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Bunny was actively betraying her own gender, and she didn’t care.

Tim had told her that if she came up with a new policy – something that increased female productivity while at the same time degrading and humiliating the company’s female resources – he would release her from the “maternity program”. She would no longer be subject to daily raping and forced breeding.

Sure, she was going to be contributing to the violation and humiliation of other women – but the women at Kavenagh & True had been nothing but bitches. At best they had been like Emma, who had forced Bunny to lick her cunt all day long, or like Cally, who had submissively allowed Bunny to rape her. But mostly they had been like Pumpkin, who had bullied her and kicked her in the cunt and forced her to be a slut. They *deserved* to be treated as dehumanised fucktoys.

Or at least, that’s what Bunny was telling herself.

She had started the day with a breeding session scheduled with Jayson Rourke, a junior employee who was responsible for delivering physical mail and documents throughout the office. It was an undemanding job – Bunny caught herself thinking that it was probably fit for a woman – but Jayson seemed to enjoy it. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he chose not to take time out from his schedule to fuck Bunny.

Instead, he had Bunny strip naked and climb into his mail cart, which was a kind of trolley that carried a large canvas sack that could be filled with documents and letters. He placed a tray of mail over the top of her, to conceal her, then cut a small hole in the side of the sack nearest the trolley handles, and had her line her cunt up with the hole. Then he took out his cock and slid it into the hole, so that he could fuck her as he pushed the cart around the office without anyone easily noticing.

It felt degrading and dehumanising to be trapped in the cart, a cock pushing in and out of her twat, while she could hear conversations and work happening around her. She felt like an object – an inanimate toilet for Jayson to cum into, albeit that she was a toilet who could fall pregnant from the results.

And yet, her urge to be a good bunny had become so strong that after Jayson ejaculated into her cunt, she wiggled around inside the sack entirely of her own volition, so that she could present her mouth to the hole and suck Jayson’s cock clean for the remainder of his trip around the office.

If she had expected praise for her obedience, she was disappointed. When Jayson got back to the mail room, he unceremoniously tipped the trolley on its side, spilling her awkwardly to the floor, and said merely, “Fuck off now, cunt.”

Bunny obeyed.

No one had told her to put a bulldog clip on her pussy to trap Jayson’s cum inside her, but she knew Tim would be displeased if she didn’t, so she borrowed a clip in passing and winced as she clamped it onto her pussy lips.

When she returned to her desk in Female Resources, she began to search through the wealth of data that Kavenagh & True kept on its women.

She was looking for correlations – anything that she could use to improve the efficiency and productivity of the women in the building, ideally while making them miserable and humiliated.

The total information available about the women in the office was staggering. The company kept whatever information it could get – the more humiliating, the better. In addition to performance reports, pay records, and leave requests, Bunny was able to see the records of menstrual cycles and sexual activity that the women were obliged to provide, along with in many cases nude photos of the women, or even footage of their sexual abuse by other employees. Managers were encouraged to speculate about their female employees and add that speculation to their file. The company even occasionally hired private eyes to stalk random employees outside the office and add whatever they learned to the women’s files.

She had known that most of this was here already, from her prior work. Seeing it again should have made her horrified – and it did – but it almost made her inexplicably horny. She found herself looking at nude photos of embarrassed women, and watching their rapes, as her cunt got wetter and wetter.

By lunch her arousal was intolerable. Bunny found herself gazing across at her red-headed co-worker Gwen, who she had enjoyed kissing several times in the now-mandated “female co-worker relationship sessions”. Gwen was pretty, and fun to kiss – but Bunny had to admit that what was *most* fun about kissing Gwen was how Gwen hated it, and tried to avoid taking part in the slutty tongue-kisses the company forced upon her.

She realised she wanted to rape Gwen. In another time, she might have been ashamed of that feeling, and pushed it away, but she knew that those ideas were just her head noise and her bitch instinct. She was happiest when she followed her cunt feelings, and her cunt wanted her to use Gwen to orgasm.

It was surprisingly easy. She walked over to Gwen’s desk and whispered in the pretty redhead’s ear that she had something important to discuss, in the toilets. Gwen followed her uneasily to the bathrooms, and there Bunny told her that Gwen was underperforming, and on the verge of being fired.

“It’s a miracle you’ve lasted this long,” said Bunny. “When Tim next reviews the files, he’s going to kick you out of the firm, and make you repay your last three months of salary.”

Gwen was in tears almost immediately, desperate to avoid being fired, and so Bunny told her what she wanted to hear – that Bunny could make it go away.

“Your performance record will look just fine,” said Bunny. “Providing, that is, that you strip nude and lick my pussy right now – and any other time that I want you to.”

There was, in fact, nothing wrong with Gwen’s performance. The shy redhead may have been more chaste than the office approved of, but her panicky eagerness to please had led her to produce exceptional work. But Gwen didn’t know that, and she immediately began to cry and undress, exposing her small tits and her cute little cunt (decorated by a light fuzz of red pubic hair that Bunny knew Tim wouldn’t approve of).

