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It was humiliating for Bunny to crawl into her workplace on all fours, with her bra exposed and her panties missing, yes – but at the same time it felt like she was more fully joining the community of her co-workers. Many of the women in Female Resources already worked close to the ground at child-sized desks, or crawled on all fours across short distances. And of course, the only way for women to enter or exit Emma’s office was on all fours. 

Her co-workers approached her as Bunny crawled into the office space, and Bunny remembered the new policy – the one that was her fault – about kissing her female co-workers to greet them. They mercifully didn’t make Bunny stand, instead sinking to their knees in front of her as Bunny rose to her own knees. One by one, Bunny tongue-kissed each of the woman in the office, as her new way of saying “hello”.

Her bitchy colleague Pumpkin still didn’t like Bunny, of course. “Dumb bitch,” hissed Pumpkin immediately before giving Bunny an aggressive and forceful kiss on the lips. Pumpkin’s hand snaked down to between Bunny’s legs and under her skirt, and Bunny squeaked into Pumpkin’s mouth as she felt the other woman pinch her pussy lips cruelly.

She didn’t intend to take such abuse from a cunt like Pumpkin without retaliating, of course, so she raised her hands to Pumpkin’s tits and grabbed them. She squeezed each nipple as hard as she could, and felt wetness against her fingers – she had just squirted milk from Pumpkin’s lactating udders, soaking the front of Pumpkin’s dress.

“Dumb cow,” she said as she broke off the kiss, smiling at Pumpkin’s look of pain and embarrassment. Maybe Pumpkin would think twice about messing with her in future.

And then it was her turn to kiss Gwen, the pretty redhead. Just like yesterday, Gwen didn’t want to take part in the slutty lesbian display. She knelt in front of Bunny when Bunny asked her to, but her eyes were downcast and ashamed, her face turned to one side. Bunny had to reach out and take a handful of her hair and *force* Gwen to kiss her.

She was once again surprised by how good it felt to kiss another woman non-consensually, and how erotic it felt to use her physical strength to dominate and subdue a pretty girl. It was for Gwen’s own good, of course – the silly girl would be fired if she refused to play along with the new policy – but Bunny couldn’t ignore how her cunt pulsed needily as she pushed her tongue between Gwen’s unwilling lips. 

She took the opportunity to go further and place her hand on Gwen’s breast. Gwen tried to pull away, but Bunny used her grip on the girl’s pretty red hair to hold her still. She squeezed Gwen’s tit tightly, enjoying its soft roundness – but also, to her surprise, enjoying Gwen’s tense, humiliated refusal to respond in kind.

She found herself wanting to do more with Gwen – to place Gwen’s hand on her pussy, as she had done yesterday, or push Gwen back and down, onto the office floor, and put a knee between her legs, and kiss her, and…

But that was Bunny’s cunt talking. What she had said to Mr True that morning was correct – her pussy *did* make it hard for Bunny to think properly. 

She blushed, and broke off the kiss with Gwen. But before she pulled away entirely, she whispered to the other woman: “You need to play along, Gwen, and be a good girl. Otherwise you won’t last here very long.”

And then the kissing was done, and Bunny was free to crawl across the floor and through the dog-door that led to Emma’s office, to make her morning report.

But as she emerged from the dog door into Emma’s office, Bunny froze. Emma wasn’t alone in her office. Tim Bolland was here. And Emma was kneeling in front of him, her head bobbing…

Bunny blushed. Emma was giving her supervisor a blowjob, right here in the office, and Bunny was watching it.

Tim sighed softly, and Emma’s throat and cheeks began to pulse frantically. Bunny realised with embarrassment that Tim had just ejaculated into Emma’s mouth, and Emma was swallowing it. 

Then Emma was backing away, and Tim was tucking his cock back into his pants, and Emma was standing. She motioned for Bunny to stand, too, and Bunny did, tottering precariously on her too-high heels. Emma approached Bunny – and then pushed her. Bunny hit the wall of the office hard, and then Emma was on top of her, pressing her firmly against the wall, opening her mouth, *kissing* her…

Bunny’s eyes widened and she struggled briefly, until Emma grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall.

Emma’s mouth wasn’t empty. There was still cum in it – Tim’s cum – and she was using her tongue to push that cum into Bunny’s mouth.

Emma’s knee was between Bunny’s legs, forcing them apart, and then Bunny could feel the warmth of Emma’s thigh pressing against her bare, wet cunt. She struggled again – less at the intrusion, which felt very good against her needy pussy, and more at the thought that she was going to leave smears of sticky cunt juice across her boss’ leg.

But despite her struggles, there was no escape – and after a moment, Bunny no longer *wanted* to escape. Emma pressed her thigh hard against Bunny’s cunt, and her big fake tits pushed against Bunny’s own enhanced fuck-balloons, and her lips were warm and soft against Bunny’s mouth. And cum didn’t taste so bad, really – kind of salty, and sexy….

She moaned, and felt Emma smiling even as the kiss continued. Bunny’s hands were still pinned against the wall, and somehow it felt *good* to have so little control, to just let Emma do what she wanted – especially when what Emma wanted felt so pleasurable.

