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When she returned from giving her presentation, Bunny stopped by Emma’s office, crawling once again on all fours through the dog-door to enter, before standing, doing her best to balance in the ridiculously high heels.

“I’m back,” she said. “What would you like me to be doing?” And then she remembered how Tim had told her to address her boss, and added, belatedly, “Mistress.”

It felt strange to call Emma “mistress” – but also strangely good.

Emma smiled, rose from her chair, and came over to where Bunny was standing. She leaned forward and kissed Bunny on the lips, 

Bunny knew she was going to have to get used to this policy-mandated “female greeting” process – but kissing Emma still made her melt. She felt her knees go weak, and stumbled, and Emma caught her by moving forward towards her so that Bunny was pressed up against the wall, with the office partitioning supporting her back.

She let herself enjoy the kiss, and ignore the fact that her cunt was getting wet again even though she had just masturbated to orgasm at the front of the lecture hall less than fifteen minutes previously.

She thought back to the lecture she had given, about “where girls’ feelings come from” – “feelings” because girls didn’t really have “thoughts”. She supposed that Tim Bolland would say that her current feelings were coming from her cunt, which made them good feelings, and the part of her that was telling her to stop being a slut in the office, that normal girls didn’t get wet from tongue-kissing their boss, was her “bitch instinct”, which was best ignored.

She hated those ideas – but she couldn’t deny that letting her cunt do her thinking was making her happy right now, and if she were to give in to her bitch instinct instead, it would be difficult and unpleasant, and Emma would be upset at her and Tim would be upset at her, and she’d probably end up being punished and crying. Maybe cunt feelings *were* the ones she should focus on.

Emma finished the kiss, and pulled away, leaving Bunny gasping, flushed, and open-mouthed.

“Tim thought you did a good job on the lecture,” said Emma. “He called you a good girl.”

Bunny was confused. Tim hadn’t been at the lecture – but then she realised of course that there *had* been cameras in the room, and of course it was possible that Tim had watched over the office intranet. She wondered how many *other* people might have been watching – and whether the camera angles had caught her masturbating like a slut behind the supposed concealment of the lectern.

And then there was a blush of embarrassed pride. Tim had called her a good girl? She didn’t really care what a sexist pig like Tim called her, of course – but he had been so disappointed in her so often that she couldn’t help but glow a little at the news that she had finally pleased him.

“Thank you, mistress,” she breathed – although she knew it really wasn’t Emma she should thank, but Tim.

“In fact,” continued Emma, “he wants to give you a reward. Go and see him in his office.” She then looked down at Bunny’s feet. “If you’re going to have to crawl, you’d better get moving. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Bunny blushed – and immediately dropped to all fours. “Thank you, mistress,” she said again, and then crawled out of the dog door.

She was acutely aware of the position she had come to. She was wearing nothing above the waist other than her bra, and she was crawling through the corridors of Kavenagh & True on all fours like a pet.

And as she crawled, she suddenly became aware it was worse than that. She felt a draft on her ass cheeks as she wiggled her way towards the elevator, and realised that she wasn’t wearing panties. She had never put them back on after they had fallen off during the lecture. In fact, they were sitting there, right now, on top of the lectern, for anyone to find!

She thought about diverting back to the lecture theatre to get them – but Emma was right, that Tim Bolland didn’t like to be kept waiting. And also she had a strong suspicion she would discover the panties were already gone. So she just kept crawling. Her skirt was long enough that she wasn’t *completely* exposing her ass and pussy as she crawled. She would just have to move quickly and hope that no one noticed.

She reached the elevator and got in. She thought about standing while she was in the lift – but she would just have to crawl again when she got out, and if anyone was in the lift with her, the process of getting back down onto all fours might call attention to her bare-cunted state. So she remained kneeling as the elevator took her to Tim’s floor.

When she eventually reached Tim’s floor, she crawled into his office, and waited for him to acknowledge her. After a moment, she remembered how she had gotten his attention previously – kneeling, hands like paws in front of her tits, and mouth open.

Tim looked down at her from his desk. “Good cunt,” he said, smiling, and threw her a kitten treat.

