Jess was losing at poker, and in considerable debt to the dark-haired man who sat across the table from her, so she begged to be allowed to gamble something else to win back her losses. He agreed, but told her if she lost, she would have to choose between fucking him unprotected and letting him impregnate her, or letting him choose the location, design and method of her next tattoo. She accepted… and then lost.

She chose to let him pick the tattoo, thinking that, at worst, he might tattoo the word “slut” on her. In all honestly, that idea made her vaguely aroused.

Instead he told her the tattoo would be on her breasts and nipples, it would be done with no ink in the tattoo gun, she would be completely naked for it, he would videotape it, and the tattooing would continue until she orgasmed. He told her she had a week to learn how to cum from having her tits in pain before the tattoo would be applied…


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