Of all the girls that Dane Alger taught in his computer science class, Tiffany and Erin were by far the most troublesome. 

They were both eighteen, gorgeous, athletic, and rich, and in any other school they might have been in the same clique, but by chance or fate they hated each other, and they disrupted every class with their constant bitchy sniping at one another.

Dane wished for the days when he might have been allowed to give both girls a spanking – not just to discipline them and force them to submit, like good girls should, but also because both of the pretty little spoiled bitches dominated his erotic fantasies.

Every night he dreamed of fucking one or both of the shallow little cunts. Over time his fantasies evolved. He dreamed of the two girls entering a lesbian relationship with each other, and writhing before him in a nude kiss to gain his approval.

After a while, he realised he didn’t have to just imagine it. Technology now allowed the creation of very sophisticated digital fakes. With the help of some software he found on the internet, the girls’ official school photos, and a lookalike lesbian couple he found on a porn site, Dane was able to make incredibly convincing pornography that looked for all the world as if Tiffany and Erin were lezzing off nude for the whole world to see.

Those videos satisfied him for a while – but in the end, he simply had to make them come true.

The next day at school he told Erin and Tiffany – each separately – that they had been selected for a special two-week school trip for promising students to attend a leadership course. He got them to take permission slips home for their parents to sign – and their rich families even wrote cheques for $1,000 each to pay for the trip. Dane took a certain satisfaction in knowing that the parents were actually paying for their daughters to be abducted and abused.

When they turned up in the school carpark early one Monday morning to depart on the “school trip”, Dane put chloroform over each girl’s mouth before she could ask where the other students were, and stuffed her into the boot of his car. With both girls abducted, he drove them home, to his newly built basement cage.

Dane had the whole fortnight off work – which gave him a whole fortnight to work on the girls. 

The basement was soundproofed, with no easy escape. The girls spent much of the first week naked, strapped to frames that Dane had designed. They were bound and gagged, with vibrators pressed against their pussy, nipples and anus. But their eyes were free to watch a TV screen in front of them, and on that TV Dane played the deepfake porn he had made of them. The girls eyes’ widened in disbelief as they saw themselves naked, kissing each other, licking each other’s pussies, sucking on each other’s tits.

They looked pretty like that – helpless, vulnerable, humiliated – and it was an effort not to rape them while he had them at his mercy. But he wanted to play out his plan, and the eventual results would be worth the wait.

He kept them hydrated through an intravenous drip while they were on the frames. Once a day he would take them down and ungag them and leave them alone together for an hour before putting them back on the frame. The first time he did this, they called for help, then discussed their position and possible avenues of escape. He slapped them both across the face before placing them back on the frames.

By the second time he did it, the girls were hungry, and deprived of sleep, and their brains were clouded from having their cunts stimulated for nearly two days straight. When he released them, they said nothing, but after he left them alone, instead watching them on cameras from outside the room, he saw Tiffany hesitantly reach up and stroke Erin’s hair – and the both girls hugged each other, taking comfort in company.

He rewarded them by bringing them a small sandwich each, and giving them an additional half hour off the frames.

During the next period, he came down and talked to them as they watched the porn of themselves. He asked them why they had filmed these videos, why they were such sluts, why they had concealed their lesbian relationship all this time. The gags stopped the girls from arguing or responding. They could only hear his words – and let them penetrate into their increasingly sleep-deprived, addled brains.

The next time he took them down off the frames, he got what he wanted. After he left the room, Erin kissed Tiffany on the lips. Tiffany weakly tried to push Erin away, but Erin was forceful, and soon Tiffany gave up her resistance and kissed her classmate back. Then, to Dane’s delight, Erin moved around, to push her cunt against Tiffany’s face, and lick Tiffany’s pussy in return, and soon both girls were 69ing in their cage, on camera.

After he saw Erin orgasm, Dane returned to the basement. He had a full meal for both girls, with a hot drink, and he also brought them soft, comfortable pet beds to lie on. He didn’t put them back on the frames. “Good sluts,” he said, to make sure they understood why they were being rewarded. 

He let them sleep on the beds for six hours before putting them back on the frames. Although he didn’t stop the video playing.

He had made new deepfakes in the meantime, showing the girls eagerly competing to please the cock of a man who looked very much like Dane, and sharing his cum back and forth in a slutty cum-filled kiss, and licking up his sperm from the floor. In between, the girls still engaged in lesbian activity – if anything, more slutty and whorish than the previous films.

