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Employee Evaluation – Fuckbunny Penrose, Female Resources

Evaluation conducted by CJ Hannover, Product Development

Note: The employee file for Ms Penrose, provided by her manager Sugar-Tits, specifies that Ms Penrose’s preferred gender identity is “cunt”, that she goes by her full name “Fuckbunny” but prefers to be called by the nicknames “Slut” or “Whore”, and that she feels uncomfortable when men make eye contact with her and prefers them to look at her breasts or groin. This advice has been followed throughout the evaluation process.


The cunt crawled into my office on all fours at around 4 pm. She was wearing a short skirt, high heels, and a bra, with no shirt over the top. Even in the bra, her large fake udders were swaying provocatively back and forth beneath her as she crawled. She was blushing, and had traces of liquid on her face that suggested she had been licking the cunt of another girl, possibly her manager. She said that she had been sent by her manager Sugar-Tits to “do whatever I wanted”. I judged her to be showing clear signs of sexual arousal at this time.

I instructed the cunt to stand and remove her clothes so that I could conduct a full inspection of her employee potential. She was hesitant to do this, and slow to obey, but did not need to be told twice before complying.

Evaluation of body:

The cunt is overall fit, attractive and projects a general attitude of sexuality that would encourage an average man to want to rape her.

She has shoulder-length dyed blonde hair, and an attractive face. She uses make-up appropriately to emphasise her sexual availability, and her mouth seems suitable for kissing or fucking.

The cunt’s udders have been surgically enhanced – she claims they are an E-cup – and look obviously artificial to the naked eye – what might be called “porn star tits”. Their size and shape appears to be a source of some embarrassment to her and she blushes when attention is directed to them. They have appropriate sensitivity, and she gasped when I squeezed them. She does not appear to be lactating.

Her ass is curvy, but toned. Her pussy is hairless and puffy, and at the time of inspection it was so wet that her arousal juices were dribbling down her inner thigh. She confessed to having been masturbating prior to attending my office, thinking about “what I might do to her”. I made her spread her pussy lips so that I could inspect her clitoris and fuckhole, and this seemed to cause her intense embarrassment and humiliation.

She continued to wear the high heels even after undressing, despite obviously having difficulty balancing or walking on them.

I told her that her body was “marginally acceptable”, noting it is company policy to never let a woman feel confident about her appearance. I noted that her tits could be bigger, and that I could “overlook her obvious defects”.


There were no visitor chairs in my office at the time, so I had the cunt kneel at my feet. I gave her permission to masturbate, which she accepted. I told her I would ask her a series of questions, and her answers would form part of her employee evaluation. If she failed to answer a question, or took too long to answer, it would be held against her. I further informed her that if her answers didn’t satisfy me that she had absorbed the company’s ethos and values, it could result in the termination of her employment.

She looked a little frightened, but nodded that she understood. 

My questions and her answers follow:

Me: What value do you feel you bring to this company?

Fuckbunny: (pause, then, blushing) Large tits and a wet pussy.

Me: How would you rate your intelligence and competence?

Fuckbunny: (deeper blushing, signs of anger and humiliation) I am very stupid and silly, sir. (pause) Because I am a woman.

Me: What are your career goals in this organisation?

Fuckbunny: (arousal visibly intensifying, but also looking like she might cry) I hope… to be raped. (pause) Regularly.

Me: And what outcome are you hoping for from this employee evaluation?

Fuckbunny; (quietly) I want you to rape me, sir.

Assessment One

At this point, the cunt’s cockteasing behaviour overrode my self-control, and I was provoked into sexually assaulting her. I was unable to resist unzipping my fly, exposing my cock, pushing her backwards onto the floor, and then climbing on top of her to fuck her.

The cunt made some struggle against my actions, presumably to further cocktease me. She pushed at me in an erotic manner, and said, “No, please, I didn’t mean it,” in a sultry, slutty voice intended to arouse me. There were some tears in her eyes, presumably because she knew she looked prettier when crying, and that it would make her completely irresistible to fuck.

