Lyla had been arrested, along with the rest of her Vegan Activism Group, for trespassing on a farm with the intent of freeing their cattle. Now she was facing a potential five-year term in prison.

But Lyla was prettier than the other protesters, and her tits were bigger, and the judge took pity on her, and gave her a chance to take part in the Sentenced to Study program, designed to divert uneducated youth from the justice system by compelling them to complete a job-skills educational course.

The list of acceptable courses specified by the judge was fairly short, and the list that was provided to Lyla didn’t contain much detail on their content, but after casting her eye down the list, she decided that “Natural Cosmetics” looked easy, and potentially in line with her vegan beliefs. As long as she completed the course, she wouldn’t go to prison – and maybe she’d learn some tricks for using make-up that wasn’t tested on animals.

But the course wasn’t what Lyla expected at all. It was run by a far-right men’s activist group, designed to help internalise misogyny in young conflicted conservative girls.

“Natural cosmetics” didn’t mean cruelty-free make-up. It meant something much more primal – as Lyla learned when the instructor told them that first lesson would be in “natural blush”, and told the girls to start masturbating.

Lyla was shocked and horrified – but the girls around her were blushingly following the instructor’s order, dipping their hands into their panties and beginning to massage their pussies. Their cheeks bloomed with blushes of embarrassment – which deepened into a more lustful flush as they began to get wet, their breathing becoming more ragged, their eyes going vacant with arousal.

“Are you here to study, Lyla?” asked the instructor, looking at her expectantly. “Or shall I tell the court you don’t intend to pass this course?”

Lyla squirmed awkwardly – but she didn’t want to go to prison. She put her hand down her panties, and started to masturbate.

The instructor didn’t let anyone cum, instead stopping them while they were still feeling horny and focused on their pussies. He told them that nothing is more attractive in a woman than lust, and that getting wet should be an integral part of dressing up for every woman.

Over the coming weeks, Lyla went through a series of degrading courses. She learnt how to use vibrating internal dildos and butt plugs to keep her horny over long periods, and what drugs to take to make her artificially lustful.

From this point on, the girls began undressing at the start of classes, and sat naked throughout them. And the course moved on to “skin treatments”.  

The girls learned to rub their own cunt juices into their faces and tits, to make themselves smell like whores, advertising their sexual availability and reminding them of their own inferiority. Most lessons started from that point on with the girls masturbating to the edge of orgasm and slathering themselves with their own cunt honey.

The girls then learned to decorate themselves with cum. Male volunteers were brought in to ejaculate on the girls, and they learned several ways to wear semen. They learned the comparative benefits of going out in public with large gobs of cum in their hair, on their faces, or on their tits, as compared to rubbing the semen into their face and breasts to have a sticky whorish sheen all over.

They also learned to decorate their cunts with cum. A good cunt, they learned, always looks freshly raped. Each of the girls got fucked by one of the male volunteers, leaving them with a cunt full of semen, and they learned to transfer just enough of it to their face, mouth and tits to leave a visibly sticky whiteness on their pussy without wasting any of the cum. 

Then the girls were provided pre-prepared condoms full of sperm, and they learned to use these to decorate themselves when there wasn’t a man immediately available.

Next they learned about “natural colour” – which started with the instructor slapping Lyla hard across the face. Bruising could be sexy, and over several lessons the girls learned – with demonstrations – how to bring up painful bruising and welts across their face, tits, ass and pussy. They learned how to ask a man to apply relatively even bruising with a hand or paddle, versus the targeted bruising or excruciating welts left by a belt or cane. 

Lyla thought the experience of orgasming and screaming at the same time from having her pussy caned by another woman was probably the most humiliating thing that had happened to her in her life.

Finally the course covered tattoos, and how they could be used to make a girl pretty. Each of the girls designed a sexually provocative tattoo to be applied to their body – Lyla’s said, “Beat my stupid slutty tits, daddy,” in sexy flowing script, and was placed on the upper slope of her right tit, where it would be visible in any dress that showed any cleavage at all. And then all the girls together got identical tattoos, reading – “Rape me – I consent” on their left wrists.

Lyla passed the course with flying colours, and accepted her diploma with no less than two loads of cum shining prettily on her face, her tits purple with bruises from an exhausting session of abuse in which she had gone so spacy with pain that she had agreed to write an email to several of her male friends inviting them to rape her. 

She had successfully avoided jail. None of which mattered, because she was arrested only two weeks later for another act of vegan-activism trespass.

Her new education definitely made a difference, though. Her treatment was very different from last time. For example, *this* time, each and every one of the cops raped her and then helped her with her cosmetics before presenting her to the court…


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