Sex Kitten Sleepwear was a prestigious clothing line, specialising in sexy lingerie and erotic sleepwear. Young women were always applying to work there without thinking through the consequences of their employment contract’s clause that required them to “conform to and uphold the company’s values”.

Perhaps they thought it meant treating people with courtesy and respect. Certainly they hadn’t associated it with the company’s last five advertising slogans – “Dress for who you really are”, “A woman’s place is in the bedroom,” “He deserves to see it all”, “Show him what you’re good for,” and their current one, “Your dress says yes.”

They were always surprised when, upon signing, they were told to turn up to work in clothing from the company’s most risqué line, “Victim” (Slogan: “You know she wants it.”), and then shocked when they were directed to their contract, which showed that a failure to follow the company value clause would come with severe financial penalties, requiring them to pay the company more money than they earned in a year.

When they eventually showed up for work, blushing, in lingerie that showed their tits or exposed their pussy, they would be pointed to their workstations – plush pink alcoves filled with pillows and sex toys, and no sign of a desk or computer.

“But I thought…” they would protest, until their male manager slapped them across the face.

“It is absolutely the position of Sex Kitten Sleepwear that women should not have a say in what women wear and what they are used for,” they would be told. “You’re here to entertain and inspire the male workers. Get in your beds, keep your cunts wet with the toys, and you’ll be dragged out from time to time so your co-workers can use you…”


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