“I can smell your cunt, Alexus,” said her manager.

Alexus looked up, startled, instantly beginning to blush.

“Pardon?” she asked.

“I can smell your cunt,” repeated her manager. “It’s disgusting. Go wash it.”

Alexus was the only woman at an accountancy firm of around 20 men, and she was lucky to have the job. She’d left her last job under accusations of irregular book-keeping, and was lucky to find anywhere that would hire her in her professional field.

So she didn’t dare answer back in response to her manager’s humiliating declaration – that the whole office had clearly heard – and in any case couldn’t bear the thought of having further discussion about the state of her pussy in public – so she rose from her seat, blushing, and ran to the bathroom.

Her cunt didn’t seem particularly unclean to her, but she did her best to clean it with water, and returned to her desk, face bright red, avoiding eye contact with her workmates.

It happened again the next day, though.

“Jesus, Alexus,” said her manager. “I can smell how slutty you are from my office. I thought I told you to clean your fuckhole.”

“I’m not…” she began, but he talked over the top of her.

“Shut the fuck up, and go clean your skanky pussy. And when you’re done, come and show me you’ve done it properly.”

Mortified, she ran to the bathroom, used hand-soap and water and paper towels to clean her cunt, and then blushingly went to her boss’ private office, lifted her skirt, and pulled down her panties to show her pussy to him.

“That will do,” he said. “See that it doesn’t happen again.”

But it did, the very next day.

“Alexus,” said her manager loudly, standing right by her desk, “it seems you have no idea how to keep your rapetunnel hygienic. Apologise to everyone here for having such a dirty, disgusting cunt.”

Alexus looked around for help, but no one was going to help her. 

She needed this job.

“I’m sorry I have such a dirty, disgusting cunt,” she mumbled, humiliated.

“Let’s go show you how to clean it,” said her boss. “Anyone who wants to watch, you’re welcome to join us.”

He grabbed Alexus by the hair and pulled her to the men’s toilets. Once inside, he ripped off her skirt – it tore in half – and then used scissors to remove her panties. He had obtained a bar of soap from somewhere, and he proceeded to push it violently against her cunt. Alexus squealed in pain as he rubbed it harshly across her clitoris, and then gasped as it sunk into her fucktunnel, and her boss began to fuck it in and out of her like a dildo.

The men of the office were chuckling as they watched, and when Alexus unexpectedly orgasmed from being raped with the soap, they burst into laughter. 

Alexus had never been more degraded in her life.

And yet – she needed the job. So when her boss told her to go back to her desk – bare-assed, bare-cunted, the soap still lodged in her twat – and get back to work, she did as she was told.

The next day, Alexus was shocked to find a small glass cubicle had been installed in the middle of the office. It appeared to be a shower – right in the centre of the workplace – and a sign had been installed on it that read “Alexus’ Cunt-Cleaning Workstation”.

Her boss explained to her that she was in danger of losing her job from how dirty and smelly her pussy was, so she would now be expected to clean her cunt in full view of everyone twice a day – at the start of the day and at lunch. Her boss would give her a tool to clean her pussy with on each occasion, and she would need to be very thorough.

And so Alexus got used to showering nude in front of her workmates, and “cleaning” her pussy twice a day until she reached orgasm. Sometimes her boss would give her a bar of soap. Sometimes he would give her a dildo. Sometimes it would be a toilet scrubber, or a wire brush, or a toothbrush, or on one occasion just a stick from the garden. And she would “clean” herself with it as her workmates watched until it made her cum.

Finally her boss came to her and said, “Alexus, I’m receiving sexual harassment complaints from your male co-workers. They say that your cockteasing behaviour when you clean your pussy is entirely inappropriate for the workplace. You’re going to need to offer them all adequate apologies, or else I’ll have to fire you. I suspect they’d probably be satisfied if you just followed through on your slutty performances, and let them cum in that dirty fuckhole of yours…”

“Yes, sir,” said Alexus, eyes downcast. “I’m sorry I’m such a cockteasing slut with a disgusting dirty cunt. Would you like to cum in it?”

“I think I would,” said her boss, pushing her down over his desk, and sliding his erect cock into her pussy. “And, of course, when I’m done, be sure to clean it….”


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