He let the girls off the frames twice a day now, and when he did, they immediately began to kiss and lick each other, not waiting for him to leave. He took out his cock and masturbated as they did this, and when he came, his cum splattered over the girls’ faces, and onto the floor. 

Hesitantly, Tiffany began to lick Dane’s cum off Erin’s face, and then they both cooperated to use their tongues in cleaning the floor.

When they did this, he stopped putting them back on the frames, and left them ungagged. He let them sleep in their doggy beds – although he played a loud siren every half hour, to stop them getting deep sleep. He stopped using vibrators on them, and instead just fed them strong aphrodisiacs in their food. They would be even hornier, if anything, but they would think it was their own fault.

He listened carefully to their talk when he wasn’t in the room. If they said anything that suggested that they weren’t lesbian lovers who loved being kept in a cage by Dane, he would play a loud siren that drowned out their conversation and was loud enough to cause them physical pain. The girls would scream and cover their ears. After a while, they stopped saying anything that would cause the siren to play.

He would come and question them from time to time about why they had made the slutty videos they were watching, and when they had first started licking each other’s cunts, and he would tell them they were stupid and dishonest when they claimed that they hadn’t made the videos, because clearly the videos existed, and clearly the girls were visible on screen. When they were particularly vehement in denying their involvement in the videos he would slap them across the face, or kick them in the cunts.

Soon they began to make up answers for his questions – crude explanations of why they had filmed the lesbian porn (“for the money”, “because it made us hot”), and to construct fictional accounts of their fictional lesbian relationship. Within a few days of continued sleep disruption and arousal, they became genuinely confused as to whether they had made the movies. Sometimes they thought they had. Sometimes they reacted as if that really was them on screen.

He started asking them about a new movie – one where they confessed to all sorts of disgusting and slutty things. They seemed confused, because they knew of no such movie – but when they acted like it didn’t exist, he punished them, so soon they were guessing things they might have said in this video, and apologising for them.

He used their ideas to actually create the video. He used footage of them sitting in chairs while they talked to him, and used deepfake technology to change what they were saying. He made videos of them confessing to seducing their parents, fucking their teachers, having sex with animals, raping other girls, cheating on their schoolwork, and working as prostitutes. Then he showed these videos to the girls, and watched as they cried, because they believed the videos were real. 

He began to convince them that the things they confessed to in these videos had really happened, and the confused, abused girls came to believe him. In between these sessions, they would lez off on the floor as the cameras watched, kissing and stroking and licking each other’s cunts. They had learned that being lesbians got them food, and comfort, and a chance to sleep, and refusing to be lesbians made them go hungry.

On the last day of their fortnight of “school trip”, he raped them – Tiffany in the morning and Erin in the evening. He reminded them that they had gone two weeks without birth control, and it might be possible for them to get pregnant. He reminded them that they were lesbians, who didn’t like fucking boys. Then he raped them. They struggled deliciously, but they couldn’t resist him, and he drew attention to the fact that their cunts were wet as he violated them. (From the drugs, of course, but they didn’t know that.) He ejaculated in the pussy of each girl and then made the other lick her clean.

“You are lesbian girlfriends now,” he told them. “You will identify as lesbians at school. You will hold hands and kiss in public. Once each day you will make each other cum. You will act as though you love each other, and do nothing that contradicts that idea. Each lunchtime you will come to my classroom, kneel naked under my desk, and give me a cooperative blowjob. And each weekend you will spend Saturday night at my house so I can rape you.”

The girls moaned, but had no fight left in them.

“You will obey,” he told them, “because if you do not, I will let the world see these slutty videos you have made, and they will all know all the dirty, disgusting secrets you have confessed to. Do you want that to happen?”

The girls did not. They shook their heads.


Everyone at school was surprised when Tiffany and Erin started dating after their return from their school trip, but they all agreed that the girls’ new attitude was far preferable to their former bitchiness.

And if rumours got around the school that Mr Alger had nude porn videos of the lesbians, and top students sometimes got to see them – well, that was just a rumour. And if the girls sometimes looked unhappy as they kissed, or had tears in their eyes – honestly, some girls just look prettier when they cry.

And the whisper that if you gave Mr Alger a very large sum of money, you could have both girls turn up naked at your house, begging you to rape them…

… well, everyone was allowed to have fantasies, weren’t they?


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