Author’s Note: For the benefit of any readers who are encountering this story outside the context of my work generally, the Dr Degradation columns are fictional gender-degradation erotica. The requests for advice are entirely fictional, and the advice should absolutely not be followed. 


Hey, Dr Degradation,

My math teacher is a bitch – how do I turn her into an actual pet?

I’m 18 years old and in my final year of schooling at an all-boys private school. I’m doing well in all of my subjects except for math – not because I’m bad at it, but because my teacher, “Miss Badeshire” (she hates it when people call her “Fiona”) is just a complete cunt to me. She’s decided I’m a bad influence, and she takes every opportunity to give me low marks. 

I don’t even think she should be teaching math. She’s only 23, she’s not that smart, and she’s got a face, figure, and pair of tits that are more appropriate to sex work than education. I think someone made a mistake somewhere and gave her a degree when they should have just slapped her across the face and stuck their cock in her.

All the other boys in my class agree that she’s nothing but a pretty, bitchy bimbo. I’d like to just rape her, but I’m worried that it might cost me my graduation. What I’d like most is for her to accept her place as a sex animal, in an actual collar and leash.

How can I make my dream a reality?

Yours gratefully,

Nathan H


First of all, congratulations on your dream, and your willingness to pursue it, Nathan. It’s that kind of ambition that makes the leaders of tomorrow.

This is actually a fairly big project, so I’m going to address it in two separate columns. Today I’m going to talk about the first half of the equation (pun intended) – how to gain control over your math teacher, so you can start teaching her her proper place in the world.

As you’ve already identified, the chief obstacle to your success is the risk of consequences. A lot of good schools already understand that women are fundamentally sex objects, and students often learn more from raping women than from listening to what they have to say. But it doesn’t sound like your institution has reached that level of enlightenment yet, and there could be real repercussions for you if your “Miss Badeshire” reports you for sexual harassment or molestation.

So the first step in your project is to isolate your teacher, so that whatever interactions you have with her stay a secret from other members of your school faculty.

Now, I’m not going to keep typing “Miss Badeshire”. As I think you already know, that’s a term of respect, and your math teacher doesn’t deserve respect. In fact, women are more like animals than humans, so it’s best to consistently refer to them by an animal name instead of a people name. Your teacher’s birth name was “Fiona”, so how about we call her “Fifi” from now on?

The trick to isolating Fifi is shame. She’s not going to report anything to anyone if she’s too ashamed to talk about it. So you need to assert your authority by doing things in class that she’ll be too ashamed to raise with other teachers.

There are a range of good ways to do this, and most of them involve loudly starting a conversation that she’ll be uncomfortable with. It’s best to do this near the start of class, before she’s found her authority or gotten into the flow of the lesson. And it involves being crude, but it’s all for a good cause.

Perhaps tell her that you can smell her cunt. Insist that you can smell it from your desk. Ask her if she’s wet. Ask her if she’s wearing panties. Ask her if she masturbated before coming into class. Do it loudly, so she’ll be worried that someone will hear it from outside the class. It’s important that *she* takes responsibility for keeping your harassment of her a secret.

Questions like this will likely get laughter from the other students, which will give Fifi the impression that you’re on her side. Keep her off balance, and keep asking demeaning questions, until she starts answering them in an attempt to shut you up. She might blurt out, “No, I’m not wet,” or, “Yes, I’m wearing panties” – and that sets an important precedent that she *will* answer you when you ask her an embarrassing question, and also that her sexuality and private matters *are* up for discussion in class. Feel free to keep asking her follow-up questions. 

What you want is for her to *beg* you to stop. She might even say “please”. You want her to admit that you’re in control of the situation, and that she needs your permission for the humiliation to end. When she does that, you want to acquiesce (for now), to reinforce with her that that’s an effective way of interacting with you. 

Later on, begging won’t be enough – she’ll have to offer you something to make the embarrassment stop.

Other good topics of embarrassing conversation to have with your teacher include:

– “Did I see you having sex with an animal before class? Were you enjoying it?”

– “I heard from a friend of my father’s that you enjoy being pissed on during sex. Do you like it in your mouth, or just over your face and tits?”

