I occasionally get questions from fans, on topics ranging from the trivial to the important.

For the interest of readers, I’ve decided to round up some of those questions – and my answers – into another Reality Check column. (You can read the previous Q&A by clicking here.)

This column contains questions and answers from January and February 2021. Please note that the answers were written in early 2021 so they may be a little out of date!

I’ve done some editing of questions to remove irrelevant content or correct typos, but they’re otherwise the original language of the person asking the question.


3 Jan 2021

If you were to write a good fem-dom story, what avenues would you take differently?

I write to my kinks, and in terms of femdom, the only two varieties that turn me on are girls dominating girls, or cockteasing stories where the girl starts off leading but end up dominated.  I’m a dom, and I fall into fairly traditional definitions of “straight”, and that’s okay.  Dommes who are women are awesome people, and I’m good friends with many, but our sexual interests fall in different places.

I tried to write a paragraph based on the hypothetical where I’m writing a femdom-malesub story anyway, but it just raises a bunch of other questions.  Am I writing the story and still trying to make it sexy for me?  I guess I’d focus on the guy’s experience, and it would be a lot of teasing, seduction, and light cock-play, and pretty much entirely missing any actual pain or degradation. 

Or am I writing the story for some other audience, and my cock’s not engaged?  In this hypothetical, whether the audience is subby guys or dominant women, I’m guessing it would be much like my existing stories but with the genders switched.  Lots of people of all genders are into male gender degradation, and that’s just as valid as what I do.  I suspect the “set dressing” on the taboo is somewhat different, because of cultural context, and I don’t know I could hit the triggers as reliably and as viscerally without being into it myself.  I’m not inclined to try.

I note that my domme women friends have told me that there’s often a different context in real-life femdom play – far too many subby guys still want the experience to be about them, and leave the woman basically “bottoming from the top”, a vehicle for the man’s pleasure despite her ostensibly being in control.  That’s fine where both parties consent to it from a place of equality, but as with so many things, cultural context means that’s not always what happens.

How does that influence erotic fiction?  I don’t know.  I’m a guy, and what I write is inherently going to be about serving my interests, and in fiction I don’t have another partner I need to negotiate that balance with.  That’s going to make what I write hotter for some women, but for others I’m never going to hit their kinks.  

That’s a long rambling response to a very open-ended question.  Here’s hoping there was something interesting in what I said.


4 Jan 2021

Do you have a favourite story that you’ve written?

(Editorial note: The answer to this one may have changed since it was originally answered.)

There’s a few answers to this.

In terms of turning me on from fucked-up shit, my two early novels “Titcage” and “The Lesbian Debt” are probably the winners, otherwise I never would have been able to write 40+ chapters – over 220 pages – of each of them. (They’re not on BDSMLR but you can buy them from my site by clicking this link.)

As far as the shorter stuff goes:

* “Train” (link) – because it’s a story that is *almost* fully best-practice-consensual, which is rare for me, and it’s nice to know that I can write that.  (Only “almost” because in the story, Eric springs some stuff on Kitka that he hadn’t discussed in advance, and while she’s okay with it, that’s not ideal in the real world.)

* “The Bonuses” (link) is still really good, and well-liked.  Part 2 has been written and will publish here within 30 days – although members at AllTheseRoadworks.com already have Early Access.  And Part 3 is on the list to be written. (Editorial note: As at this publication, “The Bonuses” is up to Part 8.)

* The Jessa Stories – such as “Jessa’s Bible Study Group” (link) – are ones I love.  I have a kink for girls corrupting girls AND for innocent Christian girls losing their purity, so this hit a lot of targets for me.  (You can buy the complete set of Jessa stories as an e-book by clicking this link.)

* “Princess Ellie” (link) crosses off a lot of my fetishes too – princesses, hucows, girls ashamed of the size of their tits, demotion fetish, etc.

* And “Ruined Dreams” (link) is fun for checking off a lot of degradation kinks in quick succession.

I could probably list a lot more – I only write stories that I want to read – but those are a few that I reliably find sexy on every re-read, and a lot of readers seem to love them too.


4 Jan 2021

Considering your occasional spelling mistake contests, would you be interested in taking on an editor? (Not a criticism of your writing, which is amazing btw, just curious if this is something you’ve considered.)

The amount I make from my writing is about 25% short of what I need for it to be a comfortable full-time job, so I don’t have a budget for an editor at this stage, or any other paid help, unless it’s definitely going to improve my sales by more than what it costs.

(Editorial note: As of publication of this article in August 2022, it’s now a full-time income, but still no budget for an editor.)

The key to maintaining the output I have is to write fast and not look back, which does mean there are occasionally typos.  I try and catch them after the fact where I can, and ideally before the stories get collected, but it’s an imperfect process.

One of the reasons I’m sticking with converting books into audiobooks, despite the relatively low sales, is that reading the stories aloud is by far the best way to catch the remaining typos, odd phrasings, and continuity errors, so I’m confident that the books that that have received that treatment now have the best version of their text that I can produce. (Editorial note: As at this publication, I’ve stopped recording new audiobooks, as the sales were just too low.)