Emma caught the small piece of pet food in her mouth – feeling traitorous pride at her dexterity in catching it – and swallowed obediently.

“You’ve been a very good girl today, Fuckbunny,” said Tim. “I liked your presentation a lot. Would you like another kitten treat?”

He pushed his chair out from his desk, and held out his hand, with another piece of the dry pet food in the palm.

Bunny still didn’t want to eat pet food – but she felt herself blushing at his praise, and in any case she knew that “no” was not going to be an acceptable answer.

“Yes, sir,” she said, nodding her head.

“Then come and get it,” said Tim.

Bunny crawled across the floor, and looked at his palm. The way he was holding the treat, the implication was clear. He didn’t want her to take it with her fingers. He wanted her to eat it from his palm, like an animal.

She lowered her head, and licked the kitten treat off his hand, swallowed it, and then looked up at him for approval.

“Good cunt,” said Tim again. “I have another reward for you, too.” 

And with his other hand, he unzipped his fly, and pulled out his stiff, erect cock.

Bunny blushed. She didn’t know what to do. She knew that in any normal office, this was completely unacceptable – sexual harassment at least, possibly an actual crime. You couldn’t just take out your penis around a co-worker.

But this was no normal office, and Bunny was no normal girl, and she knew she wasn’t going to raise a ruckus over this when she had just crawled to Tim’s office in nothing but a bra, skirt and high heels and licked pet food out of his palm.

“Take off your bra,” said Tim, and began to stroke his cock, while pointing it at her.

This was too much for Bunny. “Sorry, sir?” she said, hoping she had misheard.

“Take off your bra,” said Tim, “otherwise you’re going to get cum on it, and everyone will see.”

Tim was going to masturbate in front of her. He was going to masturbate until he came, and he was going to ejaculate on Bunny’s tits. She had a choice – to get the cum on her bra, or on her naked breasts.

She had never felt so humiliated or objectified. She looked at the door, and considered just running away, and leaving all this, no matter the consequences.

But of course she couldn’t run in these heels. She would have to crawl…

She whimpered, and reached behind her back to uncinch her bra. The cups fell away, exposing her breasts to Tim’s gaze.

“Thank me for this reward, cunt,” said Tim.

Bunny paused, and then said, “Thank you for rewarding me, sir.”

“And tell me all the things you’ve learned in this company,” said Tim. “Keep telling me until you receive your reward.”

Bunny couldn’t believe she was doing this. But what choice did she have? She told herself she just had to get through this, and it would be over.

“I’m a cunt, sir,” she said, in a quiet voice.

“Louder,” demanded Tim, still masturbating.

“I’m a cunt, sir!” Bunny said, louder, her face red. “I…. I deserved to be raped because I’m a girl. I’m a stupid dumb cunt. I’m a cum-toilet and a whore. I don’t have thoughts, only feelings, because my brain isn’t fully developed. I need a man to tell me what to do. I deserve to be raped because I’m stupid, and my pussy is wet.”

As she repeated the humiliating, degrading phrases, she stared at Tim’s cock. It was almost hypnotic, watching him pump it. And the thought came to her that, for some reason, her pussy was wet. The thought? No, the feeling. She didn’t have thoughts. It was a cunt feeling, and that meant it was good. And the things she was saying, what were they? They were things men had told her, and that meant they were good, too. 

And when she accepted those ideas as good, it was less awful to be here, being used as a masturbation aid by a man she worked with. Feeling bad about it was – well, it was her “bitch instinct”, wasn’t it? And her “head noise”? Not real thoughts, not like men had, but just a kind of static that would make her unhappy if she paid attention to it. 

She could just… tune it out. And focus on how her cunt was getting wetter and needier. And stare at Tim’s cock. And when she did that, she found that she was actually looking forward to Tim cumming on her. It showed that he liked her, that he found her sexy, that he approved of her. It *was* a reward, really.

And a moment later, Tim came. Bunny felt hot cum splatter on her tits, and she flinched briefly. There was more of it than she expected.

And then Tim was grabbing her hair, and pulling her close. “Clean up your mess, Fuckbunny,” he said, and then Tim’s cock was poking at her lips, and Bunny opened her mouth and took it in.