Bunny had Gwen kneel on the cold tiles, and then she removed the painful clamp from her cunt, and had Gwen lick Jayson’s dried sperm from her snatch. She humped the redhead’s crying face until she reached a satisfying orgasm, and then she turned around and had Gwen lick her ass a little, just because she’d never experienced that before and wanted to know what it was like. (She decided she liked it.)

She transferred the bulldog clamp to Gwen’s cunt, for no reason other than that it was fun to hurt the silly little girl, and sent her back to her desk. She returned to her own shortly after.

As she sat back down, she felt a twinge of guilt that she had wasted company time in the toilets, satisfying the needs of her cunt – and as soon as she did, she had an idea. The other women in the company would hate it *so much* – and that was how she knew it was perfect.


She obtained an appointment to present her ideas to both Tim and Emma at the end of the day. In the mid afternoon, her arousal briefly faded, and as it did, the enormity of what she was about to propose started to dawn on her. She felt herself shake with shame and horror at the betrayal of her fellow women she was about to take part in.

Those thoughts were head noise, and bitch instinct. She ran to the toilets and rubbed her pussy until her doubts faded away and her cunt feelings filled her with pleasure.

Anything was worth it, she told herself, to escape from her obligation to breed.

When she arrived at Tim’s office and crawled in through the dog door, she found that Emma was already there, and in what Tim would describe as “a position appropriate to her gender” – which is to say that she was nude but for her high heels, and bent over Tim’s desk, with her ass on the side facing Tim, and her tits hanging down on the far side. Tim was standing behind her and Bunny didn’t have to specifically look to know that he had his cock in Emma’s cunt.

“I hear you have an idea to present to us, Fuckbunny,” said Tim, as he casually fucked Bunny’s supervisor.

“Yes, sir,” said Bunny, blushing.

“And I understand this will be an idea for how to treat women like yourself as the sub-human cunts that they are,” said Tim, smiling.

Bunny blushed harder. “Yes, sir,” she said. Her voice cracked a little. Was she really doing this? Really making such an appalling proposal? She felt a little shaky, and had to concentrate on the arousal in her pussy for a few seconds to make the bad head noise go away.

“Well, why don’t you strip down like Sugar-Tits here, so you can present your idea in your natural state?” said Tim.

By now it didn’t feel so strange to be naked at work, especially around a commanding male like Tim. She pulled off her clothes until she was standing nude before his desk.

“And would you like to rape Sugar-Tits’ face with your pussy while you speak, perhaps?” asked Tim.

Bunny looked at her supervisor. Emma’s face was filled with nothing but lust. Bunny wasn’t sure that Emma even knew she was here – she was completely focused on the feeling of being fucked.

She *did* want Emma to lick her pussy. And why shouldn’t she make that happen? Emma had reduced herself to an object for Tim’s sexual gratification. Why shouldn’t Bunny use that object too?

She moved forward and grabbed a handful of Emma’s hair, raising the pretty executive’s face slightly, and then she pushed her puffy wet groin against Emma’s face. Emma made a muffled squawk of surprise, and tried to pull away, but Bunny kept a hold of her hair, and spread her legs a little wider, and soon she felt Emma relax and begin to submissively run her tongue along the length of Bunny’s snatch. 

It felt amazing. How had she gone so long in life before realising how enjoyable it was to rape women? And how *easy* – almost as if they were *meant* to be raped.

“Now, what’s your idea, Fuckbunny?” asked Tim. With every thrust of his cock into Emma’s pussy, he pushed her whole body forward, momentarily pressing her face hard into Bunny’s pussy, and it felt amazing.

“Well, sir, it’s actually three ideas,” said Bunny. “I’ve been looking at the data showing the productivity of our female resources – and also their obedience, in terms of whether they’ve made complaints about anything at the company, and whether they’ve received favourable reports from men they’ve interacted with. And it’s led me to some proposals.”

“Go on,” said Tim.

“Well, the first thing I noticed is that the girls at the company…” she began.

Tim cut her off. “Don’t say girls,” he told her. “Say ‘cunts’.”

Bunny blushed. “Yes, sir,’ she said.

“What are you?” asked Tim.

“I’m a cunt, sir,” replied Bunny.

“Good cunt,” said Tim. “Now, what were you going to say?”

“Well, I’ve noticed that the cunts at the company spend a lot of their working day in the toilets, sir,” said Bunny. “Not just for actually toileting, but for avoiding work, or hiding when they’re upset or distressed, or sometimes just for masturbating.” She thought of her own encounter with Gwen in the toilets that morning.

“Yes?” prompted Tim, still fucking Emma.

“Well, sir, that’s all time that they could be working instead,” said Bunny. “So I thought maybe we could… eliminate the female toilets. Repurpose them as a storage cupboard or a meeting room or something.”

“Intriguing,” said Tim. “And how would the cunts toilet then?”