She swallowed the cum in her mouth, and then sucked more of it off Emma’s tongue, all while subtly humping her pussy against her boss’ leg.

Suddenly the kiss was over, and Emma pulled away, leaving Bunny horny, flushed and gasping.

“Thank you,” whispered Bunny, even though she didn’t know what she was thanking Emma for. The cum? The kiss? The feeling of being helpless and dominated?

All of the above?

“That was very attractive, Fuckbunny,” said Tim, from the corner of the room. “You’re fitting in very nicely at Kavenagh & True.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Bunny, blushing.

“You seem to enjoy working for Sugar-Tits here,” said Tim. “Would you like to work with her more closely?”

Bunny looked at Emma, and blushed even deeper red. What was Tim asking? Did he want her to…

But Tim mercifully explained, before Bunny’s thoughts could wander further. “Sugar-Tits needs an executive assistant, Fuckbunny,” he said. “I was thinking you might like the role. It’s technically a promotion, and it comes with a payrise.”

Bunny’s thoughts were confused and incoherent. (“Because of my cunt”, she found herself thinking.) An executive assistant was like a secretary, basically – and she hadn’t studied all those years just to be a secretary. But Tim said it was a promotion, and a payrise – and it would give her a chance to be closer to Emma, and maybe fix whatever had turned Emma into this brainless bimbo…

“Yes, sir,” she heard herself say. “I’d like that very much.”

“Well, then, I suppose I should do a formal interview,” said Tim. “But let’s make it easy. I’ll ask you three questions, and as long as I like and approve of your answers, you’ve got the job. Do you like that idea, Fuckbunny?”

“Yes, sir,” said Bunny.

“First question,” said Tim. “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?”

Bunny opened her mouth, to explain about not being able to walk, and Mr True, and her shirt falling off – and then paused. It was almost impossible to explain that story without criticising Mr True, a senior partner at the firm. But also – was that really what Tim wanted to hear from her? Was any man at this company really interested in hearing a woman whine about her misfortune?

No. She knew what Tim wanted to hear.

“I’m not wearing a shirt because I’m a stupid dumb cunt, sir,” she said, blushing and looking at the floor.

“That sounds about right,” said Tim. “I don’t think I’m going to give you a replacement today. You’ve lost too many shirts. Your bra is perfectly attractive, and you can just stay like that for the rest of the day.”

“Yes, sir,” said Bunny unhappily.

“Second question,” said Tim. “Why are you wearing those ridiculous high heels?”

Once again, Bunny almost launched into a story about Leroy, and how he had *forced* her to wear the heels – but again, she stopped. It just seemed wrong. It seemed whiny, like she was blaming Leroy for it – and she knew Tim didn’t want to hear her blaming men for things.

So instead she said, “I’m wearing them to help me get raped more often, sir.”

Tim laughed. “All right, then – last question. Why do you deserve to be raped? Give me three reasons.”

She flushed. She disagreed with the whole premise of that question. The part of her that was a feminist wanted to shout at him, slap him, and storm out of the office. She even looked briefly at Emma for help – but there was no help coming from that quarter.

But also – was Tim really wrong? She had come to Kavenagh & True thinking she was a firm, upright feminist who was ready to start a professional career – but since she had gotten here, she had let men (and women) humiliate her and degrade her. She had kissed other women – some without their consent. She had called herself a cunt. She had masturbated to footage of a real rape. She has asked two different men to spank her bare ass. She had sucked cum off her boss’ tongue. And through it all her cunt had been sluttishly, gushingly wet.

Was she really that nice girl who didn’t deserve to be raped?

Or had the office shown her that she was something else?

It didn’t matter. Tim needed an answer.

“I deserve to be raped because I’m stupid,” she said, her face still red with humiliation. “And… because my pussy is wet. And…”

She paused, not wanting to say it – but knowing it was the answer that would guarantee she had pleased Tim.

“And I deserve to be raped because I’m a woman,” she concluded.

Tim gave a deep, genuine smile. “Good girl,” he said. “You’ve got the job. You can get set up when you come back from the training presentation you’re giving this morning.” Then he held up his phone, and pressed something on the screen. Immediately, Bunny’s recorded voice played, loud and clear, from the phone speakers.

“I deserve to be raped because I’m a woman,” Bunny heard her voice repeat.

“I like that answer,” said Tim. “Set it as your voicemail on your work and personal phones, Fuckbunny. I’ll be calling to check, so make sure that you do.” He paused. “Oh, and from now on, I expect you to show proper respect to the woman you’re working for. Call her ‘Mistress’, understand?”

And then he left the office – by opening the door, like a person, instead of crawling through the dog flap like a woman. 

Emma was looking at Bunny. “I’m glad you’ll be my assistant,” she said, and there was a strange look in her eyes – almost hungry, and yet at the same time sad and guilty.

“I’m glad I’ll be your assistant too… Mistress,” said Bunny, blushing.

Emma smiled. “You’d better hurry along and give that presentation now,” she said. “Hop along like a good little fuckbunny.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Bunny.

And even though Bunny tried to hide how shockingly, whorishly *good* it felt to use that word – Mistress – she knew that Emma could tell.

And, honestly, that felt good too.


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