(Number Two is Still Humiliated Today!)

As the world’s media slowly merged into a series of monolithic megacorporations, it was unsurprising that eventually all the top sites for teen girls ended up owned by a single man with very specific ideas about how girls should behave. 

Their readers, uninterested in the politics of media control, never noticed the change, and just kept following the advice of their favourite sites, even as that advice became more and more suspect….

The following article was published on the popular teen website Teen Rape in February 2028. It complies with the Workplace (Gendered Language) Act 2027 which requires all job titles to use a diminutive feminine form when describing a woman, and thus “celebrette” is used as the feminine of “celebrity”.


Every girl wants to be famous, because famous girls get male attention! But is that a realistic goal? Are your tits big enough, your waist thin enough, your face pretty enough, your cunt wet enough to deserve the life of a celebrette? Are you really attractive enough to fuck as many men as even the lowest-paid actress does daily?

Probably not – but don’t give up hope! Sometimes fate conspires to make ordinary sluts into worldwide sensations! We’ve compiled a quick list of three accidentally-famous bitches – there’s inspiration here for everyone!

1) When Claire James was raped live on the Nightly News

In 2025, Claire James was a cadet reportress for the Nightly News covering what was supposed to be a peaceful racial equality protest in Boston. But when it turned into a race riot, Claire was attacked in the middle of her broadcast by a protester who ripped her clothes off and proceeded to rape her on camera.

Her cameraman chose to keep filming rather than intervene, and her news network bravely continued to transmit the footage rather than cut away. Ratings went through the roof. It became such an iconic television moment that almost everyone now remembers where they were when Claire James got raped, and the humiliated, ashamed look on her face when she orgasmed from the rape is etched into the consciousness of a generation.

Claire left reporting and tried a succession of jobs, but after it became clear that re-enacting her rape was now a sexual fantasy for an entire generation, she moved into a successful career as a porn actress, figuring if she was going to be fucked daily against her will she may as well be paid for it. Meanwhile, news networks everywhere began a practice of deliberately sending provocatively-dressed attractive female reportresses to cover any event that may escalate into violence, in the hopes of repeating the Nightly News’ ratings coup…

2) When Desiree Wheaton became “cunt girl”

In November 2027, what should have been the proudest day of Desiree Wheaton’s life turned her into a source of worldwide internet humiliation. 

The attractive schoolgirl valedictorian had spent the night before her graduation ceremony at her boyfriend’s house. In the morning, in a momentary haze of unsatisfied lust, she had agreed to a naughty suggestion by her boyfriend – to tape her cunt lips to her inner thighs, place a forceps-like spreader device in her pussy to open her fuckhole to the elements, and attend her graduation in a skirt but no panties.

She was apparently regretting the choice by the time the graduation ceremony started, but had no opportunity to remove the slutty accessorising. Then, when she stood up to give her valedictorian speech, it happened – a piece of the sticky tape holding her pussy open had come loose, gotten stuck on the front of her skirt, and then ended up pinning her skirt hem to her shirt. When she stood up, her lewdly spread and gaping fuckhole was exposed to her entire graduating class – and Desiree, horny, flushed, and stressed, didn’t notice.

She read her entire speech with her spread cunt on full display. Almost everyone in the audience filmed it, and some zoomed in to show how sopping wet she was, and to catch remnants of her boyfriend’s sperm trickling down her inner thighs. The footage went viral immediately, and the entire world soon knew her as “cunt girl”. 

She soon became a byword for whorishness. “You’re a bigger slut than cunt girl” was a common insult. 

Desiree’s school threatened to cancel her graduation due to her lewd conduct. As part of a deal she reached with them to be allowed to graduate, Desiree agreed to accept a round of offers to appear on talk shows to discuss the now-famous incident – appearances that included displaying her cunt and demonstrating how to tape a girl’s pussy open and spread her fucktunnel. She made no money from these, the proceeds instead going to her school.

We understand today that Desiree works in an accounting firm as an accountress – but she does it bare cunted, with her pussy spread for the entire workday, because after her tenth professional interview entirely focused on her cunt and her internet fame, she finally offered to re-enact the “cunt girl” outfit in order to get the job…

3) When Shauna Kadie got her tits stuck in a car window

Shauna Kadie is, by anyone’s measure, an attractive woman – but that didn’t stop the world laughing when she got her tits stuck in her car window. In June 2026, Shauna had been engaging in topless sunbathing at a local beach. Halfway through, she returned to her car to retrieve a sun hat – when her car’s electrics went wrong at just the worst time. Shauna had been leaning into the car through its passenger side window. She had just pulled her head back out to look at a passing car when the electrics malfunctioned. The passenger door lock jammed, and the window rolled swiftly upwards – into the underside of her large tits, which were still protruding into the car! Shauna soon found herself with her naked tits pinned painfully between the window glass and the top of the doorframe – and she couldn’t pull them out! Her car keys had no effect on the malfunctioning electrics.

Shauna called for help – but rather than assist, nearby beachgoers instead pulled out their phones and started filming. There was much laughter at the stupid trapped slut. One man approached Shauna – but rather than helping, he pulled at the string of her bikini briefs, removing her remaining item of clothing and leaving her bare-assed and bare-cunted.

The following two hours of camera footage is legendary. Most versions on the internet are highlight reels, but you can still find the full film easily enough. We all know about the point where Adam Webb managed to unlock the driver’s side door – but rather than freeing Shauna, he instead began sucking on her nipples as she squealed, then pinched and slapped her tits, then hung heavy weights from her trapped fuckbags via nipple clamps before exiting and locking the car behind him – this time with her keys inside.

We know the point where Shauna started crying from the pain, and someone in the crowd suggested she should masturbate to give herself endorphins, and then a few moments later a humiliated and desperate Shauna began to masturbate in front of the large crowd. We remember the point where the crowd burst into laughter at her slutty behaviour – and how Shauna responded by humiliatingly orgasming, squirting ejaculate down her legs and puddling at her feet.

We remember the point where her bladder was too full, and she pissed herself in front of the crowd – while still masturbating. We remember when she began begging people to help her, and telling them they could fuck her if they just helped her free her tits – and multiple men from the crowd came forward to take turns fucking her as she stood there, trapped, although after each one came inside her, none of them did anything to help her.

She was eventually freed by Dustin Strong – but only after she signed a contract he offered her, that gave him full and exclusive rights to publicise her ordeal and make profit from it, and providing her full cooperation in such profit-making ventures.

Now Shauna performs in a wildly-successful travelling show where she re-enacts her ordeal, trapping her tits in a fake window on stage and letting men fuck and torture her while she is helpless. You can buy a Shauna Kadie fleshlight modelled on the unique contours of her cunt, a copy of her biography “I Got What I Deserved: the Story of Shauna’s Tits and the Window”, and there’s even a special-release Shauna Kadie Barbie, who can be posed so as to have her breasts caught in the window of her sportscar. Under the terms of the contract, Shauna makes no money from any of this, and these days she’s dependent on handouts from Dustin, and reports say she lives in a dog cage in his backyard.


So there you have it, girls! Any slut can become accidentally famous! Keep dreaming of being publicly sexually violated on camera – because those dreams can come true! 


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