Emma was supposed to be saving herself for marriage, but when her boyfriend had given her what he called a “good girl pill” she had trusted him and swallowed it. 

It had tasted funny, but almost straight away she started feeling happy and agreeable. When her boyfriend suggested they take a drive into the country, she agreed immediately, not because she particularly wanted one, but because it made her feel good to just agree.

Soon they were far from the city, in an isolated area of the countryside. Her boyfriend stopped the car and told her to get out, and she did, and it made her happy to do as she was told. 

Then he told her to take off her clothes. A little alarm bell went off in her mind, but disagreeing was *hard* and submitting was *easy*, and anyway her mind was so blurry, and it occurred to her that her pussy was very wet. When had that happened? It felt like it had been throbbing needily for hours. And besides, she wanted to please her boyfriend. It made her happy when he was pleased.

So she took off her skirt and he smiled at her blue lace panties. And she took off her shirt, and revealed her semi-transparent blue lace bra. And when she saw her boyfriend staring hungrily at her big tits, she blushed, and began to have second thoughts, because that was an expression that recognised she was saving herself for marriage. That was an expression that wanted to push her down on the ground and fuck her, whether she consented or not.

But then, staring at her tits, her boyfriend said the magic words – “Good girl”. And she felt a thrill go through her, and her pussy got even wetter, and she knew she was doing the right thing. Good girls showed their tits. She should have realised this. In fact, good girls showed *all* their tits, even if it got them raped. Especially if it got them raped. Especially if it got a cock filling their dripping wet, needy fuckholes, that now needed to be fucked so very badly

So, shyly, she took off her bra. And then she took off her panties. And then he said it again – “Good girl” – and she had never felt happier.

And then, of course, good girls spread their legs…


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