– “I heard you’re registered as a sex offender. Who’s the youngest person who’s ever fucked you? Do you fantasise about fucking your students? Who do you fantasise about the most?”

Eventually you’ll be able to get her to the point where she’ll answer your embarrassing questions about her sex life, just to make you stop. You should ask her a range of questions about her sexual history, her fantasies, and her fetishes, at all points of the lesson, and make sure you record her answers on your mobile phone.

Soon, you’ll have a good collection of files of her talking about sex with her students – and that should now be enough to blackmail her. After all, she doesn’t want you to tell the principal about how she discussed her masturbation habits with her class, does she?

It’s also important to establish *physical* domination over Fifi during this period.

As an 18-year-old male, you’re probably larger and taller than Fifi. Even if you’re not, you probably have some friends in class who would also be interested in seeing your teacher put in her proper place.

Take every opportunity to stand in her personal space. Loom over her. Block the path between her and the classroom door. Pick up her personal possessions – her handbag and so forth – and inspect them, and make it clear you’ll only put them down when you’re done with them, not when she asks.

You want to make it clear to her that you could hurt her if you chose to. You want to make it clear that you are able to literally take her things away, and prevent her from going places, and there is literally nothing she can do to stop you except beg. 

You want to make sure that when she thinks about challenging you in any context – or disobeying you – she takes a moment to consider, “What will happen to me if I do?”

Once you have that combination of levers in place – shame, guilt and physical fear – you will have control over your teacher.

That’s the point where it’s time to make clear what her place is in relation to you.

The goal here is to make her do and accept things that unambiguously have no place in a normal classroom.

I suggest you start by demanding she show the class her bra every class. Keep calling out for her to show her bra until she complies, and unbuttons her shirt to expose her underwear to the entire class. If necessary, grow louder in your demands, so that she becomes afraid that someone will hear, and grow more threatening in your tone. Standing up at your desk can also remind her of the fear of physical consequences.

The moment she shows her bra to your class, she will know she has done something she can never explain or justify. Make sure that you, and ideally some of your friends, are recording the moment on your phones. Keep asking her to expose herself every day.

She will probably cover herself back up. From the second day onward, you should wait a little when she does this, then get up from your desk, walk over to her, and forcibly unbutton her shirt all the way down. If she resists, now is the time to get violent. Just rip her shirt. Don’t be afraid to rip it off entirely or damage it. 

She will be shocked – but there is nothing she will be able to do about it, and nobody she can tell.

Do this every day after she closes her shirt. Very quickly she will stop buttoning it back up, leaving her shirt open and her bra showing for the entire class.

Now begin walking over to her each day before class begins, and unbuttoning her shirt for her. Again, rip it if she objects. And when you’re done, slap her across the face – twice. Say, “The first one is for the shirt. The second one is for wearing a bra.”

Then take out your cock, and say it, “Kiss it to apologise.”

At first she’ll probably be too resistant – and shocked – to obey. If she doesn’t obey, slap her again, and then forcibly rub your cock across her face, and laugh.

Repeat this each day.

Depending on how naturally submissive Fifi is, she may get with the new program all by herself, and unbuttoning her shirt before you arrive at class. She may even stop wearing a bra. This is your aim at this point – to get her to show her tits to the class, and teach with her tits exposed. She may also start voluntarily kissing your cock to avoid a slap, and that is an important step in her journey of submission and dehumanisation.

It’s fine for your friends in the class to see this. In fact, it’s desirable. They need to see that they can get away with this bullying of Fifi as well. They need to see that she is weak, and she will submit.

If Fifi isn’t smart enough to bare her tits herself, you should force her after about four days. Just rip off her clothes entirely and ruin them so she can’t put them back on. How she gets out of the classroom afterwards without people seeing that she’s naked is her problem. Women have a kind of animal cunning – she’ll work something out. And you’re again establishing that keeping the secret of how you’re treating her is *her* job. It’s her shame, and her responsibility to hide it.

She will never be able to explain that she taught your class with her breasts exposed. It could get her fired. More than that, she could go to jail. And so now she belongs to you, and you can begin the process of training her as your pet.

That’s all for this week, but I’ll return soon with the second half of this column, on how to show your teacher her proper place as an animal.

Yours truly,

Dr Degradation


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