Nevertheless, I do appreciate when people catch typos for me, and I’ll occasionally reward that with a free e-books, so send any typos you spot my way, either on BDSMLR or in my published e-books. (Editorial note: Or on other sites.)


4 Jan 2021

What got you into writing? Either in general or into adult writing in particular?

I’ve always been into writing.  I was writing stories and attempted novels from primary school onwards.  I double majored in English and in Media in college. But writing conventional fiction had dual problems for me – finding an audience to please, and follow-through on actually finishing anything of any length without second-guessing myself and losing interest.

With the rise of blogging I found new audiences, and built a couple of successful blogs about gaming and game design that had a substantial following.  Did some political writing that occasionally went viral.  (If you’re in Australia and on Facebook it’s very possible you’ve read something by me.)

I got into writing erotica mostly to please myself.  I had developed some specific kinks, and finding erotica that met my needs was hard.  It needed to have competent English, a good flow, focus on ideas and scenarios more than detailed sensations, and feature women being non-consensually dominated and humiliated.

Being unable to find enough of what I wanted, I started to write it myself – which was erotic, and fun.  After a while I started to publish some of it on XNXX/Sexstories, which is the origin of my two long-form novels “Titcage” and “The Lesbian Debt”.

Once I saw that chapters of those stories had more than 10,000 views, I realised there was an audience for this filth.  I went to Tumblr to write flash fiction and see if I could build an audience there, as I’m generally good at building social media followings, and it turned out I could.  I started exploring monetisation, and launched a Patreon, which immediately got some backers (thank you!).

Then the Tumblr-pocalypse happened, and I had to migrate to BDSMLR, and then shortly after Patreon decided they didn’t want to be associated with my content, which is a decision they’re entitled to make even if it’s not super-consistent with some other stuff they host. And it turned out to be good for me in the long-term, because I’m making more from direct sales on my site than I ever was on Patreon.

I’ve had to learn a lot quickly – how to quickly produce art assets for covers, blog banners, etc.  (Canva is your friend).  How to run a web store.  How to produce EPUB files.  I’m currently exploring the frankly pretty awful world of online adult advertising.

And then here we are today.


27 February 2021

How much time/effort does it take to write a new chapter of a serial story, compared to a one-off? Which do you enjoy more? Have you thought about dropping the one-offs completely and focusing only on the serials?

Writing a serial chapter is a lot more work than a short one-off. They’re usually two to three times as long, and they require me to refamiliarise myself with the story so far and make at least a basic attempt at continuity. (I’m not always perfect with this, but close enough.) But they also (generally) generate far more engagement and interest on this and other platforms – plus longer stories can be distributed in more markets than microfiction – so they’re worth it.


27 February 2021

Do you keep metrics on which of your books are sold/viewed more? If so, which ones are the most popular? Any other interesting metrics you can share?

My site generates pretty good reports of what sells there. (Sales on Amazon and Smashwords are small enough to not be relevant for this purpose.) In the month of January 2021, the top-selling e-book was “Taken – Stories of Abduction and Captivity”, followed by “Emma’s Policy” and “Overborne”. (Noting that Taken was a new release in January, and Emma’s Policy was a new release in December.)

Over the entirety of the 2020 calendar year, the top-selling books were “Obey The Rules”, “Slave New World”, “A Woman’s Work” and “Titcage”. So I’m prepared to say that the most interesting themes to readers are “systemic gender degradation”, “non-consent” and “workplace/office”.

These figures don’t count the bundles, which also sell very well, but even there, the Systemic Bundle is the top-selling product.


27 February 2021

Any plans for Golden Sins 2? Any plans for more fan-fic stories, like Diana Tells the Truth and the X-Men one?

Every now and then I write a one-off watersports story, and put it away for a “Golden Sins 2”. When I have enough of them to fill 60 pages, I’ll release it. We’re about halfway there at present. I don’t have any specific plans for another “premium” collection in that form at present other than that, but it’s good to know the format is there.

Fanfic stories are to some extent wasted effort, because I can’t sell them when I’m done. (Yes, yes, I could call them a “porn parody”, but there’s no reason to build sales on shaky legal ground when I don’t have to.) At best they can be a bonus extra for Premium Members, in the way that Diana Tells The Truth is. They’re also just not as popular on BDSMLR and other sites as my other serials are, plus some sites (like Read Only Mind and MCStories) won’t take fanfic at all, to avoid takedown requests. The two long serials I’ve done started because *I* wanted to write them, for me, so if I’m in that situation again you might see another one, but it’s not a strong focus.

I do occasionally write one-off stories using an IP I don’t own. There’s a short Star Wars one in my back-catalogue (The Latubu Masters), a Legend of Zelda one (The Power of the Triforce) and there’s a Pokemon one in the queue (Pokemon Master). But those are all about a single-page in length. (Editorial note: As at this publication, the first two of these stories are not available on this site.)


I’ll be back with another collection of questions and answers in the near future.

In the mean time, if you have questions for me, you can send them to me at all.these.roadworks@gmail.com, contact me on Twitter, or use the Ask feature on either BDSMLR or ReblogMe.

-All These Roadworks
5 August 2022

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