It only required a few moments for her to lick his cock clean. In her horny, happy state, she would have liked to suck on it longer. His salty cum tasted good, and it felt so *right* to be here at his feet, suckling on his dick. But all too soon, Tim pushed her away, and tucked his cock back in her pants.

“Good cunt,” he said again.

Bunny looked down at her tits, which were covered in wet sperm. She looked around for something to wipe them clean.

“No, leave it,” said Tim. “It’s your reward. Just put your bra back on over the top. You can ask Emma how you’re allowed to clean them when you get back to your division.”

Bunny found it hard to think. Her pussy was still so wet, and everything was so strange. Having chosen to tune out her “head noise”, she now felt spacy and disconnected. She stared at Tim – and at Tim’s crotch, where his cock was now hidden in his pants.

“If you’re a very good girl, Fuckbunny,” said Tim, “then in future you might be allowed to have my cock in your pussy. Would you like that?”

Bunny blushed – but she couldn’t hide the truth that she felt at that moment. She nodded, eagerly.

“Good cunt,” said Tim. “Put your bra back on and crawl back to your division.”

Bunny did as she was told, putting her bra back on over her sperm-wet tits, and then crawling back to Female Resources. The bra hid the cum very well, albeit that the sperm was soaking into the bra itself in the process.

She eventually made her way back to Emma’s office.

“Welcome back, Bunny,” said Emma, smiling at the crawling girl. “How did you do with Tim?”

Bunny blushed, rising into a kneeling position. “He… ah…”

Emma came and knelt beside Bunny. She reached out and stroked Bunny’s cheek. “You can tell me, Bunny,” she said. “I know how this company works.”

Bunny went brighter red, avoiding eye contact. “He ejaculated on my breasts, mistress. As my reward.”

Emma’s eyes widened. ‘You’re so lucky!” she said. “He must really be pleased with you!”

“He, ah… he said you could tell me how I was allowed to clean it off, mistress,” said Bunny, awkwardly.

“Absolutely,” said Emma. “Take off your bra for me.”

Emma’s office had a glass front. Anyone in Female Resources could see in. But nobody was looking. She removed her bra, baring her tits to Emma.

“And your skirt,” said Emma. But she didn’t wait for Bunny to comply. Instead, she reached out and uncinched Bunny’s skirt – and suddenly Bunny was completely naked, bar for her high heels. 

Bunny squeaked, and tried to snatch the skirt back from Emma, but Emma had tossed it away, behind her desk.

“Ssh,” said Emma. “This is what girls are for.” And then she leaned down towards Bunny’s cum-coated tits, and began to lick.

Bunny shuddered, and moaned. The touch of her boss’ tongue felt so erotic – and yet so humiliating. Anyone could look into the office and see this happening. It was like she was putting on a staged lesbian display – for her workplace, no less. But the way she was positioned, and with Emma licking at her breasts, she could no longer easily check to see if anyone was watching her.

And then her eyes widened further – because Emma had moved her hand to between Bunny’s legs. Emma was cupping Bunny’s throbbing, engorged pussy – and then two of her fingers pushed between Bunny’s cunt lips, and began to gently stroke Bunny’s clit.

Bunny no longer cared if anyone was watching. Her body shook, and she heard herself moaning like a slut. Emma carefully and thoroughly licked Tim’s cum from Bunny’s breasts until they were clean – and then moved her mouth to Bunny’s nipple, and began suckling on it, even as she continued to stroke her subordinate’s clitoris.

And then she was cumming. Again. She had lost count of how many times she had orgasmed today. She didn’t care. She needed it. 

She threw her arms around Emma, holding the woman’s head tight against her tits, as her hips bucked and her legs shook, until finally she lost her balance completely, and fell to the carpet, dragging Emma down with her, and both women lay there until Bunny had recovered.

And when it was over, Emma raised her head, and kissed Bunny on the lips, and said, “And now you’re going to return the favour, Bunny. I’m going to let you have your skirt and bra back – and in return you’re going to kneel under my desk while I work, and learn how to lick a girl’s cunt.”


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