Formative sexual experiences can be powerful.   One of the first pornographic images Kenzie ever saw was of a man cumming in a woman’s mouth.  The woman gazed up at the man with such adoration, such affection, such worship, that it left an indelible impression on Kenzie’s understanding of romance. 

She couldn’t help it.   She fetishised men cumming in her mouth as the ultimate sign of love, even when it was done by men who clearly didn’t love her.  The sense of gratitude and happiness she felt when she tasted sperm on her tongue was overpowering; she became a doe-eyed obedient bunny for days after every blowjob.

In her college days, word got around that you could do anything to Kenzie, as long as you ejaculated in her mouth at the end.   Men stopped asking her consent to use her.  Sometimes even strangers would come to her dorm room and fuck her at night.  Occasionally she struggled and whimpered, but at the end they would stuff her mouth with their cock, and cum, and she would become a good little sextoy. She would thank them, cuddling up to them if they would let her.

 Having a reputation as a cumslut meant she was rarely respected while clothed.  It only heightened her need for the feeling of a man cumming in her mouth, and made the feeling of false affection more addictive. Eventually she dropped out of college altogether… every minute studying was a minute she wasn’t sucking cock, after all…


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