and throw out her food – maybe lock her fridge and cupboard.  She’ll eat two square meals a day now – at the start of the school day before class, and during lunch – and both of these meals will be a can of gooey, jellied dog food, eaten on all fours from a dog bowl.  Feel free to cum or piss on these meals if you feel inclined.  

This is going to leave her a little hungry.  She’ll lose a bit of weight, which is probably good for her.  Don’t let her get too unhealthy – you can move to add a third meal once the training portion of this exercise is complete.

The two key goals from having her eat this way are that it reinforces her status as an animal – and also that it provides a positive association.  As disgusting as these meals are, she’s going to start becoming eager to come to school and receive her abuse purely because she’s hungry and eager to eat.  She’ll be grateful to receive her dog food, and see you and her other abusers as the ones who are in control of her basic needs for food and sustenance.  

(If you’re feeling like going a little further, occasionally feed her people food, but put some emetics and diarrhetics in it, so it makes her vomit and shit.  After a few repetitions of this, she’ll start associating eating people food with pain and unhappiness.)

By the end of the school year, you’re going to have a degraded, submissive slut, who is used to being nude in public, who eats dog food from a bowl, who submits to regular rapes, and who can no longer communicate using language.  

Your school year is ending – so there’s no need to keep her as a teacher.  Just turn up her degradation until it gets her fired.  Have her masturbate naked in every class in front of the students.  Have her crawl around the school nude with cum dripping from her pussy.

Once she’s fired, she can be yours around the clock.  If you’re still living at home and your parents aren’t on board with having a naked woman as a pet, you can easily keep her a secret in a dog cage in a back yard shed, or on public land somewhere.  Three cans of dog food a day is all it will cost you to keep her, and even if you don’t want to whore her out for cash, you can have her apply for unemployment benefits and use the money to cover her upkeep, with a little profit for yourself.  

There you have it!  From math teacher to obedient pet.  Honestly, Fifi will probably be happier in her new life – and if she isn’t, nobody cares.  

Good luck with the conversion product, Nathan – and thank you for your dedication to making the world a better place.

Until next time,

Dr Degradation


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