Henry hated his manager Jane. She was as bitchy as she was attractive, the beauty of her big tits and long brown hair fatally compromised by the ugly scowl she always wore when she was speaking to him.

Finally, in a particularly heated exchange, Henry made the mistake of calling her a “stupid cow”, and that was it – she fired him. He was forced to pack up his desk and leave.

He spent the next two days fuming at home – and then he decided to have his revenge.

He abducted her from outside work the next evening – a chloroform-soaked gag held to her mouth knocked her out, and then she fit neatly in the boot of his car.

Back at home, he took her down to his basement, and took great pleasure in cutting her clothes from her body. Her tits were just as magnificent once exposed as he had imagined. While she was still unconscious, he lubed up her pussy, and had an enjoyable time raping her unconscious form. That way he could have two “first rapes” of her, he figured – one that she knew about, and one that she didn’t.

Then he injected her with a serum he had obtained from a chemist friend.

He waited until she regained consciousness for the next step. He wanted her to enjoy it.

She woke up naked and gagged, with her hands restrained behind her back. She made the predictable series of muffled noises into her gag – presumably asking what was happening, and where she was, and then beginning to threaten and insult him as she realised what he had done. 

He ignored it, and picked up the piercing gun.

“This is because you’re a bitchy little cow, Jane,” he said. “It’s what bitchy cows deserve. If you want this to end, I’d suggest you get your head around the fact that you’re nothing but a cow.”

She started to scream into her gag then, but she was helpless, and he waited until she was looking him directly in the eyes before firing the piercing gun through her left nipple. The look of pain and horror in her eyes was delicious, and it was even better when he repeated the process with her other tit.

A metal ring went through each piercing, and from each ring he hung a medium-sized cowbell. The weight of the bells hanging from her tits was clearly painful to her. That was good. That was the point.

Then he fitted her with the belt. It was basically a set of underwear, with a leather strap around her waist, and a strap running between her legs – but the strap between her legs had two dildos fitted to it, a big thick one for her pussy, and a smaller one for her anus. She struggled a bit, particularly with the anal dildo, not wanting it to go in, but he slapped her a couple of times and she eventually reluctantly submitted.

And then she was done.

“I’m leaving you here now,” he said. “There’s nothing in the basement you can hurt yourself on, or use to escape. It’s perfectly soundproofed. No one is coming to help you. I’m not coming back until you moo for me like the cow you are, and ring those pretty bells on your tits. You’ll have to ring them loudly so I can hear you.”

And then he left, to watch her on his camera.

At first, she was rebellious, of course. She crawled around the basement, as best she could with her hands and feet bound, looking for an escape route, or a weapon, or something to break her bonds. But he had been careful, and removed everything she might use. She could see the camera, of course, and knew that she was being watched, but couldn’t reach it.

Finally, she gave up on looking for escape, and simply waited, refusing to give him what he wanted.

That was all right. He had patience.

It was her bladder that broke her. She needed to pee. Blushing, she tried to moo into her gag – a quiet sound, barely audible. His camera picked it up, but she didn’t need to know that.

A moment later, she tried again, louder – and jumped.

He knew why she had jumped. Her butt plug had just vibrated. It was set to vibrate when it heard the kind of sounds she could produce through a gag. The louder the sounds, the more it would vibrate.

She mooed again – and wiggled again, embarrassed.

He noted that her face was flushed and her pierced nipples were erect. That wasn’t a surprise. The serum he had injected while she was unconscious was a powerful aphrodisiac. Her body would be starting to become very aroused right now. And, sure enough, the next time she moved, he was able to get a look at her pussy, and confirm it was visibly engorged and wet.

She needed to pee, and Henry hadn’t come to help her. So next she tried ringing the bells. 

She looked down at them, clearly wishing she could move them with her hands – but her hands were bound. There was only one way to ring them. So, from her kneeling position, she bounced up and down on her knees a little, making the bells jerk up and down.

She had misjudged how much that was going to hurt her. She swore into her gag – and her buttplug vibrated. But at the same time, the bells jingled slightly – and now the vibrator in her pussy hummed a little.

She whimpered – but to Henry’s disappointment, she now gave up trying to get his attention, unwilling to hurt her tits more. Instead, she crawled into a corner, and there, humiliated and defeated, she wet herself.

Possibly she thought he would now come and clean up – but he didn’t, so she moved to the other corner of the room, and lay down, taking the pressure off her tits by resting the cowbells on the ground.

It was two hours before she next did anything, but Henry kept watching, idly stroking his cock as he looked at his naked captive.

The serum would only continue to work upon her. She would be getting wetter and wetter, more and more aroused, despite her predicament.

To his delight, she began to squirm, squeezing her thighs together, backing her ass up against the wall. She was trying to do it discreetly, hoping he wouldn’t see on the camera – but she couldn’t help her need to bring stimulation to her increasingly needy genitals.

Finally, she made a sound – a soft, quiet “mooo”. 

Her butt plug vibrated.

She mooed again, louder – and it vibrated more.

He wondered if she was rationalising this – telling herself she needed to get him to come back to the basement and release her, and therefore she needed to make noise. Or whether she was just driven by the slutty needs of her cunt.

She mooed louder and longer, her face bright red with humiliation.

Then, unsteadily, she got back up on her knees, looked down at her breasts with clear doubt and apprehension – and bounced her tits.

The look of pain on her face was wonderful – and what was even better was the look of pleasure and lust as her pussy dildo hummed inside her.

And then she began to do what he had been waiting for. She started to bounce rhythmically up and down on her knees, shaking her tits and the cowbells attached to them, while mooing loudly. The jerking of the heavy bells on her nipples had to be agonising – but it was counterbalanced by the endorphins from her arousal, and for Jane now the only thing that was important was scratching the itch in her needy cunt and finding the orgasm that she had been increasingly desperate for for the last few hours.

The bells bounced around, ringing loudly, as she jerked her tits back and forth, causing herself humiliation and pain as she mooed and bounced. It was all caught on camera. He could see tears in her eyes as she bounced the cowbells up and down to make them ring louder.

And then, finally, she orgasmed, and she collapsed to the floor of the basement, sobbing.

Henry was satisfied. She had made enough noise. Now he would reward her with attention. He would go to the basement, take off her dildo-belt and ungag her, and make her lick up the mess she had made in the corner. Then he would rape her, let her eat and drink, and replace her gag with a more sophisticated instrument – a de-barking collar, set to give her a shock if she made any sound other than a moo.

He would inject another dose of the aphrodisiac serum into her breasts – plus another concoction, that would promote breast growth and lactation. Cows should make milk, after all. 

Then he would leave her there, until she was desperate enough to “ring the bells” again.

He had invited a few of the other men from the office over to inspect his work. They had all hated Jane, and he suspected they’d quite enjoy what he’d done with her.

And besides, it would be a nice surprise for her, the next time she rang the bells, to see her former employees enter the basement, each of them ready to take their turn with the bitchy little cow…


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