Kayden was raped on her 18th birthday by a cousin, while drunkenly sharing a spa with him after her party. It was traumatic, degrading and humiliating.

Afterwards, she spent a lot of time talking it over with her best male friend, Sean. She would discuss the experience, and then he would give her advice. His voice was soothing, and after he had spoken for a while she would blank out. She remembered little of what he said, but she always felt better afterwards.

Over time she became aware that every time she talked with Sean about her rape, her pussy would become wet. She said nothing, deeply ashamed that discussing her abuse was making her aroused. She didn’t understand it, but more and more often she would have to masturbate once he left, her head filled with thoughts of her violation.

Finally, on Sean’s advice, she decided one night to take a spa, which she had not done since the day of her rape. She had just gotten into the water naked, when she heard a voice say, “Hello, Kayden.” She looked up in surprise to see Sean standing nearby. He had arrived without her hearing. She tried to sit up and cover herself, but he just smiled, and said, “Replay mode.”

The hypnotic trigger he had implanted in her kicked in. She made a distressed noise as she felt her body relax, and her legs spread to show Sean her cunt. She realised she had spent nearly a year now putting the image of her being raped in Sean’s head again and again, and as she had begun to get wet during those sessions she had described it in more sluttily graphic detail each time. She had led him to fixate on her rape just as much as she did.

He slowly set up cameras to record what he was about to do, so that she could masturbate to it again and again in the sessions they would have after today. She moaned – was it unhappiness? or lust? – as he undressed, but was unable to move or cover her cunt. And as he climbed in the tub, pinched her nipples just as her original rapist had done, and then pulled her pussy down onto his erect penis, she knew that her inability to struggle was only making her more aroused, and that this time being raped was going to give her the biggest orgasm of her life…


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