Natasha thought it was hot that her girlfriend Kate was a hypnotist, and she let Kate hypnotise her many times.

But Natasha had a hard time not following anywhere that her cunt led her. Blonde big-titted Amia was one of Kate’s clients, and it was lust at first sight for Natasha.

She secretly got in touch with Amia, and asked her out, and soon the two were wildly fucking in hotel rooms every second night.

But Kate found out their secret. Not only did she break up with Natasha on the spot – but she revealed a capacity for revenge that Natasha hadn’t suspected.

“Did you think I didn’t put hypnotic backdoors into both of you when I had you in trances?” she spat. “Did you really think you could cheat on your own hypnotist?”

“What do you mean?” asked Natasha nervously.

“I mean, both of you cheating bitches deserve everything you have coming to you,” said Kate. “You know what your trigger phrase is? ‘Lezbo Boyfucker.’”

Natasha and Amia both felt something click in their minds as Kate said it.

“Yes, you can tell, can’t you?” said Kate. “Here’s what’s going to happen now. Every day you are going to identify the house of a single man, and break into it. You are going to take off your clothes and throw them into his backyard. Then you are going to fuck in the middle of his lounge room.”

She laughed. “Neither of you can leave the house until you cum. Whichever of you cums first has permission to go get her clothes and put them back on. The other one still has to cum – masturbating if necessary – and she’ll be leaving her clothes there and going home naked.”

“Please…” whimpered Natasha.

“Shut up, you cheating slut,” said Kate. “I’m not even done yet. The catch is that neither of you can ever again refuse sex with a man who’s seen you naked.”

“But I’m a lesbian!” cried Amia. “You know that!”

“That’s why this is exactly what you deserve,” said Kate. “I think the best bit is knowing that every time you break into a house for your slutty sex, whoever cums first is less likely to get raped by a man. I think you’re going to start competing to see who can use their girlfriend to cum first, and then leaving your partner there to get raped. I think you might end up habitually raping each other every day.”

“No!” said Natasha. “I won’t!”

But she did. Only a week later she had Amia pinned nude beneath her. They were in the house of Amia’s own brother, and Natasha knew he could be home any minute. Amia was struggling underneath Natasha, but Natasha held her down and ground her cunt desperately against her girlfriend’s face, unconcerned whether she could even breathe. Whenever Amia tried to masturbate, Natasha would slap her hands away, and then slap her tits and cunt hard by way of discipline.

“No,” she grunted. “I’m cumming first. Lick harder, you slut.”

When Amia finally brought Natasha to orgasm, she scampered into the back yard to dress. She had only just got her panties and shirt on when she heard a car pulling up in the driveway. Abandoning the rest of her clothes, she leaped the back fence and ran.

Amia would still be nude and masturbating in the lounge room. She would be several minutes at least from her own orgasm, so if her brother found her like that, she would have to keep masturbating as he watched. And if he expressed a sexual interest in his own lesbian sister, Amia couldn’t discourage it.

Natasha shrugged. It wasn’t like Amia could break up with her. They would be compelled to meet in a new man’s house for more sex tomorrow even if Amia’s brother put a baby in her.

In fact, if Amia’s brother *didn’t* take the hint and rape her, maybe Natasha would make them both go back to the same house again tomorrow for a repeat performance….


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