The managers of the insurance firm were sick of difficult female employees.  They were tired of women who demanded their rights, who filed harassment claims, and who generally disrupted the vibe of the office.

So they implemented a new kind of job interview.  The firm was prestigious, and hiring was competitive, so applicants were generally happy to sign a form acknowledging that the interview would be unusual, and waiving their right to complain about the interview process.

Then the bitches were interviewed.  And the first stage of the interview process involved a fire hose.  The interviewers ripped off most of the women’s clothes, and then soaked what remained with a flow of high pressure water, that left the women wet, disoriented, helpless, and mostly nude.

The women who didn’t run off in horror, but instead stuck around and tried to submissively answer questions about their qualifications with their nipples showing through their wet shirts, were the ones that were going to fit in well at the office…


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