Sarah, pretty, blonde and 19, thought she had found the perfect second job. It was an ad for a casual babysitter, clearly placed by a rich family with more money than sense, because it paid well above the minimum wage.

She rang the number in the ad, and a deep, friendly male voice told her to come by that Friday night at 6 pm.

The house turned out to be a mansion, just as she had expected, and when she knocked at the impressive front doors she was greeted by her new employer, Mr Hendricks. He was a handsome man in his late 30s, and his wife was equally gorgeous. Both were dressed in fine eveningwear, ready to head out for a night on the town.

“So who am I looking after?” asked Sarah with a smile.

“I’ll show you,” said Mr Hendricks. He led her to a children’s room up the back of the house, decorated in soft pastel pink. Within the room was a large crib. But when Sarah approached the crib, she was shocked to her core. Within the crib was not a baby, but rather a full-grown woman, her own age. The woman was nude except for a diaper, her tits completely bare. Her hands were bound behind her back with leather cuffs. And a baby’s pacifier was stuffed into her mouth, and secured with a string behind her head to stop her spitting it out. The woman looked up at Sarah in a mute appeal for help.

“This is Emily,” said Mr Hendricks, as if nothing were unusual about the situation. “She’s usually a good girl, but sometimes she can be a difficult slut.”

“But she’s… a grown-up,” protested Sarah.

Mr Hendricks laughed. “That’s what she thought, too,” he said, “but it turns out she’s just a slutty baby who needs to be disciplined.” 

He passed Sarah a sheet of paper, with instructions on it. “We have a rather strict schedule for her,” he said. “At 7 pm, you’re to change her diaper. If she’s made a mess, rub her nose in it. Before you put the new diaper on, you should spank her pussy with your hand 20 times, or until she cries, whichever takes longer. Then do the same with her tits. It’s important for her discipline.”

“I can’t…” protested Sarah.

“Yes, you can,” said Mr Hendricks. “It’s very easy, and you’re being well-paid, after all. Then after you’ve changed her, she can have her dinner. There’s a baby bottle of sperm in the fridge. Heat it up a little in the microwave, then make sure she sucks it all down. She can be a bit fussy and pretend she doesn’t like it, so you may have to force her. Threaten to push some of it up her cunt if she misbehaves – she goes wild at the thought she might get pregnant. Or else you can slap her or spank her, if you need to.”

Sarah’s mouth hung open in shock.

“Once she’s eaten it all, let her lick your cunt for dessert,” continued Mr Hendricks.

“My cunt?” said Sarah, despairingly.

“Oh, yes,” said Mr Hendricks. “You’ll enjoy it. My wife tells me she’s very good. I think she might be a lesbian when she grows up.”

Sarah looked down at Emily and tried to imagine having her licking her cunt. She felt a tingle between her legs. It was an interesting thought.

“And then it’s time to put her to bed,” said Mr Hendricks. “She needs a vibrating pacifier in her anus, and one in her pussy. Then put her back in her crib, and put her favourite movie on the TV over there. It’s a collection of footage of her being raped. It helps her sleep.”

“This is so weird,” said Sarah. “I’m not sure I can do this, Mr Hendricks.”

“You can do it, Sarah,” said Mr Hendricks. And then his voice turned cold. “And you *will* do it. After all, you’ve taken my money, and I know where you live. I’m sure you’re very eager to treat Emily here the way she deserves, and keep quiet about it when you leave.”

He smiled, and leaned in close – and put his hand on Sarah’s left breast, and squeezed it painfully.

“After all, Sarah,” he said. “Emily here was the *last* babysitter…”


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