As media ownership increasingly ended up in the hands of wealthy, male misogynists, it was increasingly common to see front pages that showed a photo of a female politician or feminist advocate with the headline “BITCH” or “WHORE”.

In order to address this, the government passed a law making it illegal to publish a photo of a woman’s face in association with a negative story without her consent.

However, in order to pass the law, the government also needed to agree to support some other freedoms of the press – and so the government passed laws indemnifying journalists from prosecution for any act done in order to produce a news story that was in the public interest.

That was all the news outlets needed. Now, instead of using a photo of a woman’s face to identify them, they would use a photo of the woman’s spread, recently used cunt. And if the woman in question didn’t consent to such a photo being taken, they would hold her down and force her, secure in the knowledge they were safe from prosecution because they were engaging in journalism.

Soon more people could recognise female politicians like Juno Sayers and Evelyn Clem from photos of their naked, abused cunts than from photos of their face – to the extent that when the women campaigned for re-election, they would often blushingly be forced to put pictures of their pussies on their posters and campaign material so people knew who they were. After a while, the government caught up by formally requiring women to include a photo of their cunt on all official identification.

Further, news outlets would routinely bug women’s phones, install secret surveillance cameras in their bedrooms and bathrooms, and put spyware on their computers, in case it revealed anything newsworthy – and court decisions quickly confirmed that the sexual activity, including masturbation, of a woman in a public role was always newsworthy.

And then in high profile cases, one news website hit on the idea of abducting the victim, forcing her to engage in a realistic re-enactment of her rape to help the public visualise it, and then interrogating her using torture until she admitted to having lied – and once it had been done once, every news outlet followed suit….


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