“We could put a litter tray near each female work area,” said Bunny. She blushed again, because she knew what she was suggesting was degrading and awful, but anything was justified to get her out of the breeding program. “If cunts have to piss and shit in public, they’ll be incentivised to finish and get back to work as soon as possible. And they’ll also have reason to hold it in, and avoid toileting in the office if at all possible.” She blushed a little more. “And having to piss in public, and having to clean up their trays at the end of the day, will reinforce to them that women are more like animals than people.”

Tim laughed. “I love it!” he said. “I agree. We’ll implement this immediately. We’ll call it ‘Bunny’s Policy’, and we can call the litter trays ‘Fuckbunny Trays’, so that you get full credit for your innovation.”

Bunny felt a little sick at this declaration. To not just have proposed this idea, but to be *known* for it – what had she done? She should reverse course and beg Tim not to do it.

But she actually wasn’t done. She felt she *could* stop there – clearly her idea had pleased Tim, and that was all she needed to fulfill the mission he had given her. But she had prepared more – in case Tim didn’t like this first plan – and to now decide to *not* share those ideas felt dishonest. It felt bitchy. Tim would be displeased.

So she kept talking.

“I had another idea for how to keep cunts at their desks, sir,” she said. She paused at the end of this sentence, because Emma had just given a particularly delicious lick to her clitoris, causing her breath to escape in a gasp.

“More?” said Tim. “I’m interested. Tell me.”

“We could put a small metal ring in the centre of each seat, sir,” said Bunny, “and we could leash cunts to it by their clitoris. At first we could put a very painful metal clamp on their clitoris, connected to the ring, but we could encourage them to get their clits pierced with a metal ring. Then we could connect them in a way that they couldn’t get out of by themselves. The incentive would be that it would hurt less than the clamp.”

“So for the cunts with the piercings, how *would* they disconnect the leash?” asked Tim.

“They’d have to ask their supervisors,” said Bunny. “I’ve seen a design online for this that has a magnet release, and it can only be disengaged by a magnetic key. That way cunts would have to ask permission to use the toilet, and if their supervisor thought they’d already gone too many times that day they could just say no. And if you wanted cunts to do overtime, you could just refuse to release them until they’d produced enough work.”

“Would *you* get a clit piercing to demonstrate this, Bunny?” asked Tim.

She knew there was only one answer she could give to this. “Yes, sir,” she said.

“Good cunt,” smiled Tim. “Is that all?”

Bunny couldn’t answer for a few seconds because Emma was tonguing her fuckhole in a particularly maddening and arousing way, but soon she composed herself. “No, sir,” she said. “I have more.”

“I’m impressed,” said Tim. “Go on.”

“Well,” said Bunny, “When I looked at the obedience statistics, I noticed that the cunts who our records suggest have the strongest sex drives are also the most obedient. Basically, the more often a cunt is aroused, the more agreeable she is to men, and the more likely to submit to them.”

“That’s certainly my experience,” said Tim, fucking Emma harder now.

“Well, we should make it company policy that cunts must be aroused at all times,” said Bunny. “A dry cunt is a fireable offence. To help cunts, we could offer them free aphrodisiacs to keep them horny. And we could make the rings in their chairs vibrate, to stimulate their clit all day long.”

“And is there anything else?” asked Tim.

“One last thing,” said Bunny. And this was the worst of all, she knew – certainly illegal, but she thought Tim would like it anyway. “There’s one thing that determines how submissive and obedient a cunt will be even more than her arousal.”

“And what’s that?” asked Tim.

Bunny swallowed. “Sexual assault,” she said. “Cunts who have been the victims of violent sexual assault are less likely to argue with men, less likely to enforce their rights and boundaries, and less likely to report or resist further harassment or rape.”

“So we should preference rape victims in our hiring process?” asked Tim.

Bunny went red. Yes, that *would* be easier than what she was about to propose, and much more sensible. But she couldn’t stop now. She had to finish her idea.

“I mean that we should arrange to have new female resources violently raped, sir,” she said. 

Tim laughed out loud.

“We could have a small team of men who can’t be traced back to us, and their job would be, for each new female resource, to break into her house and gang-rape her in her first week of employment,” said Bunny. “That process could also be used to produce humiliating footage of the cunt that we could later use to enforce her loyalty and compliance.”

“You’re suggesting that Kavenagh & True should use its resources – the profit that *you* help us create – to cause the gang-rape of dozens of cunts every year?” asked Tim.

She blushed. “Yes, sir,” she said.

“Very good cunt,” said Tim. “You have made me very pleased, Fuckbunny. You have permission to cum, using Sugar-Tits’ face.”

Part of her was screaming inside at the things she had said – which she now realised were actually going to happen. Part of her was telling her that the things she had just said meant that she deserved every terrible thing that had happened to her at Kavenagh & True – and far more besides.

But it was just head noise. So she tuned it out, and humped her cunt against her supervisor’s pretty, submissive face, until she felt herself cumming, and for a few blissful minutes she was able to pretend that the feelings in her pussy were the only thing in the world that mattered.


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