Her pussy was still extraordinarily wet and offered no resistance to my cock, showing how much she wanted to be sexually assaulted in the office. I slapped her across the face as I fucked her, to punish her for her inappropriate cockteasing behaviour, but it only made her gasp and buck, and I believe she may even have orgasmed. I gave her a couple of slaps to her oversized udders, too, and while these intensified her tears, they also seemed to deepen her arousal.

I asked her if she was on birth control, and she told me she was not. I informed her that I would ejaculate into her pussy anyway, and that any resulting pregnancy would be her problem, not mine. This appeared to drive her into a kind of hysteria. Her struggling intensified, but again she appeared to orgasm during this struggle.

I told her also that I needed her to confirm she consented to this intercourse, otherwise she would be disciplined for attempting to lure a supervisor into a compromising situation. I made her repeatedly say, “Rape me, rape me,” as I fucked her, and she continued to chant this until I finally reached orgasm and filled her womb with my semen.

I found her overall sexual performance to be quite enjoyable, and I rate her as a Grade A fuck, with potential to reach an A+ with proper training.

Assessment Two

Following her fucking, the cunt still appeared distraught. She was shuddering and shaking, possibly as a result of her orgasms, and there were still some tears. She also seemed intent on cleaning my cum from her pussy, possibly to lower her chance of pregnancy, which I found to be rude and disrespectful. I slapped her hands away from her cunt twice, telling her to leave it alone, and eventually had to use a large bulldog clip from my desk to clamp her pubic mound and trap the cum inside her. This caused her some pain, but it was, of course, the direct consequence of her own misbehaviour.

I left her there on the floor for a while to gain control of her emotions, but a half hour later she was still there, and the provocation of her nude, slutty body was causing me to become aroused again. I got her to stand up, and removed the clip from her pussy, then had her sit on my lap as I sat at my desk, with my cock inside her cunt.

I then instructed her to perform my work for the next hour. I mentor several young bitches within the company who were identified at various stages as having “attitude problems”. I assist them with these difficulties by regularly sending them “practice emails”, where I insult them, objectify them, and degrade them. They are required to respond to these emails politely and constructively within a half-hour of receiving them. They are to answer any questions posed to them and not dispute the truth or underlying assumptions of anything in the email. The regular receipt of these emails keeps their mind focused on pleasing managers and clients, and helps prevent them from developing an “uppity” or “bratty” attitude at work.

I had Ms Penrose write several of these emails for me as she bounced on my cock, and she showed a remarkable aptitude for this work, which is commendable in a female of such limited intellect.

Here are a few of the example emails she drafted, with some of the replies I subsequently received.

Fuckbunny: “Ellen, I’ve been thinking about how you’d look if you were decorated with my cum. Do you think you’d look prettier with my cum on your face, or on your tits?”

Bitch: “I think I would look prettiest with your cum on my face, sir.”

Fuckbunny: “Tanya – why are you such a dumb cunt?”

Bitch: “I am sorry, sir, it is because I am a woman.”

Fuckbunny: “Kay, settle a bet for me, you stupid slut. Which one of your female co-workers would you most like to be raped by?”

Bitch: “If I had to be raped by one of my female co-workers, I would most like to be raped by Jenna, because she is pretty and has gorgeous hair.”

Ms Penrose showed some initiative by immediately forwarding this last answer to the relevant Jenna so that she could read it. I was so impressed by this that I reached orgasm again, and ejaculated another load of sperm into her womb.

I judge her performance in this task to be excellent, and recommend her for further responsibilities keeping the company’s female resources in line.


While Fuckbunny Penrose is clearly a dumb slut, she shows aptitude as both a fucktoy and a traitor to her own gender, and I give her a grade of “somewhat acceptable” on her evaluation (being the highest grade available to a female resource).

As a reward for her performance, I assisted her to achieve her professed career goal of “being regularly raped” by confiscating her clothes and dismissing her for the day, to allow her to travel home completely naked but for her high heels. 


CJ Hannover, Product Development


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